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To Say I Love You

My Life Is In Your Hands

I returned my gaze to Mike's sincere blue eyes.
"I-I don't know how I can, Mikey. I can't even see her, let alone talk to her," I stated.
"Just trust me, ok?" Mike said. "I have a feeling you will see her very soon."
"Ok, I'll trust you," I said.
"Now let's get you some food," Mike said.
"You're gonna make me breakfast?" I asked.
Lillie nodded. "You deserve to be treated more often."
"You're my treat, sweetheart," I said honestly.

I stared blankly at Mike as I sat down at the table. Tre had placed a clean, empty plate in front of me before he went to help Mike make me food. Soon, I had a full plate of grub, and, as quickly as I recieved it, I gulped it down.
Just as I swallowed down the rest of my orange juice, I heard the doorbell ring. I stood up, placing the glass back on the table and headed to the door. I opened it to reveal Joey, Jakob, and Adrienne, the boys with drawstring backpacks on. But what I also saw distracted me, immediately putting one thought in my mind:
Mike was right.
I saw Lillie climb out of the passenger's seat to the seat behind her and started to hold Ryder as she leaned against the car.
"Hey boys, come in," I said, turning a bit to let them in.
As they started to head to their rooms, I rushed out of the house, silently passing Adrienne.
"Billie, stay the hell away from my daughter!" Adrienne shouted after me.
I ignored her as I got nearer to my destination. Lillie watched me as I walked in front of her. Ryder smiled a toothy grin when his eyes laid on my figure.
"Billwey!!!!" he exclaimed.
I chuckled a little. "Hey. Um, Lillie, can we talk?"
"Sure," Lillie replied, whispering to Ryder as she put him back in the car. "What do you want to talk about?"
"We never got to finish out conversation a few weeks back, and I was wondering if we could do that now," I stated," because I don't think we'll have another chance to do so."
"Alright," Lillie said. "So, how have you been?"
I shrugged. "I'm okay right now.
"That's good, I guess," she said.
"Lillie, honey, I think it's time I've told you something," I said. "Something that's been on my mind for a while now."
"Okay, I'm listening," Lillie said, being very patient.
"The past two years has been hell, but it's not your fault; it's mine. I let myself get that way because I... I love you, Lillie. And without you, God only knows what I would do to myself," I stated, looking deeply into her eyes. I leaned my forehead gently against her's. I could feel her breathing against my lips which were only an inch away from her's. "I love you so much, and I don't want to let you go. Not this time."
My hand met the soft skin of her cheek as I moved closer to her.
"I-I love you, too, Billie," she said before my lips decended to her's.
I never realized this before, but her lips fitted perfectly with mine.
"Ooo, mommy's kissing Billwey," I heard Ryder tease from the car.
I smiled against her lips as I parted and started to laugh aloud with her. I took her hands in mine and looked into her jade green eyes.
"Lillie, without your presence here with me right now, I probably would have decided to commit suicde, or do something horriable. From now on, my life is your hands. You are my life now," I said. "I love you, I love you, I love you."
I placed my lips against her's for a soft kiss. My lips parted from her's gently as I rested a hand on her neck, my other on her neck. I looked into her eyes once more, savouring the moment before placing a kiss upon her cheek. Something started to pull me backwards by my hair, pulling my away from Lillie. The person being the one and only Adrienne.
"I told you not to go near her, let alone touch her like that, you son of a bitch!" Adie exclaimed in my ear, fumming in anger.
"Fuck off."
Adie and I looked over in Lillie's direction and she was also fumming.
"Exuse me?"
"I said fuck off and leave him alone,: Lillie replied. "Let's just go and leave him alone. We have nothing left to do here, let's just go."
Adrienne digested what Lillie said slapped me hard on the cheek before climbing into the car. As she started the car, Lillie started to point at my pants.
Oh God, no. Not now!
I felt my face for hot and she shook her head, once again pointing to my pants. Getting my head out of the gutter, I realized she was pointing to my pocket. She started to chuckle as my face grew red with embarassement. I reached into my pocket. I had a text message.
-love you <3
I smiled at the text.
-love you, too <3
-how 'bout we hang out tonight? you know, catch up
-sure. wanna grab a bite to eat?
-ok, sounds great. I'll be at your house around 7?
-k. don't keep me waiting ;)
-oh my god, get your head out of the gutter.
-and what if I don't wanna? grab a room...
-you are dirtier than I thought
-thank you :3
-your welcome :D
I sat in the kitchen table with my feet up on the table as I texted. I had been sitting here for a good hour. I heard someone walk into the room, and didn't bother to look up. I felt their skeptical look on me as I smiled.
"Billie...are you OK?" Mike asked, a little off guard.
-so are you gonna bring Ryder with you?
"Yeah, I'm perfectly fine," I said, no acid in my voice as I pressed the send button.
"So, who are you texting?" he asked. Man he can be too nosey for his own good.
-uh sure, I guess if you want me to.
-ugh, Mike's being nosey >:E
-well, I'm gonna go before mother suspects anything. ttyl
-ok, ily :wub:
Before I could get her response, Mike somehow snatched my phone and his eyes glided left to right as he read through our messages.
"How the hell did you get her number without Adrienne saying otherwise?" he asked.
I finally retrieved my phone. "Well, she texted me first, Mr. Mike 'Nosey-puss' Dirnt."
-ily :wub:
I closed the keyboard and put it in my pocket.
"I'm glad to see you somewhat back to your normal self, Beej."
"Yeah, me too," I said, standing from my chair and walking towards my room.
I decided to take a shower and grabbed clean clothes from my dresser and threw them on the bed, before heading to my bathroom. I pulled out the bottle of peroxide from the closet and placed it on the sink, decideing it was time to mix the colours of my hair.
"Alright," I said. "It's now or never."