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Diaries of the Mind

Seperation Pains

August 17, 2005
Mike’s Mind

Well Trix left. The week was great though we really needed it. Yeah we were surrounded by everyone but still. I can’t get her off my mind. Before she left she gave me a key and told me it was to her apartment and to stop by if we toured any neighboring states. After she left I stared at the key for what seemed like forever.

I log onto my lap top to check the next tour dates, I know she just left and I’m already checking when the next time I’ll see her will be.
“Whatcha doing?” Tre asks slyly trying to read over my shoulder.
“Checking tour schedule.”
“Well its Texas, Texas, Atlanta.” He recites.
“Nuh-uh farther along.” I mumble as I continue to scroll down and study the list whilst trying to remember high school geography of every states distance from Chicago.
“What does it matter?”
“Trix.” I say barely audible.
“What?” he says obnoxiously, “Mike darling you have to speak louder than that my ears aren’t what they used to be!”
“Trix, to see Trix.” I say clearly as I try to block the drummer out of my mind.
“Ohhhh! You’re whipped!” he screeches.
“Mike is pussy whipped! Mike is pussy whipped!” he chants as he bangs on the washroom door of the tour bus where Billie currently resides. “Mike is pussy whipped!”

I tackle him to the floor before getting up and going back to my lap top.
“Oh Mikey’s pissed.”
“Shove it.”
“So I take it Trix is good in the sack.” He says pretending to be in deep thought, “I’ve always thought that about her.”
“Shut it Frank.”
“Ohh real names Mr. Pritchard.”

The bathroom door opens and Billie comes out and heads for the front of the bus but not before getting Tre in a headlock and bringing him along.
“Thank you!” I call just as I find out that in two weeks we’re in Ohio. After a wee trip on Mapquest I find out its about four hours away from Chicago. I could still drive that.

Billie slinks into the bench across the table from me and opens up his lap top. After a few seconds he clears his throat.
“So what’s up?” I pull Trix’s key out of my pocket. “It’s a key. Some sort of symbol for something else, now I wish I watched that decoder documentary on the discovery channel.” We both laugh lightly.
“It’s a key to Trix’s apartment.”
“Sh-she gave it to you?” I nod. “Oh . . . . so . . . . like.”
“She said for me to stop by when we tour close by.”
“But we’re not touring Illinois again.”
“I realized.” I say scratching my hairline. “But we do stop in Ohio in a couple of weeks. I was thinking of renting a car driving there after the show then driving back in the morning.”
“Oh man good luck, that’s a long drive.” He mocks.
“Like you’re one to talk, I remember you’d disappear for a week at a time to go see one Adrienne Nesser.” He looks away for a second a smirks to himself.

We sit silently for a couple of more minutes.
“Hey Bill,” I whisper, “you can’t tell Tre, but did you know Trix is bi?” Billie laughs to himself quietly.
“Well sorta.” He chuckles, “She never actually told me, but there were several occasions where I caught her looking at my porn. She also let comments about other girls slip, shit like that, I think she had a thing for Shaun’s sister, uhh Caddie at one point. Why do you ask?”
“Back at her apartment I was flipping through some photo album and there was one where she was kissing this girl, I asked her and all she said was not to tell Tre.”
“Who would tell Tre?”
“Tell me what?” Tre asks as he runs up to us, “Oh you guys are jerks!”