Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms


I woke up hearing something whispering, but it was too quiet to understand what the voice was saying. I brushed it off thinking it was someone in the hallway. I opened my eyes, but no one was in my room. I frowned and took off the damp cloth that was placed on my forehead. I sighed and placed it on my nightstand. I noticed that one of my windows were wide open letting in cold air.

I guessed that Vera opened it too cool me off. I got up from my bed and closed the window and walked over to my open bathroom door. I turned on the light, and I walked over to the sink and turned it on, but it wasn’t water… it was blood. I gasped in horror and heard the bathroom door slam shut.

I looked in the mirror terrified, and screamed.

Written in blood was, He’s coming. But that wasn’t what made me scream, it was what was written under it.

The name, his name, the name of my dead best friend - Michael.

I couldn’t breathe anymore, I couldn’t feel anything, and all I could see was his name. But I could hear, and the whisper was getting louder and louder. And it said, “He’s coming, Cassie. He’s coming. Run away Cassie, run. Please Cassiel, I miss you. He’s coming!” and that was the voice of Michael, I knew it was him.

“Michael?” I called out.

But before anyone could answer, one of the guards busted down the door and Vera, Audrey, Zach, Colton Lucy, and Shane came running into my large bathroom.

“Oh my lord,” Vera said looking at the mirror and the blood flowing out of the faucet, as Zach went over to me and bent down to my level.

“Cassie, what’s wrong?” he asked and wiped something wet off my face.

“Michael,” was all I could say.

He looked confused, but then his eyes widened as he looked at the mirror.

“But he’s dead,” he whispered.

No one said anything and I looked over to Shane and Colton who had confused expressions place upon their faces and Audrey looked like she was about to faint – if that were possible. And Vera was crying silently and the guards were looking for any danger.

But then suddenly, all hell broke loose.

The bathroom doors were slamming; the windows blew open letting the swirling winds inside, my sinks, shower, and bathtub faucets were gushing blood. Lucy was barking madly. The objects in the bathroom – like my candles, towels and bottles – were falling and being thrown across the room. My mirror shattered into pieces and rained down on us leaving scratches in their path, and my tiled floor started breaking; the lights were flickering on and off, on and off.

But what was the most frightening was my best friends voice screaming so loud it was deafening, “He’s coming Cassie! He’s coming! Run away Cassie! Run! Please Cassiel! I miss you! HE’S COMING!!!”

And then it all stopped, and all that I could hear was Michael sobbing quietly.

And I sobbed with him.

No one said anything, but looked around the destroyed room in awe, but they all had terror in their eyes.

“We need to get out of here,” one of the three guards told us fear fresh in his eyes.

No one said anything, but Zach picked me up and rushed out of the room and everyone soon followed after. We rushed outside while the guards hurried in to go get my parents, Colton’s parents, Hillary and the servants out of the castle. Jimmy and Carly ran over to us noticing our sudden appearance.

Zach put me down on the snow covered ground and I automatically curled up into a ball and started shaking uncontrollably.

“Cassiel? Are you all right?” I heard Shane ask me softly.

“Oh course she’s not all right you dumbass,” Zach hissed at him and he took off his shirt and wrapped it around me.

“Zach, stop it,” Vera scolded quietly.

He kept on glaring at Shane.

“Who’s Michael?” Shane asked Vera.

“It’s none of your damn business!” Zach roared at him.

“I-I’ll t-t-tell y-you later,” I told him shaking.

“She’s still sick,” Vera told Colton, “And you’re the warmest out of all of us, could you please hold her?”

Colton said nothing but walked over to me and sat on the ground and took me in his arms.

Jimmy came over to me and frowned and sat next to Colton and started fiddling with the ends of my hair while Carly ran over to Shane and he held her in his arms.

Then everyone ran out of the castle, my parents had the expressions of disbelief and doubt.

They walked over to me with Hillary trailing behind with a murderous glare in my direction.

I frowned and rested my head against Colton’s shoulder.

“What happened Cassiel?” my mother asked worriedly.

“M-Michael’s here,” I told her.

“Michael’s dead Cassiel,” Hillary scoffed, “You are insane.”

“I am n-not,” I stuttered.

“All right,” Hillary smirked, “If he wasn’t dead, then we would have seen him, or one of the slaves would have smelled him.”

“Michael is d-dead, I-I didn’t say h-he wa-wasn’t,” I told her, “He’s a gh-ghost.”

“You need to be put in an insane alyssum.”

“She’s not crazy,” Zach seethed at her, “We all saw it; we all heard it.”

“And exactly what did you hear, slave,” Hillary shot back.

“Michael said, 'He’s coming, Cassie. He’s coming. Run away Cassie, run. Please Cassiel, I miss you. He’s coming,’” I told her.

“How pathetic,” she rolled her eyes, “You got your little useless slave friend to do your dirty work, didn’t you Cassiel? And why didn’t you ‘see’ Michael?”

“Probably because his body was ripped apart in front of me, and the burned. You don’t even understand what I had to go through Hillary. You were never raped. You never had to deal with the fact that you had to work all the time just to stay alive. You didn’t see the person you cared about most be ripped to shreds and forced to burn his remains, just after you were raped. And you didn’t have to keep it a secret in fear of letting your family die along with yourself, and I still have to keep it a secret. Now, Hillary, shut up,” even more tears fell from my eyes, “And it wasn’t just Zach and me that saw it. Audrey, Vera, Shane, some of the guards, even Colton saw it.”

“And what exactly did you see?” she sneered.

“W-well why d-don’t you g-go up t-t-to my bathroom and look for yourself,” I suggested.

She said nothing.

“I know for a fact that Michael is here. And he says that ‘he’s coming’ but I don’t know who he is, but he has to be bad if Michael did that much destruction to my bathroom,” I told my parents.

“We'll have guards on watch constantly,” my father reassured me.

“You actually believe this nonsense!” Hillary screeched.

“What is there else to believe?” my mother asked her.

Hillary huffed in response.

“I don’t see the reason to be out here,” I spoke, “Michael won’t hurt anyone.”

“I know,” my mother sighed, “Let’s go back inside.”

And so we did, with a million questions racing through my mind.
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I love this chapter! It is the spookest one yet!

HINT: Jimmy does not know the unknown guy exists.