Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms


It took us around an hour till we finally reached the damned sinkhole.

My own personal hell hole.

It was steep and darkness gushed out of it like the devil’s fountain, blackening the dehydrated sand around it. It was probably filled with monsters, slaves of the night, come to torture me until I would beg for death. One of them was Blaine’s brother, and there would be another monster lurking down there, one much more frightening than Blaine’s brother, my monster. And he was worse than anything I could ever encounter down there.

But my brother was down there, and that’s all that mattered. He was the light in my darkness.

I blew out a shaky breath; my fingers were woven into the matted clumps of my hair, seeming to have a mind of their own as they got tangled into the knots. I felt Colton nudge my back gently with his large head; I closed my eyes and dropped my hands, sighing.

“You don’t have to do this,” Zach told me gently.

I shook my head determined, “No. No, I can do this, I have to.”

He gave me an uncertain look, looking like he was about to say something more, but I turned away before he got the chance to. I gave Aidan’s reins to Shane and climbed on Colton’s back, side saddling him like I would Aidan. Colton’s fur was rough, yet it was soft underneath the top coat. And I almost lost my balance as he adjusted himself.

“I’m ready,” I opened my eyes as I bit the side of my mouth with my teeth, trying to prevent them from chattering.

I focused on Blaine, his black shadowy figure worked its way around the large blocks of broken asphalt around the large hole that was settled in the middle of the road. But I soon closed my eyes again when Colton started walking after him. I started humming the soothing lullaby I knew by heart, hoping it would help me. And it did, just the slightest but for that I was thankful.

I felt a shiver creep its way up my spine as the shadows crawled up my skin like spiders. It felt like my lungs were going to implode from lack of oxygen. And I was afraid I was pulling Colton’s fur out as my hands clenched around the strands.

Then Shane hummed along with me, hitting each note perfectly. I looked at him shocked; he just gave me a small smile as he led Aidan carefully down the slope. I stopped humming, not wanting to ruin the melody with my imperfect mumbles.

And soon I was completely surrounded in darkness the only thing lighting the way was the dimly lit torch. And it only seemed like minutes later, the light that once shone through the ceiling disappeared and evil circulated around us. I could hear the loose gravel crunch under Colton’s paws, and the occasional echo of water dripping off the rocky ceiling.

My fingers started cramping after a while, but I did not dare release of Colton’s fur. I looked over at Shane, and shivered. The way the fire’s flame gave him a frightening façade. The way the light flickered across his face was the same way the guards did. His eyes looked sunken in, making his eyes look black instead of his usual soft green. His pale skin casted a yellow glow and he face was made up of sharp perfect angles. All he needed was the uniform and he would be one of the guards who tortured and raped me while I was in my cell.

No, I scolded myself, don’t think like that.

But I couldn’t help but flinch away from him. I hated that I was afraid of someone I cared about. I wish, I wish that there was something that could cure my illness. I had tried everything from therapy to spending the night in one of cell’s until I couldn’t take it anymore. Nothing ever worked.

I still had nightmares, not just about me being in my cell or the rape that changed my life forever, no I was still haunted by every single day of my childhood. When Derik tore my only brother away from me, when he whipped me when I brought Zach back to the castle, or when I got caught with Michael. Every single of them left scars, some of them I was proud of, some of them I wanted to forget.

I heard Shane started to hum louder, probably noticing that my heart was about to pound out of my chest. I tried calming it down, but I couldn’t, it only sped up faster. The sound of the bat’s agitated squeaking above us, traveled through my ears, starling me. I dug my fingers deeper into Colton’s warm fur, pressing my face against the space in between his broad shoulder blades. I hated this so much.

And I knew it was only going to get worse.

(Audrey’s P.O.V.)

“VERA!” I screamed, feeling panic wash over me as I kept looking at the picture.

She was by my side in an instant, “What is it?” she looked around the Cassiel’s bedroom franticly.

“Look,” I pushed the piece of paper that I held in my shaking hands towards her.

She looked at it and then at me, confused, “What is it?” she frowned.

“Jimmy drew that, it’s Cassiel,” I rushed through my words, “Jimmy isn’t what you think he is.”

She opened her mouth, but I didn’t let her say anything, “Do you remember when Elizabeth told us about her friend, Clara Night?”

She nodded.

“She’s Jimmy’s biological mother.”

“What?” I heard Elizabeth behind me. Aw, damn.

“Clara is Jimmy’s mom,” I told her hesitantly.

“But Jimmy’s parents are….”

“Dead,” I finished the sentence for her.

“No,” bloody tears collected in her eyes. “No, no, no. She can’t be gone, she can’t be.”

“I’m sorry,” I told her as Vera led her to a nearby chair.

“Now what were you saying about Cassiel?” Vera asked, standing behind Elizabeth and stroked her dark hair, trying to soothe her.

“Cassie’s in trouble,” I bit my lip.

“W-what about Sh-Shane is h-he okay?” Elizabeth sobbed, covering her mouth.

“He’s fine, I’m sure,” I smiled weakly; “I just know that Cassie isn’t.”

“What’s wrong?” Vera’s eyes were panicked.

“Jimmy is part demon,” I started. “And he drew Cassiel; she has the Death Eyes,” I looked towards Cassiel’s fire place, remembering that she burned the piece of paper that fought to expose her. She’s lucky it did.

“No, that can’t be,” Vera shook her head, not believe me.

“I don’t like it either, and she knows she is going die.”

“How do you know?” Elizabeth sniffed, wiping her eyes.

“She burned the page that had the Death Eyes on it. She’s looking for her brother, because there is no way in hell she’ll let Hillary take the throne. And it is just like Cassie to go out, knowing that she is going to die, even if it is out in the forest and do the most impossible task,” I frowned.

“Have you heard anything from Zane?” Vera looked at me, terrified.

“I was going to call him after I talked to you,” I answered, already walking out into the hallway.

I heard both sets of Vera and Elizabeth’s footsteps behind me, until a figure stopped us, a certain someone that I hated. Hillary.

I tried to push past her, but she didn’t budge.

“What do you think you three are doing?” she sneered.

“Move, Hillary,” I hissed, but she didn’t. Dumb bitch.

“Don’t tell me what to do slave, and you have to address me as ‘princess’,” she glared at me. “I could always send you back to the auction house, and could return back into the prostitute that you are.”

I wish I could snap her pathetic head off.

“Now what is my sister up to?”

“I don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to find out,” I bared my teeth at her, and smirked when she flinched away.

“Where’s the bastard?” she crossed her arms, trying to look intimidating.

A thought struck me; no one was with Carly and Jimmy. And Hillary wanted Jimmy.

“None of your damn business,” I growled, murmuring under my breath, so only Elizabeth and Vera would hear, “One of you needs to stay here.”

Elizabeth walked away, immediately; she didn’t attract Hillary’s attention.

“Now I will ask you again slave,” she rolled her eyes, “Where are Cassiel and her little thing?”

Jimmy is out in the gardens,” I lied easily; I knew he was still in the library with Carly. “Cassiel is with Zach, Shane and Colton or should I say ‘Colty’ isn’t that what you called him when you tried murdering Cassiel?”

“The other slave did that,” she glared down at me, “I had nothing to do with it. And it’s obvious that Cassiel is not here, so you are not permitted to leave this castle,” she left walking out the door heading towards the gardens, and locked the door.

“Permitted my ass,” I wanted to throw her into the wall. Then feed her to Lucy, not that I would blame Lucy for not wanting to eat something as terrible as Hillary. I wouldn’t want to either.

I broke the handle off the door with ease. It amazed me how stupid she was, I was a full immortal, and I could probably bring the castle down in under a minute, and she thought a measly little door would stop me. The door opened with ease and I heard Vera sigh behind me.

“She’s not going to change Vera,” I narrowed my eyes at the sun setting in the west as I ran out, Vera kept pace with me.

“I wish she would, Cassie does too.”

We ran quietly after that, earning us a few wary gazes from the humans who were walking down the nearly emptied streets of the village. I sighed quietly as we reached the beach.

I dug my fingernails into my palm, black liquid oozed out, and I quickly rinsed it into the murky water before the wound healed.

I waited anxiously for Zane to appear, needing to know if Cassiel was safe. I was thankful that it was only a minute later when Zane smiled at me.

“Where is Cassiel? Is she okay?” I heard Vera ask him before I could even open my mouth.

His face turned somber, all traces of his previous happiness disappeared, and I felt like ice.

“What happened?” I mouthed, unable to speak.

“Werewolves,” he looked down at his hands that sat on top of the water, unmoving. “I tried to warn her, but she just brushed it off like it was nothing. I should’ve known they were looking for her. And when they came, she told me to leave, I wanted to stay, but she wouldn’t let me. The last thing I heard was ‘Hello, Princess Cassiel.’ But I’m sure she’s okay.”

“Who was with her?” Vera asked.

“Blaine Locke,” he pursed his lips.

“But he’s dead…” Vera trailed off.

“His shadow isn’t,” he blinked, “I don’t know why he’s with her, or why he’s helping her.”

I knew why.

“Zane, Cassiel is dying,” I felt the next words burn my tongue as I spoke. “And if she isn’t, then she’s already dead.”

He started at me blankly, trying to process the words. I saw Vera crying silently beside me. I managed to hold my back.

“Jimmy… is part demon, Blaine Locke is his father,” I bit the inside of my cheek. “Jimmy saw death on her.”

His mouth opened slightly, exposing two rows of his sharp pointed teeth, he sounded like he was choking on his words.

“That’s why she’s looking for Tristan again, it’s her final deed.”
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