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To Say I Love You

Your Mom's Not Home, And I'm Sick Of Laying Down Alone

6:55 P.M, the clock read when I recieved my latest text from Lillie.
-I've just turned onto the block.
-alright. I'll be waiting out side for you.
I walked out of my bedroom as I finished putting a red tie around. Why? Well, I felt like being fancy today, if you know what I mean.
"Joey, Jakob!" I shouted, walking towards their bedrooms.
They popped their heads out of their bedrooms. "Yes?"
"I'm going out tonight, be good for Mike and Tre, alright?" I stated.
"Alright," Joey said, goiing back into his room.
Jakob nodded as he entered back into his room.
When they were out of sight I walked down the hall, to the living room, and out the door without a second glance to Mike sitting on the couch.
I stepped off the porch with a hop and into the cool air of the night. I stood and watched the silhouette of Lillie walk up to me.
Stopping a foot in front of me she said,"Hey."
"Hey." I said, watching her shift Ryder in her arms.
"Billwey!" Ryder exlcaimed with a toothy grin.
"You mind if I steal him from you for the moment?" I asked.
"No, not at all," Lillie replied, handing Ryder over to me.
I walked to my car and fastened Ryder into the carseat in the back, shortly climbing into the driver's seat. Lillie texted in the passanger's seat as I started the engine.
"Hey, um, I think we should take Ryder back to my house, and, um, call the sitter. He seems tired," Lillie said, looking at me.
"Isn't your mom home?" I asked. "And why did you bring him if he was tired?"
"Because he was so eager to see you again," she replied. "And my mother texted me saying she was gonna be out late tonight, otherwise I wouldn't have have suggested to call the sitter."
"Y'know, I'm not that hungry right now, so I guess we can just catch up until we get hungry or something?" I suggested.
"That's fine by me," she replied.
I pulled out of my driveway and headed to her house. After I parked into the driveway, I climbed out and unfasted Ryder from the carseat as Lillie walked up the porch to unlock the door. I met her with Ryder in my arms and we entered together.
"Billwey," Ryder tiredly said as he tugged my shirt.
"Yes?" I asked.
"Why isn't my daddy here?" he asked.
I walked through the doorway of the his room and placed him into his crib.
"Things happen for a reason, Ryder," I stated in a way to make him understand. "Your daddy's not here because he died to protect our country. I personally knew your father, and he was a good guy, kiddo. If he was here today, he probably would love you to death."
Ryder yawned as he looked at me. "Can you be my other daddy?"
I sighed and looked at the little boy. "I can promise you one thing."
"What is it?" he asked.
"I will do my best to be a father to you, but I won't let you forget how great your real father is," I replied. "Sound like a deal?"
"Mmmhmm," he nodded, lying his head down on his pillow.
I tucked his blanket over him and made my way to the living room couch. I sat down on beside Lillie, getting comfortable.
"That was real sweet what you said to Ryder," Lillie said, her gaze on the floor.
"You heard?" I asked, cocking an eyebrow.
"Yeah, I was standing in the hallway, putting some things away," Lillie admitted.
"Well, I told him those things because it's the truth," I stated. Her gaze lifted from the floor to meet my eyes. "And I don't want him to grow up without a father figure and not knowing about Jimmy."
"Billie, you know you don't have to do things for me, but yet you do things for me anyway," Lillie stated.
"I do it without expecting anything in return because I love you, Lillie," I stated,"and because I love you, I'll do anything for you."
She didn't reply. She just stared into my eyes as I stared into her's.
Slowly, with a few hesitations, I softly pressed my lips to her cheek. I felt the awkwardness of her gaze when my lips left her cheek. My eyelids started to close as my lips barely touched her's. I cradled the back of her head with my hand as I crushed my lips against Lillie's, the other hand resting at the hem of her shirt. My hand went up to her ribs gently.
"You feeling nervous yet?" I asked playfully.
"Nope, but seriously," she replied in the same tone,"nervous?"
"What, I can be cheesy," I said, pulling away my hand from her ribs to the other side of her head.
I hungrily reattached my lips to her's as I pulled ourselves off the couch to stand. Lillie knew what I was going for, so she directed us to her room. My sweaty palms stroked the skin of her back as they went up her shirt.
I laughed at Tre's corny joke as he laid his head on my chest, but to only plant a few kisses. My lips met Mike's for a long kiss as Tre made his way down to my stomach.
I pulled my shirt over my head, revealing my tatoos. Lillie's soft hands moved slowly up my chest, outlining the tatoos until they reached the sides of my face.
"What the hell did you do to your hair?" she asked.
"Bleached some of it," I replied, metting her lips for a quick kiss. "You don't like it?"
"No, I think it looks sexy," she said, deepening a quick kiss.
Oh, fuck, Tre. What the hell are you- oh FUCK," I moaned as I pulled my lips from Mike's. "Oh baby, oh fuck!"
I pulled Lillie closer to me after she discarded her shirt. Heat radiated from our bodies and poured onto each other as I departed my lips for a quick second to take a breath. My hands started to soak in the feel of the revealed skin as I reconnected my lips to her's.
"Oh. Oh, OH!" I moaned as my back arched and fell back. Tre pulled away from me and fell asleep quickly right next to Mike and me. "Mike fuck me."
I fiercly pressed my lips to Mike's and decided to go til we couldn't no more.

I fell back onto the bed with Lillie pressed between my arms and body. With a little help from me, Lillie pulled off her skinny jeans and threw them in the pile of our shirts. I pressed my forehead against her's and stared into her jade green eyes as I cradled her face in my hand. With my free hand. I began to work on my belt.
With a loud slam, the front door opened. I quickly pulled myself from Lillie, but not in time.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!"
♠ ♠ ♠