Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms


The rest of the ride was quite, except for Aidan’s footfalls onto the soggy ground and the occasional snap of a small branch that was unfortunate enough to be in the path of the iron wheels of the carriage.

I sighed bringing my cloak tighter around me in a failed attempt to keep warm. Shane was looking out the window, watching the greenery pass with a thoughtful expression on his face. And Zach was going over a map and would occasionally take a lock of my hair and twirl it between his fingers absentmindedly.

It was like that for hours. Very long and silent hours.

But I savored the silence, but I also loathed it.

Because I had nothing to distract me from what I knew was coming.

I wanted to sleep, to escape from the living nightmare that was haunting me, but I had a feeling that he would poison any happy dreams, like he did my thoughts.

We finally stopped when the sun settled on the horizon, turning the sky breath taking colors.

I opened my door and stepped out of the carriage stretching trying to get rid of the uncomfortable stiffness.

I looked around the area, seeing nothing but crawling vines wrapping themselves elegantly around the trunk. Dark wet leaves covered the ground masking the muddied area. I could see a river nearby, and the sound of cool water rushing against the weathered rocks drifted into my ears.

I smiled as I walked over to Aidan, “Good boy,” I cooed as he nuzzled his soft nose into my palm.

I gave him a few sliced apples that Vera had packed in his bag and stroked his dark mane until his finished.

“Hey Zach? Can you help me unhook Aidan?” I asked.

He nodded and unlatched the lock that held Aidan to the carriage and I took Aidan’s reins.

“Thank you, Zach,” I smiled at him and lead Aidan to a nearby tree and tied him to a sturdy branch.

“We should make a plan on how we are going to… assess the situation, if we ever come to it,” Colton told us.

“I’m not going to stop, until I find him,” I stated, determined.

“Well, we still need a plan,” he told me.

I sighed as I sat down on the damp ground, not caring if my dress got wet and Zach kneeled beside me. Shane stood still, his eyes narrowed at Colton. Colton leaned against the carriage, looking down at me.

“First off, we need to know what he looks like,” he said.

“From what I remember,” I sighed, “He looks almost exactly like me, blonde hair, violet eyes, pale skin but I guess it would be paler now. And I’m guessing that he has my father’s height, he was very tall for an eleven year old, but that was years ago.”

“What age was he changed?” Colton continued, it sort of felt like an interrogation.

“I’m not sure, but I think nineteen,” I answered, “And I know he was recruited to an immortal army, I don’t know which one though. And if he is a slave, his master would have to be higher class since Tristan was former soldier.”

“What kind of immortal was he changed into?”


“What is his full name?”

“Tristan Isaac Brooklyn.”

“When was the last time you saw him?”

“When I was five, we haven’t heard of him since.”

Colton nodded his head, thinking.

“Well if we do find him, how are you going to know if it’s him or not? And how will he know who you are?” Shane asked looking at me.

“A lullaby,” I answered smiling slightly.

“A lullaby?” Zach questioned, looking confused.

“My grandmother use to sing Hillary, Tristan and me to sleep before she died in an immortal raid,” I explained, “And Tristan would sing it to me whenever I was upset.”

“So you are your fate in a lullaby?” Colton scoff and I heard Zach’s teeth grinding together and a hiss from Shane, “And if he doesn’t remember you or this lullaby, what are you going to do when he attacks you?”

“I don’t care,” I said simply, “But if something did happen to me, you have to explain it to him. He’s my people’s only hope,” he’s my only hope.

“Nothing is going to happen to you Cassie, I promise,” Zach vowed.

That was promise I knew would be broken, because he was after me.
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