Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms


“Clara showed me something last night,” I told Blaine sitting on my knees.

I had just gotten back from my talk with Colton, and I was tired, but I had to know what happened to her.

He moved, urging me to go on.

“She mostly showed me memories of you and her…” I smiled, “She really loves you, and I can tell you love her too.”

The top of his shadow moved, nodding.

“Can ghosts do that, even when they’re eaten by a demon?”

He nodded.

“Did something happen to her? Before she told you she was pregnant,” I asked hesitantly.

He shook his head no, unsure.

“She wasn’t missing or left for a period of time?” I tried stifling a yawn.

He wasn’t responsive for a moment, but eventually nodded.

“We’ll have to find out what happened to her, when we find your brother,” I sighed, not bothering to change clothes, or even out of my shoes, I just lied down and fell asleep exhausted.


And once again, I had the same dream. And it was still terrifying to see, Blaine having his heart ripped out, and knowing that if I hadn’t shown up, he would’ve killed my Jimmy just as brutally.

But I had one question, how the hell were those werewolves involved?

Little did I know, I would find out too soon for comfort.

Blaine was sitting across the tent from me, moving.

“Morning Blaine,” I smiled softly at him, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

He nodded at me, and as I started going through my suitcase, he slipped out of the tent, giving me privacy. I frowned as my hair fell in my face in clumped strands. I sighed, tying my greasy hair in a pony tail and grabbed the bag of toiletries, my black bathing suit and new clothes.

I changed into the bathing suit, and just put on my dirty clothes.

I was being paranoid, I suppose.

I unzipped the tent door and crawled out carrying the small bag and clothes.

“Morning,” Zach called over to me, holding a cup filled with blood.

“Hey Zach,” I smiled at him and Shane, “Where’s Colton?”

“Hunting,” Shane answered me, frowning looking at my bag, “What are you doing?”

“I’m just going to take a bath, where’s the map?” I walked over to them.

“Right here,” Zach handed me the folded piece of parchment.

“Thanks,” I sighed as I looked at the map. There was a black ‘X’ crossed over and area near the center of the page. I saw that there was a blue line a few inches away from the ‘X’.

“Alright,” I bit the inside of my cheek, “I’ll be back in an hour.”

“Are you okay with walking over there alone?” Shane asked concern was thick in his voice.

I patted the gun that was still hooked onto my belt loop, “I’ve got a gun, and Blaine can come with me.”

Blaine immediately leaked into my shadow.

Shane still looked unsettled.

“I’ll be fine,” I assured him touching his shoulder lightly, “It’s just for a little bath.”

“Alright,” he looked toward the fire.

“Bye guys!” I called over my shoulder, “Let’s go, Blaine.”


I reached the riverbank and dropped my small bag onto the leaf covered ground. I sat down next to the quite stream; I removed the bandages on my neck knowing that the wounds had scabbed over.

I could see Blaine in the corner of my eye move off the ground and came towards me. I looked into the clear water, it reflected our image. He reached out, touching my neck, but I couldn’t feel it. I could feel his confusion that was radiating off of him.

“Shane had a little misunderstanding,” I told him, lightly touching the scabbed gash.

He moved his hand over to the back of my neck.

“I don’t know who did that,” I answered his unspoken question with a lie.

He looked at me, pondering my answer, but he eventually slunk away into the cover of the trees.

I blew out the breath I had been holding in, I hated lying, but I had no choice. It was either keep his secret, or die. I’d rather not die.

I peeled my clothes off, leaving my black bathing suit on. I could feel someone or something watching me, and it wasn’t Blaine. I looked around the wooded area, paranoid again.

I brushed it off when I couldn’t see anything, but I kept my hearing alert. I kicked the water with my left foot, testing the water temperature.

It was freezing, but I was used to that.

I picked up my bag and slid down the bank, into the cold flowing water. I felt my muscles tense from the sudden drop in temperature, but eventually got use to it. I ducked my head underneath the surface of the water after pulling my hair out of the band. I stayed in the water for a moment, enjoying the feeling of the force of the current washing away the dirt off my skin, but eventually went up for air.

I swam over to where my bag was and retrieved my shampoo and conditioner. But before I could unscrew the bottle top, I felt a cold hand wrap around my ankle, and pulled me underwater.

I gasped, water rushing down my throat and into my lungs painfully. I fought against the grip, and it immediately let go, and I pushed off the rocky ground and swam frantically to the top.

I coughed out as much water as I could, and looked around frantically to see who grabbed my ankle.

I was both relieved and pissed at the same time when I saw the culprit.

“WHAT THE HELL ZANE?!” I screamed in between my coughing fits.

He pursed his lips, “Sorry, Cass.”

I took deep breaths, trying to get oxygen into my lungs, “What do you want Zane? Besides drowning me.”

“I’m here because I smell werewolves everywhere,” he told me, circling around me.

“Well shit,” I muttered under my breath, “Just let me finish bathing, and I’ll get back to the boys.”

“What are you doing here alone anyway?” he scolded.

“I’m not here alone,” I scrubbed my head with the bubbly shampoo, “Hey Blaine?”

Blaine appeared next to me on dry land.

“Oh my God,” Zane’s black eyes went wide as he took in Blaine’s figure, “Oh my God.”

I laughed, “This is Blaine Locke; he’s our friend.”

He looked shell shocked.

“Oh my God,” was all he said.

I rinsed out the soap from my hair and shoved the two bottles into the bag and got out of the river. I ran my fingers through my long hair, in a failed attempt to get the unruly tangles out.

I sighed just decided to put it back into a ponytail, and deal with it later. I pulled my grey sundress over my bathing suit, but a faint noise from about ten feet away – a branch snapping.

I cursed under my breath, and turned to Zane, speaking in a hurried whisper, “Swim away.”

“What about you?” he frowned.

“I’ll be fine, they can’t hurt me,” I told him, pushing him further into the water, “Just go.”

And then he left reluctantly, and when he was gone I turned to Blaine, “Get in my shadow, now.”

He didn’t move.

“Please, Blaine. If they see you, you will die,” I begged, biting my lip as I looked around the area.

He finally moved, and adjusted himself into my shadow.

And then the wolves came, and I didn’t have my cloak.

There were five of them; I faintly remembered all of them.

And then the man came out, he was the most familiar. He had short black hair that fell in his face slightly. His skin was tanned and scarred, and his soulless black eyes starred me down.

They were the ones who tried to kill Jimmy.

“Hello Princess Cassiel.”
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