Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms


“Good morning, Cass,” I heard someone say.

“It’s morning, but it’s not a good one,” I turned my head to see Audrey with a big smile on her face.

She rolled her bright green eyes as if it was the most absurd thing to say.

“Just get up, we have to get you ready,” She laughed as I groaned. She was going to have to do my hair, make-up, pick out my dress, and I had to wear a stupid tiara. I hated my life right now.

“You know, for a best friend you sure are pushy,” I commented.

“Do I have to drag you out of bed? ‘Cause you know I will,” she giggled.

“Stupid vampire has to be all hyper in the morning,” I muttered under my breath while crawling out of bed.

I walked over to Jimmy who was curled up in a little ball.

“Jimmy, sweetie, you need to wake up,” I told him softly.

I heard him groan, and saw his eyes flutter open. He blinked a few times, trying to get the drowsiness out of his eyes. I smiled and gently scooped him up in my arms, and carried him downstairs.

I was nervous about today. Today either Hillary or I would be chosen to become queen, and marry the prince of the werewolves. We didn’t know what his name was, but I heard that he was sweet. But from what I’ve experienced, most of the royals were full of themselves.

I let out a tired sigh, and set Jimmy in his highchair. I saw Zach enter the dining room with a tired look placed upon his never aging face. I shot him a quick smile as I got Jimmy’s breakfast ready. That was another thing that Jimmy didn’t trust food made people other than me.

I went into the kitchen and got one of his sippy cups and unscrewed the lid. I went to a cabinet that had a lock on it that only people that knew the code could open it, not even an immortal with super strength could break it. I unlocked the cabinet and got a few blood packages that were contained inside.

The blood packets had about one pint of blood. Though the blood didn’t come from humans, it came from animals. It’s just like donating human blood to a hospital, only they use animals to feed vampires without hurting anyone. So no animals had to die for it, which I think is a plus.

I slit one bag open and emptied the contents into Jimmy’s cup. I set the cup in the microwave and presses the amount of time and heat I wanted and pressed the green button.

While Jimmy’s cup rotated I started making Zach and Audrey’s breakfast as well. I repeated what I had done with Jimmy’s cup, except Audrey and Zach had more blood and taller glasses.

I put all of their cups on one of the spare trays and carried the tray in my hands while walking into the dining room.

We had three dining rooms, one for parties and business purposes, another one for just family and the last one was for servants and slaves. Most of the staff worked in the kitchens connected to the family and business dining rooms.

I pushed the door open and saw that Audrey was sitting in a chair next to Jimmy, but he was turned away from her. I sighed sadly and set the tray on the small wooden table.

I twisted the cap back on Jimmy’s sippy cup and handed it to him. I gave Zach and Audrey their glasses and sat down next to Zach. I rested my head on top of my arms on the table attempting try and get at least an ounce on sleep.

“Cass, are you seriously falling asleep? I mean it’s not that early,” I heard Audrey say.

“I couldn’t sleep. What time is it anyway?” I asked tiredly.

“It’s four forty-five,” she answered looking at the clock on the on the other side of the room.

“You call that ‘not early’, you’re insane,” I groaned.

“I agree,” Zach commented.

“Well is it so terrible for me to get a head start on making Cass absolutely perfect," she smirked, and I can tell I’m in for it.

“You’re not going to go over board are you?” I asked a little scared.

“You bet,” her smirk grew to a full out grin.

I groaned again as a migraine was making me even more miserable. I was stressed beyond belief, and I wanted to go to the beach.

“Did either my parents say when the meeting would end?” I questioned.

“Around one-thirty, is the time your mother said,” she responded.

I looked at Zach with a pleading expression.

“Sorry Cass, I wish I could help, but you know that Audrey scares me,” he whispered.

“Audrey scares everybody,” I explained.

“I heard that!” Audrey accused.

“You were supposed to,” I muttered under my breath rolling my eyes.

I sighed and took their glasses back into the kitchen, and dumped them into the sink.

“Why can’t Vera do my hair?” I asked when I entered back into the cramped kitchen.

“Because she is doing Hillary’s hair, I feel sorry for her,” Audrey spat out my sister’s name.

Vera was like another mother to me. She was caring and the most unselfish person I’ve ever met. She was a river fairy and had frail blue wings that would fascinate any person. She had short blonde hair, and light brown eyes. She used to be a maid at Michael’s castle and she would often help me with my chores. I have known her all of my life, and was lucky to have her.

“Zach could you help me get Jimmy ready for today since somebody just had to make me get up at four o’clock in the morning?” I asked.

“I’ll try but he isn’t going to like it.”

“Jimmy could you be good for me and let Zach help you get ready, and if you’re good I’ll take you to the beach after the meeting, okay?”

“Okay, Cassie,” he finally agreed smiling.

“I have to go and get ready, I’ll see you in a little while,” I promised and kissed his forehead.

I followed Audrey out into the hallway that led to my bedroom.

“Go shower,” Audrey ordered while pointing to my bathroom.

“You’re so bossy.”

She rolled her eyes and shoved me into my huge bathroom and set a black dress down onto the countertop.

I laughed and tore off my clothes and jumped into the shower.

When I got out of the shower, and dried off, I slipped the dress on. And I walked out of my bathroom and found Audrey carrying a lot of makeup and hair items in her tiny arms.

“I officially hate you,” I declared.

“Don’t be such a baby. Today is your big day and I want you to remember it as a happy day. So suck it up and deal with it,” she replied pushing me down on the vanity chair, and started combing and spraying my hair with chemicals.

I might as well sleep through the torture. I closed my eyes trying to ignore the smell and sounds.

Being nervous was an understatement. I was terrified; if they didn’t choose me, then thousands of people were going to die. I know what Hillary was planning to do she was planning on killing all immortals, besides the werewolves. I needed to beat her, or else Audrey, Zach, Vera, and Jimmy would all be executed, I would probably be too, and then there would be no hope for anyone.

I wanted things to be right, I wanted my people out of poverty, and I wanted the immortals to be free, to be happy. I wanted peace, not destruction.
And that was the last thought I had before I finally went to sleep.


“Wake up, Cassie. WAKE UP!” I heard someone screech in my ear.

My eyes jerked open to see Audrey standing in front of me with a triumphant look set upon her face.

“What time is it?” I asked while stretching.


I felt my heartbeat kick into overdrive.

“Clam down Cassie, you got this,” I heard a voice behind me.

I looked over my shoulder to see Vera leaning against the doorway with a slight smile on her face.

“You look absolutely beautiful, Cass, now go and kick Hillary’s butt,” She commented leaning down and hugging me.

I smiled and looked into the oversized mirror.

The girl in it had half of her hair up and half down. The top half was piled in neat ringlets on top of her head with a tiara placed gently upon her head, and the bottom half was pin straight so it came down to her middle of her back. And some of the shorter pieces framed her face.

She had dark eye shadow giving her purple eyes a mysterious feel to them. Her cheeks were tined a light pink color, and her skin was smooth and pale like a porcelain doll. She looked absolutely perfect.

That girl was me, even though it looked like a whole different person.

“Okay,” I sighed quietly.

They lead me down the hallway. My black dress swishing with each step and with each breath I took I was closer to the dreaded door.

The meeting was going to take place in the east wing’s conference room. All of my and Hillary’s teachers and instructors were going to be there, as well as our parents who will make the dissension.

We stopped in front of the big wooden door, and I started hyperventilating.

“Shhh, Cass you can do it, we all believe in you,” Audrey reassured.

I pictured all of the people I loved. They all needed me, and I promised myself that I wouldn’t let them down, that I couldn’t let them down.

Audrey and Vera gave their last ‘good luck’s and left me alone in front of the door where the room that held everyone responsible for my future, and the future of my kingdom.

I twisted the door knob slowly and entered the awaiting room.

There was my English literature teacher, dance instructor, the general of the human army who was also our battle strategies teacher; our personal trainers, immortal and mortal studies tutor, edict teacher, science teachers, mathematic teachers, and our parents were all present.

They all stood and bowed. I curtsied back, and took my seat beside my mother and father and across from Hillary.

“We have come here today to choose between my two daughters, and declare the queen-to-be,” my father started, “your mother and I have decided to judge you based on your scores in your classes, and you both will give us all a short speech on what you would do if you became queen. Hillary, tell us what you will do if you were to become queen.”

Hillary stood up, and I noticed that she was wearing a dress that was similar to mine except it had straps and was a very bright and unflattering pink. Her hair was in ringlets. She had pink eye shadow that made her look like she was healing from a black eye.

She walked over to the projector screen, and stood in front of it. You could tell that she was overconfident, which made me even less confident.

“I would destroy our reason for pain and suffering, ending this war permanently. I plan on killing even single last one of those immortals that are against us. We can end the war, and everything will be fine, everyone will be happy,” She finished and curtsied then walked back to her seat.

“Cassiel,” my father motioned me to start.

I walked up to where Hillary once was and took a deep breath. I could feel all eyes boring into me.

You can do this, I encouraged myself.

“Hillary’s wrong,” I began, “killing the immortal’s won’t help anyone. I’ve been outside the castle walls many times, and have gone to the nearby villages, and everywhere I see suffering and people dying. I’ve talked to the residents and they hate this war, I have seen what they have to live through, I’ve listened and learned and I believe that we can stop this war peacefully.

“The immortals can help us. The fairies know the land like the back of their hand. The mermaids and men know where to fish. Each immortal has a talent that could help us. This war isn’t helping anybody. What are we even fighting for? Freedom? Right now nobody has freedom and if I become queen, I will make sure that everybody will have a good education, food, and shelter,” I finished and walked back to my seat.

“We will now proceed with the vote,” He gestured to our English literature teacher, Mr. Greener, to begin.

“You both have improved greatly in the last two years, but I give my vote to Cassiel.”

And it went down the row, next was General Smare.

“You both have the instincts of a true solider, and I vote Hillary.”

Then it was our edict teacher, Mrs. Royer.

“You both are well mannered young women, I vote Cassiel.”

Next was our dance instructor, Mrs. Roller.

“You girl’s are more graceful than any student I have ever taught, but I vote Cassiel.”

I was two votes ahead and the tension kept on building with each vote. After Mrs. Roller was our math teacher Mr. Wilson.

“You’re the two smartest girls I have ever met, but my vote goes to Hillary.”

Our science teacher Mr. Fredrick was up.

“These girls now their compounds and chemicals even better than I do, I vote Hillary.”

“You both are very fit, and can take down someone three times bigger than you, I vote Hillary,” said our trainer, Coach Ford.

I felt my world was crashing down; I was behind by one vote and only two votes left. My immortal and mortal tutor, Mrs. Bellet, was the last one of the teacher votes. Then it would be our parents turn.

“You both know all of the immortal and mortal history, and my vote goes to…Cassiel.”

I breathed out a sigh, we were tied and our parents had to choose between us, their vote was the most important.

“Will all the teachers exit the room, we need to talk to our daughters privately,” My dad said.

Everybody got up and left the room and it was just the four of us.

“You both know that this is the hardest decision we have to make, and that we both love you equally. We love you with all of our hearts and nothing will ever change that. But we have to choose what is best for our people, and we choose…” my mother trailed off holding a white envelope in her hands, “…Cassiel, congratulations,” and she handed the envelope to me.

“WHAT?! YOU CHOSE THE IMMORTAL LOVER! ARE YOU INSANE?!” Hillary screeched knocking over her chair.

“It is what is best for our people,” Dad repeated.

Hillary let out and earsplitting scream and ran out the door.

Mother sighed and rubbed her temples with two figures.

“This envelope contains information about the Prince of Werewolves, and what you are expected to do as queen, you may leave if you would like,” my mother said.

I picked up the envelope and in a trancelike state I walked back to my room where everybody was waiting for me.

Audrey was the first one to get to me, “Well, how did it go?” she asked excited.

I walked past her and sat on the bed, laid the envelope down on my nightstand, and put my head in my hands.

“What happened, Cassie?” Vera questioned fearfully.

I tried to speak, but my mouth was dry, and was unable to make any coherent words.

I took Jimmy out of Zach’s arms, and went into the bathroom. I went over to the sink and picked up the glass and filled it with water.

I entered back into my room took a few gulps of the cool water. I set the emptied glass on top of my wooden dresser and looked at Jimmy.

“I won,” I declared.

The whole room was filled with hoots and hollers.
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This chapter is dedicated to HeartlessAngel8795, she was the first one to tell me that she like LCIMDF. I hope you like it!