Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms

The year is 2031 and humans once again rule the earth. In 2013, a baby girl was born into a world of chaos and destruction, a rebellion had taken place and waged war across the seas – the immortals had attained power over the mortals. That is until the baby girl was in competition with her older sister to marry the werewolves’ prince. The mortals were either brought into slavery or were murdered senselessly, until they were nearly extinct. The girl began to grow and learn about the horrid world and the evil that contained it, but she understood that not everyone held hatred in their hearts – that alone gave her hope for the future. When she turned fifteen, she had her first taste of freedom, she became the princess of the humans and the race was slowly rebuilding itself. But as a consequence, the immortals were enslaved and served the under human race, and that was something she did not want to happen. The princess wanted peace among the races; she was different from her family who had wanted to drive the other races into extinction. She had promised herself that when she became queen, she would set the immortals free and abolish slavery. When she brings in a new slave, she is put in harm’s way multiple times as she tries to convince him that she would keep him and his younger sister safe, but the demons from her past come back to haunt her and she has to pay the price for her people and her loved one’s safety.