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To Say I Love You

Just Dance, Gonna Be Okay

The bar scene was far too familiar to me from the past two years. Dance music blareing through the speakers, the strippers on their poles, doing strip teases, people watching and dancing, ect. There's no need for me to go on.
Tre, Mike, and I headed over to the bar and sat down.
"Three beers, please," I said only looking down as I placed the money on the table.
"Alright," said an all too familiar voice. Way too familiar.
I looked up and watched the young bartender serve drinks to other customers. Her hair was held up in a ponytail as the black roots rested beneath the blonde that dominated the top. She wore a black leather mini-skirt with thin black leggings, black stiletto heels, and a black low cut tank top.
Our hands met for a quick second as she handed me my beer.
"Lillie?" I asked.
"Billie?" she asked in response. "What the hell are you doing here?"
"I've been here for the past two years," I replied. "And why the hell are you working here?"
"Well, one of my friends' is the manager and he let me have a job here," she stated. "And besides, I have to make some money somehow to take care of my kid."
Mike and Tre stared at us with confused looks on their faces. As Lillie went to go take care of a couple other customers, I quickly gave them a summary about Jimmy and Lillie. Shortly, I was handed another beer after I finished my first one.
"Y'know, I could help you--"
Lillie leaned her face close to mine.
"I don't want, neither do I need your help," she stated. "Got it?"
"Mmhmm," I said as she leaned back and started to get other people their drinks once more.
I finished my second beer by the time Lillie had come back without speaking.
"Can I get three vodka shots?" I asked.
"Sure," Lillie said, grabbing three shot glasses and poured vodka into them
I grabbed one and downed it as I tipped my head back. I grabbed the others and did the same.
***20 minutes later***
From all the alchohol I downed, I could not see so straight. Some whore had pulled me out on the dance floor and got my drunk ass moving. After about twenty more minutes of dancing, I decided to head back over to Mike and Tre at the bar.
"Another round for my friends and I," I said, placing some more money on the table.
Lillie smirked to herself as she refilled our shot glasses. Out of nowhere, this real buff guy-I couldn't tell for sure- walked over and sttod next to Mike as he ordered a drink. Then the bastard started to flirt with Lillie.
"You look like you need some satisfaction time," he said. "How 'bout you come with me tonight and I can give you a good time."
"How 'bout you back off."
Everyone turned their attention towards me.
"What did you just say to me?" he said, pushing Mike and Tre out of his way.
"You heard me, asshole," I said, meeting him in a taunting position,
"Billie, you don't have to do this," Lillie stated to me.
"Oh, but I want to," I sais, punching him in the gut.
He stood up ans pushed me into the counter.
"Dude, it isn't really your buisness who she has sex with," he said.
"She's sixteen, you pervert," I stated.
"Oh, and you're, what, fifty?" the little bastard said.
"Wh-what makes you think I would want to fuck her? And I am not fifty!" I said. "And I ain't no pedophile like you, fucker!"
"Oh, stuff your protests up your fucking ass," he said. "I see that you want to fuck her in your eyes."
"Well, I'm fucking drunk, that explains it," I said. "Fucking her would be the last thing I would do."
I sure as hell knew that I did want to have sex with her, sober or not.
"Something's telling me you're lying," he chuckled. "Are you saying you already fucked her and want to do it again?"
"I ain't no child molester!" I shouted. Memories started to flood my brain. The sweet, painful memories. I swallowed. "I've never fucked her, nor will I ever."
"Ah, you know your just lying to yourself," said a familiar voice.
"Joey? What the hell are you doing in a club?" I asked.
"I'm meeting a couple friends here, so I decided I would get a couple drinks," Joey replied. "Two beers to go, please?"
Lillie rolled her eyes as she grabbed two bottles of Budwieser and handed them to Joey. He nodded a thanks as he placed down his money.
"So, as I was saying earlier...," the little fucker started up again. "You, me, at my place?"
"I said knock it off!" I shouted as I punched the little fucker straight in the jaw. "Leave her alone or I swear to God I will personally kill you."
By then, the guy recieved his drink and left off to somewhere else in the club.
I downed my glass of sckotch-not remembering when I ordered this- and placed the glass on the counter. For a couple seconds, my vision was all colorful.
"Billie, are you alright?" Lillie asked.
"Yeah yeah, I'm fine," I replied. "Just refill."
My vision started to blur now.
"You sure, Bill?" Mike asked.
I swallowed as I nodded. Out of nowhere, I felt dizzy, so I laid my head on my arms as I slowly fell unconcious.
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T.C: Just Dance, Lady Gaga