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To Say I Love You

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

I woke up the next morning lying on my stomach and all alone in my bed. I sat up and rubbed my eyes before running my hands through my messy hair. One thing was for sure, though; I still felt like shit.
I got up and pulled on some random clothing of mine and made my way down to the kitchen. I started to make some coffee and pulled out a couple asprins before I realized that Mike and Tre were sitting in the living room, watching some random TV. Though I was pretty sure they were watching me.
"Look guys--"
"It's alright, Beej," Tre said. "We know you were drunk off your ass because you were desperate not to think."
"But I pulled you guys into my desperate plea," I said.
"Well, you were kind of hard to say no to," Mike chuckled.
I poured myself a cup of coffee and walked into the living room. I sat down and drank some of the coffee before I placed the cup on the table.
"I feel so bad and dirty," I said, lying my head on Mike's shoulder.
Mike wrapped an arm around my shoulders for support. Tre ruffled my hair playfully.
"Oh, Beejie, whether you want to admit it or not, but I really think you've fallen in love," Tre said.
"Fuck the love, it ain't ever gonna happen," I muttered as I stood up from the couch and walked towards the door of my home studio. "I'll be down here if you need me for some apparent reason."
I then walked down the stairs and grabbed some random CD and popped it into the player. Help! began to play from the speakers.
I grabbed a pack of cigarettes absently as I walked over to lie down on the black leather couch. I placed the cigarette between my teeth whilst grabbing a lighter and lighting up the cancer stick. The bitter taste of the nicotine met my taste buds in that soothing way it did. The smoke blazed through my veins as I took more puffs of the cigarette.
I was on my last cigarette when I heard the stairs creek as somebody quietly walked down them. I put the cigarette back in my mouth as I sat up and ran my hands through my messy black hair. I finished the cancer stick off and stuck the end into the ash tray to join the others.
"Billie Joe?"
I looked up from the ash tray and met piercing green eyes.
"Can we talk?"