Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms


I kept my face blank, “What can I do for you gentlemen?” I spoke through clenched teeth.

“Well haven’t you’ve grown up?” the man mused, his eyes trailed across my body, lingering too long for my liking.

I crossed my arms over my chest, not backing down, “You know, it’s kind of sad, you guys tearing apart dead bodies to try to make it look like you did it. And you take all the glory. When all you are, are spineless imbeciles who think murder is the answer for everything,” I spat.

“Feisty,” the man licked his lips, “I like it, and so does the master.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, fully aware of the wolves circling around us, “You take orders? How fitting, you’re trained.”

Growls erupted from the wolves, I wasn’t scared. Or at least, I didn’t show it.

“You are in no position to antagonize us,” he glared at me, venom now leaking into his voice.

And yet again, fate was not on my side.

The sun came out from the cover off the clouds and beamed down on us through the branches of the trees. The light beamed off the body of my gun that was not even a foot away from me.

The man bent down and retrieved the weapon, handling it carelessly, “Paranoid, aren’t we Cassiel?” he mocked.

I bit my tongue fighting the urge to punch him as the gun’s barrel skimmed the skin of my throat. And then he jammed it into the side of my jaw, I winced slightly as the revolver clicked, signaling that it was ready to fire if the trigger was pulled, “Now let’s go meet your little friends.”

I felt the unmistakable impulse to kick him. If he even thinks about hurting them, I might just have to use my self defense lessons. It won’t be pretty for them.

He pushed me toward the direction of the campsite, following my footprints that were molded into the fresh mud. I could feel him behind me, no matter how fast I walked; there was no space between our bodies. That made me very aware of what could happen to me… again.

I heard a branch snapping and looked up into the trees to see a limb barely hanging on to the rest of the tree for dear life, but soon fell. It missed me by just a few inches. I smiled.

“What the hell?!” the man jumped away from the branch and away from me.

“Michael,” I breathed, feeling slightly more content that he was here with me.

This was my chance. I bolted away from them, away from where Zach, Shane and Colton were. But unfortunately, I didn’t get far.

The closet werewolf, the one with dull gray mangled fur tackled me, sending me into the wooded ground.

He snarled at me, saliva dripped through the spaces between his sharp teeth, his very sharp teeth.

“Now, now Cassiel,” the man taunted as the werewolf got off of me, and the man dragged me off the ground uncaringly, “I thought we were having fun?”

I hissed at him, and he brought his hand back, the one holding the gun, and hit it sharply against the side of my cheek. I felt blood seep into my mouth, and felt my heartbeat pulsate through the small wound in my mouth, “Bastard.”

"I’ll take that as a complement,” he smirked.

He placed the gun to the bottom of my jaw again, and started pushing me back toward the direction of the camp.

I could hear Shane and Zach discussing travel routes, and would occasionally hear a bark of agreement, Colton.

I tried to walk slower, but the man wasn’t having that. He urged me forward, my heels digging into the ground in my silent protest. I looked towards the ground, pleading that something would stop my feet from moving.

“And here we are,” he whispered in my ear, his lips were pressed against the hollow of my ear, “Hello boys.”

All of their heads whipped over to our direction. Their eyes located the gun that was aimed toward me.

Zach snarled, his irises burning red as he crouched down, ready to strike. Shane was equally pissed, but managed to hold Zach back for attacking the man. Colton was the most composed, though his teeth were shown slightly as the wolves surrounded us, herding us like sheep.

“My my my,” the man tsked. “Overprotective aren’t we?”

“Let her go,” Zach ordered, venom seeped into his voice.

I saw out of the corner of my eye, the man pursed his lips in thought, “I don’t think I will.”

I tried to step on his foot, but he moved it, “Naughty girl,” he cooed resting his chin on my shoulder.

“Shut up,” I seethed.

“The master won’t be pleased,” he sighed in faux disappointment, “traveling with three men all alone? Though, I shouldn’t be surprised, you’ve always have been a little whore, haven’t you?”

Shane hissed, exposing his fangs at the man.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to formally introduce myself, my names is Thutmose,” he introduced himself boldly.

“Well then I can formally say this. Go to hell,” I spat.

“Cassiel, don’t,” Shane cautioned me quietly.

“If he was going to shoot me, he would have already, trust me,” I huffed, my breath turning into a puff of white.

I could feel his lips press up against my neck, leaving a trail of ice in their path. It brought unwanted memories back into my mind. I felt his free hand grazing up the bare skin of my leg; I could feel his nails dig into the flesh. I didn’t breathe; I don’t even think I wanted to, as he laughed darkly. The gun was loose in his grasp.

But that moment, that one insignificant moment of distraction, was all Michael needed. The gun flew out of Thutmose’s hand and across the clearing.

Shane was the closest to us, and immediately sprinted towards our frozen figures.

The next thing I knew was Thutmose lied dead on the leaf covered ground, his jugular was ripped out and his throat was bleeding profusely. I looked up to see Shane with red blood gushing out of his mouth.

“That felt good,” he almost moaned.

Zach and Colton killed the rest of the wolves with ease, if I had blinked, I would have missed it. Their deaths were a lot… cleaner than Thutmose’s they broke their necks. Fast yet effective.

I felt Zach’s familiar cool arms wrap around me in a comforting embrace, “Are you alright?” he whispered.

I nodded my head shakily as I blew out a ragged breath. I think I lost my voice.

“Shhh,” he soothed, running his fingers through my hair as I leaned my head against his broad shoulder.

I just breathed, that was all that I was focused on. Well trying to focus on.

But unsurprisingly, the images flowed free from my pitiful wall I had put up.

His degrading gaze burned into mine as his blue irises blazed like the fiery pits of hell from which he came. His skin was as cold as ice, as his hands caressed my face. The way his lips pressed against mine, so gently, but as gentle as he was, he could never take the pain he had caused me, nothing would.

“Let’s get out of here,” Shane told us softly.

Zach led me over to the carriage, the supplies were already packed up, and Aidan was strapped in.

But as we walked past Thutmose, a slimy hand wrapped around my ankle.

I sucked in a breath and fought back the scream of horror as I looked down to see him starring up at me, his mouth seemed to me permanently paralyzed into a terrifying smirk, his breath was labored and uneven, but that didn’t stop him from saying his last words, “He’ll get you… Cassiel… No matter where you go… or who you’re with… he’ll always find you. Always.”
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Songs we played last year:
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"Helena" by My Chemical Romance
"Never Too Late" Three Days Grace.