Slash Your Bones Open and Dry

Title: Slash Your bones Open And Dry
Author: Quick Times Girls
Pairing: Sonny/Matt (Matt/Travis)
POV: None
Summary: He closes his eyes with a groan, just a helpless sound that is telling him closing his eyes won’t help a bit.
Disclaimer: This is as true as wiL decides to propose to Pete Wentz after a fully magic night in my bed - where I of course taped everything while petting my emo!Dragon Kurt. (I’m sure Curt gonna kill me if he ever find out about Emo!Dragon Kurt…. O_o) And I actually like this disclaimer...
Dedications: To myold BETA MCRmyFranKIE, ‘cause everytime someone mention Sonny Moore I think about him. I just hope he won’t hit/kill me for this.
And to my BETA for the moment, jepha_drag_queen, that actually didn't killed me for this.
Author Notes: In the end.