Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms


I sighed as I zipped my last suitcase and placed it on my bed with my other one. I was alone, Zach and Shane were both packing, Colton was by the carriage outside going over the map, Vera and Audrey were making food for the trip, and Jimmy and Carly were with Elizabeth in the gardens.

And because I was alone, my thoughts that I had tried so hard to keep out of my mind broke through the mental block and flowed freely without the tourniquet.

Why was he here? What did he want? Who would he hurt to get what he wanted? When was he coming back? Was it sooner or later? Was he the one that would kill me and the others that were cursed with death? Was he going to go after Jimmy, Carly, Shane, Zach, Audrey, Vera?

But one question scared me the most, the one that broke down a whole new wall down.

How was I going to die?

Would I be lucky enough for a quick or accidental death? Would I die of illness? Or would I trip and fall down the stairs breaking my neck? Or would I fall off my balcony? Or would I eventually go insane and commit suicide? Or would it be murder? Poison? Bullet to the head? Knife in the heart?

The possibilities were endless.

“Are you ready?” I heard a voice ask.

“Yes,” I answered turning around to see Shane and Jimmy.

“Hey, Jimmy,” I gave him a weak smile as he ran up to me with tears of blood pooling in his eyes.

“Don’t go, Cassie,” he sobbed into my dress.

“I have to, sweetie,” I told him bending down tears of my own clouded my vision.

“Can’t I come wit you?” he asked as he hooked his arms around my neck.

“No, honey,” I kissed his cheek, “I wish you could, though.”

“Why not?” he asked me.

“Because,” I bit my lip, “I’m going to bring home someone very special. And I want him to be surprised when he sees you,” I lied.

He frowned, but he climbed on my back.

“Do you prowise when you cow bawk we’ll go to da bewch?” He asked nuzzling his face into my hair.

More tears came, “I promise.”

“We should go,” Shane told me quietly taking my bags.

“Okay,” I breathed.

I carried Jimmy downstairs and I could hear Shane’s footsteps behind me until we made it outside where everyone was waiting.

I felt my heart rip itself apart painfully, and with each beat made the tear rip it more and more.

I looked at the people I loved, the people that I may never see again.

I set Jimmy down and let Vera embrace me, “Be safe.”

“I will,” I promised her, lying with never ending tears streaming down my face, my face chapping with the cold breeze.

She let go after she kissed my cheek and picked up Jimmy.

“Take this,” Audrey whispered sliding something wrapped in a handkerchief into my hand. I looked at her confused.

Then she mouthed ‘gun.’

“I don’t trust the werewolf,” she told me, “He may be your fiancé, but you know how unpredictable wolves can be.”

I rolled my eyes at her and wrapped my arms around her.

“I’ll miss you,” she told me.

“I’ll miss you too,” I gave her a fake smile, masking my pain and my fear.

I felt something wrap around my legs, I looked down to see Carly frowning at me.

“Don’t go Cassie,” she told me.

“I have to Carly,” I told her and bent down and hugged her to me.

“Why don’t you go over to Vera okay?” I told her.

“Otway,” she told me and did as I said.

“Thank you Cassiel,” I heard Elizabeth say behind me.

I turned around, wiping my tears and gave her a small smile, “It’s no problem, and we’re going to find your husband, don’t worry.”

She smiled, “Take care of Shane for me.”

I laughed, “I will,” I promised.

I smiled at her one more time, before I made my way back to Jimmy who was in Vera’s arms watching me.

“Hey sweetie,” I kissed his head my vision blurring, “Can you be a good boy for me, and do what Vera tells you to do?”

“Yes Cassie,” he wiped away some of the tears.

“I’ll miss you so much,” I told him.

“I’ll mwiss you too Cassie,” he had blood streaming down his face, “Don’t go.”

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, sweetie,” I promised him, “Just remember, I will always love you, no matter what,” I kissed his cheek.

“Bye sweetie,” I sobbed.

“Bye Cassie,” he waved as I trudged over to the carriage.

“You ready?” Zach asked touching my shoulder lightly.

“No,” I told him, “But I guess I don’t have a choice, let’s go.”
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Sorry for the lateness! And the crappy chapter! Oh and did anyone cry reading this chapter? I did!
Shane's Song - "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt.