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Baby Cool

After being rushed to the hospital, Tre going berserks with nervousness and a less than pleasant experience of pushing eight pounds of person through my vagina we had a daughter. Little Ramona. She's so beautiful.

Sadly the tender moment between me, Tre and Ramona as we cuddled together in my hospital room was ruined by both my mother and Tre's mother. Our fathers were behaved but out mothers wouldn't stop blubbering and talking about wedding plans.

"They stole our baby." I say to Tre.
"Jerks." he whispers back with a smirk. "How ya feeling?" only the one billionth time he's asked me that.
"Relieved." I say with a sigh, "Daughter's here, couldn't be happier."
"Me too," he says looking at Ramona, who's across the room being tossed back and forth between grandmothers and the occasional grandfather, "Still weird, I'm a dad."
"Yeah, either you or the milk man, still waiting on those DNA results." I joke.
"How dare you?" Tre jokes back.

"Hey Mom." Tre says after a few minutes.
"Yes dear?"
"Why don't you and Claire get yourselves some coffee?" Tre says cocking his eyebrows.
"Hmph, okay, okay." Tre's mother says as she and my mother bustle out of the room, handing Ramona off as they went.

"Why Ramona?" my father asks walking up close to Tre to look upon his first grandchild.
"Well when we met Joey Ramone she just started kicking like crazy." I say grinning.
"And the Ramones are the absolute best band ever." Tre says somewhat amazed.

"You named her after a band?" my father asks somewhat confused.
"Yeah." Tre and I nod.
"Oh god." Tre's dad says with a laugh.

"You guys! Give them some space!" My mother calls from the hall.
"See you guys later." Tre's father says rolling his eyes. Our dads leave the room and Tre walks back toward me.

"We got our baby back." Tre says happily.

"Oh my got its baby cool!" Billie says running into the room, Mike not far behind. Adie and Ana follow soon after.
"What's her name?" Adie asks sitting in the chair next to the bed.
"We decided finally on Ramona." I say happily.
"No shit?" Mike says grinning.
"Sweet, sweet little Ramona." Billie chants.
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this is the last chapter, end of story.