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To Say I Love You

It Was Worth It In The End

(No One's POV)
"You ready to make a break for it?" Billie whispered into Lillie's ear as they slow danced together.
"Sure," Lillie softly giggled before they snuck out to the get-away car.
Billie brought her to the hotel he had reserved for the weekend, the key in one hand and Lillie's in the other.
"I made this extra special for you, my love," Billie stated as he slid the card through the slot.
He lightly squeezed her hand as they entered the room.
The room had two lights softly gleaming and lavender candles scented the room and shimmered light. The bed was beautiful with red and white rose petals scattered across the top of king sized mattress. There was also a small stereo in the corner of the room, with CD's Billie had placed there before he arrived at the alter.
"Oh my God, Billie Joe," Lillie gasped at the sight of the room. "It's beautiful."
"I'm glad that you love it, honey," Billie stated, kissing her forehead. "How about you change out of that dress and we can enjoy our first night as husband and wife?"
"Alright, I'll be back in a few," Lillie stated as she made her way into the bathroom to change into the lacy silk mini-dress that she had Mike place into the bathroom for her.
As Billie waited for Lillie to greet him with her presence, he shrugged off the jacket of his tuxedo and withdrew his shoes from his feet.
When she walked out, Billie just about froze in astonishment from her beauty. He wrapped his arm around her waist and his free hand caressed the back of her head as his lust took over.
Unwanted clothing was discarded from their bodies as they made their way to the rose covered bed. He tenderly kissed down her neck and up again to meet her soft lips.
"I will love you forever and ever," Billie stated, looking into her beautiful jade orbs. "You are the only one I want for the rest of my life."
"I can't even beat that statement, Billie," Lillie stated.
"You don't have to say a word, sweetheart," He said. "Because I already know how you feel about me, and no words can describe it."
Soon, the only thing covering their bodies was rose petals and the silk sheets.
"With you in my arms right now, Lillie, makes me feel whole again," He whispered in her ear. "You were what I've been waiting for my whole life."
"I guess things happen for a reason," she stated. "I think you're a great man for loving me the way you do after what I've done to you."
"That was in the past, and I've forgiven you for it because I love you so much," Billie stated. "But, I believe in my heart that we were meant to be together here on Earth. And if there is a God out there, he made sure we'd find each other."
He cuddled closer to Lillie after she blew out the last flickering candles.
All the trouble that Lillie and I have been through to be together, I know that it was worth it in the end. Thank you, if you are real, God, Billie prayed. Thank you for giving me Lillie.
He nuzzled his face into Lillie's neck as I began to fall asleep.

I know I love you's not enough, and I'm lost for words. So now is the time to say I love you. For today is the first day of the rest of our lives. We will mend our broken wounds of the past. But life isn't easy, and neither is it fair. Problems come at every corner, angle, anything; and it's hard to get through them, on your own. That's why there's someone out there for you, even though it doesn't seem like it. And we will make it in this world.
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