Gutter ***s

The love story of Tre and Lisea
  1. Broken Ribs and Grabbed Balls
  2. Numb the Pain
  3. Wanna Be Mine?
  4. Tre Cool
  5. Stolen Booze
  6. Leaving?
  7. Naughty Business!
  8. Fireworks
    Just a linking part
  9. Sweet Home Alabam-whoops Washington
    Tre comes home with Lisea to meet her family.
  10. Sneaky Sneaky
    Well not much out of the ordinary
  11. Proof that the author just watched porn
  12. Disturbances
    Something goes a little too bump in the night
  13. The Hunt
    Lisea's search for a job
  14. Jackson
    Introduction to a new character
  15. Photography Show
    Wheeeeeeeee! More Jackson
  16. Horrid Families!
    People have got familiy issues *shifty eyes*
  17. Merry Christmas
    Christmas with the Wrights
  18. Joey Ramone
  19. Goddamn it Tre!
    Lisea's got some uhh interesting news
  20. Kitchen Conversation
    The next morning .. .dun dun dun
  21. Home bitter Home
    Lisea and Tre go to Seattle to tell her parents the news.
  22. Flatulence
    Flatulence - generating gas in the alimentary canal, as food.
  23. Green Fudgecakes
    Tre and Lisea start taking responsibility!
  24. Umm no title,
    Girls day and Tre's paint day.
  25. The Wedding
    Billie and Adie tie the knot!
  26. Lunch
    Well, the parents are finally going to meet.
  27. Going Away
    Yep, the guys have left for tour.
  28. Little Weasel
    Oh fun plans are brewing!!!!
  29. The Return of Joey Ramone!
    Tre finally gets to meet his idol.
  30. Bullet Babies!
    Don't worry no one gets shot in this chapter.
  31. Baby Cool
    At long last the baby is born.