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To Say I Love You

Would She Hold Me If She Knew My Shame

We didnt answer, but just stared at the woman figure in the doorway.
"I told you to stay the hell away from her, and you come over here to have sex with her?" she acused me for. "Tony, call the cops. This pedophile's needs to rot in jail."
"Leave him the hell alone!"
Lillie pushed me off her, grabbed my t-shirt and put it on as she stood up to face her.
"I told him to come over here," Lillie stated. "We were going to hang out, so we came here. We had no intention of having sex because we came here to let Ryder take a nap."
"For God's sake, you're 16, Lillie! He shouldn't even be trying to get you in bed!" she yelled.
"Adrienne, I ain't a fucking pedophile!" I shouted.
Lillie picked up her jeans and pulled them on, grabbing her shirt and putting it on after pulling mine off her slim figure.
"Oh that's right, you're no pedophile, you're a fucking fag!" Adrienne yelled, her voice full of venom.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Lillie interupted. "A faggot? He isn't gay. In fact, there's no way he is gay."
"If he isn't gay, then care to explain to me why did he have sex with Mike and Tre multiple times?" Adrienne stated, a smug look upon her features.
Lillie then laid her eyes on me. The look in her eyes told me what I had expected; Adrienne made her think I had sex with Mike and Tre when we were 'together.'
"Lillie, please let me explain--"
"Go to hell, Billie!" she screamed, trying to hide back tears.
"Lillie, wait," I said, pushing myself off her bed and to the door way where she stopped to face me.
"I said, go to hell!" she screeched, her watering eyes releasing tears. "I should have never re-opened my heart to you!"
She then pushed me away and headed into another room in the house. I didn't even bother to follow her.
I swung a 180 and slammed my back to the wall, running my hands through my hair as I fell to the floor. Hot tears made there way from my my eyes and down my cheeks.
My shame was sleeping with Mike and Tre. I was desperate, but it didn't classify as right for me to do that. I already knew that Mike and Tre only did it because he wanted me to be happy again. And because I took advantage of them, I've lost the one person I probably could ever love for the rest of my life. My life was over. I want to be dead to the world.
"Sir, stand up and put your hands behind your head," the officer instucted.
I did as I was told absently as he handcuffed my hands and helped me into the police car.
The same officer kept asking me why I was crying, like he gave a damn about me, but I just kept my mouth closed. I just sat there and stared out the window. It wasn't long before I was in a cell. My lawyer kept telling me how stupid I was for making contact with her, but I didn't listen, nor care, to what shit he gave me. I simply didn't give a damn about anything anymore. I just wanted to put a pistol to my temple, count to three, then end the living hell...
Two weeks went by, and the only thing that kept me alive was that I had no access to a gun or sharp enough weapon to do the job. Out of nowhere, I remembered a something that made me want to stab even a pen through my shallow heart; today was the day I was marked the day of my trial, and it brought back memories I've been trying to keep back for the past two weeks.
My escorts practically just walked by my side, as I just let them show me the way. I absently listened to what my lawyer told me what he wanted me to do. That's all I did; whatever people wanted me to do, for I was dead to myself.
I wasn't brought back into my reality until I saw a certain group of people walk in and sit with Mike and Tre.
"We would like to call the defendant to the stand," the D.A. stated.
A guard came up and held out the Holy Bible.
"Do you promise to state the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God?" The guard said.
"I do," I said as I nodded, sitting down in the chair.
"Mr. Armstrong, did you, or did you not, have sex with your ex-wife's daughter?" the district attorney asked. I stayed silent as I thought over my answer. The D.A. cleared his throat. "May I remind you, you are under oath."
"No, I didn't," I answered, looking over at Adrienne, seeing her scowl at my answer. I cleared my throat so I could continue. "I made love to her, because I love her. There's a difference in the two. And that wasn't the only time I have either. Before Adrienne got custody of Lillie, I made love to her twice, once the night before she left. That time was more like sex because she didn't want to. Because she loved, I mean loves, her dead boyfriend, whom she shares a kid with."
The lawyers and the judge stared at me in utter shock, and so were everyone in the benches. Even the journalists that didn't even belong here kept silent and stared at me, helping to fill the room with silence. I had just given the jury just what they needed to put my ass back in jail for life.
I felt a few tears fall from my eyes as I continued to stare at her.
"And because I love her, without her in my life, I'd rather die and if it takes putting a bullet through my head, I'd do it myself for her," I stated.
She lifted her gaze to my eyes and her green orbs locked with mine.
"Baby, I'm sorry for what I did," I said,"and I can assure you I am not a faggot. 'Cause I love you so much, and, like I said, I'd rather be dead than be without you."
I stood from the podium without permission and made my way to the little wooden gate that seperated me from her. I was glad my lawyer understood what was happening and told the guards to hold back.. I watched as she stood up and make her way towards the little gate. We reached the gate at the same exact moment, and I could literally hear the journalists writing on their notepads. Her hands rested on top of the flat surface as nobody spoke. I placed mine over her's as our heads leaned closer to each other's, our fingers lacing together.
"But I know I love you's not enough, so I'm lost for words for how I feel about you," I whispered to her.
"I'm sorry for being so bitchy to you," she whispered. "I should have let you explain your side of the story."
I sushed her by laying a finger on her lips.
"Sweetheart, God knows I don't deserve you," I stated loud enough for the entire room to hear. I ignored all the 'awws' and kept my eyes locked with her's. "I can't even describe how much I love you."
"But I can see it in your eyes," she stated. "You have always been there for me, even when it was hard for you. All you ever did was care, and for that, I love you."
I departed one of my hands from her's and cradled her face with it, moving my face closer to her's to where my lips were just barely touching.
"I won't ever leave you," I softly whispered.
"I know, I know," she said soothingly. "I love you, Billie."
I softly kissed her lips and pulled her into a tight hug. "Lillie, I love you with all my heart. I know you know that. So can I ask you something?"
"Anything," she replied.
"Will you and Ryder be my family?" I asked.
Confusement washed over her face. "What do you mean?"
I took her left hand in mine as I got down on one knee.
"If I'm able to not be in jail for life," I started," Lillie, would you be my bride?"
The only sound that filled the room was the sound of people sniffling. Silence filled the room for about a minute. I can honsetly say it was the longest minute of my life.
I heard a murmer.
"What?" I asked.
"Yes, Billie Joe, I will be your bride," she repeated louder so I could hear her.
I couldn't help but spring up and tightly hug her as tears of joy for once flowing like a river from my eyes. Finally, the judge decided to have the guards send me back to the stand.
"Billie Joe Armstrong, you have caused quite a scene here," the judge stated. "Since you've admitted the crime you have done, I say you're guilty. But since you've gotten the young girl to say she loves you, I'm sentencing you to two years of jailtime. Case dismissed."
Lillie walked over to me so we could say our farewells.
"Guess I'll see you in two years," Lillie said, a small smile on her face.
"I reckon so," I said, giving her a warm smile before the cops took me to my jailcell.
She was all I needed to save me from my personal hell.
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