Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms


I woke up with the sound of rain pelting against the window. I looked to see neither Carly nor Jimmy was in my bed. I felt my heart sped up, and bolted off the couch, and ran down stairs. I looked in the living room, the foyer, and the guestrooms. But I couldn’t find them.

I rushed into the kitchen trying to see if Vera, Zach or Audrey has seen the kids. I found Vera was warming up the blood in the microwave.

“How did yo-,” I was confused how she got the blood.

“Your mother told me the code,” she shrugged.

“Have you seen Carly and or Jimmy?” I asked worriedly.

“Calm down they’re in the dining room.”

I opened the door, and there they were.

“Why didn’t you tell me you took them?” I asked.

“Because you were sleeping, and you deserve to sleep more.”

I saw that Carly was wearing her own clothes, a little yellow sundress.

“Did you buy Carly clothes?” I asked Vera who came into the cramped room.

“No, Audrey did, your mom gave her money to buy new clothes for all of the slaves. Your mother is acting…” she trailed off.

“Weird?” I guessed.

“No, like you,” she finished.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into her,” I said.

She shrugged.

“I’m going to the nearby auction house to see if I can find Carly’s brother.”

“Take Zach with you, you know all too well what the auctions are like,” she said giving them both sippy cups filled with blood.

I did know what they were like. There were disgusting men trying to buy young girls, and desperate women trying to get any guy that passed buy them. It smelled like blood, sweat, smoke, and alcohol. And if you were unfortunate to pass by one of the desperate women, your nose would smell cheap perfume. Yes, I knew it all too well.

“Yeah, I should, is he still mad about yesterday?” I asked.

“I don’t think so.”

“Can you watch Jimmy today? Maybe take him to the beach, he would love that,” I suggested.

“Sure, no problem,” she answered.

“Thanks,” I told her grabbing their emptied cups and washed them out in the sink.

“Carly? We’ll leave in a few minutes, just let me get ready, and I’ll tell Zach, okay?” I asked.

She nodded her head, and her curls bobbed with the movement.

She would have to wear my old cloak; I didn’t want anyone to recognize her.

I entered my closet, and changed into a light gray dress that had a black belt strapped around the waist. I combed through my blonde hair attempting to unravel the hair knots.

I slid some black flats on, and pulled out my cloak and my old one.

I walked over to the slave quarters which were where Zach, Audrey, and Vera slept. It was a cramped space, but they said they didn’t mind when I told them they could sleep in the guest rooms instead of sharing one tiny room.

I knocked on the door and when it opened it revealed a tired looking Zach.

“What is it Cassie?” he asked yawning.

“Get ready; I need you to go with us to an auction house with me and Carly.”

“Why do you want to go there?” he asked pulling on a black T-shirt.

“I’m going to see if we can find Carly’s brother.”


I walked down the hall and found Carly waiting in the foyer.

“Zach is almost done getting ready,” I told her.

She smiled, as I bent down to her level and threw the cloak around her shoulders and tied the sting loosely, and pulled the hood over her head.

Zach came into the room wearing the black t-shirt I saw him put on a ripped jeans.

“Let’s go,” I told him picking up Carly.

I got on top of Aidan taking Carly with me, and Zach mounted Tessa. We lead them out of the castle walls and took off into the forest.

The auction house was deep into the forest, where the sun never shone, and it was like a swamp. Werewolves patrolled that part of the forest, waiting for an immortal to pass by only to be captured. It was the terrible part of the forest, my forest.

With each step Aidan took we were going deeper and you would hear more and more people scream in agony, heartbreak, and fury. I tried to shut it out, imagine that it was just all in my head, but I knew it was real. We were at the slave auction.

I shivered, and jumped off of Aidan, and tied both him and Tessa to a nearby tree branch. I carried Carly inside the old brick house with Zach trailing behind us.

The guards opened the steel door, and we entered the worst place on earth. It smelled like the same putrid scent when I was a girl. I sat in an empty seat next to Zach and placed Carly on my lap.

There was smoke rising from cigarette buds. The men were making disgusting comments on the immortals on the stage. The immortal women were dressed in rag dresses that were very short. The men and young boys were just dressed in old ratty pants. They all were covered in dirt and looked ill.

It was painful to watch each one get sold off, they looked so hopeless and fearful, and I couldn’t do anything about it until I was queen.

I bit back tears as each one was yanked off the stage buy the guards. I felt my cloak being pulled on genteelly. I looked down to see Carly pointing to the stage.

“That’s Shane! That’s Shane!” she exclaimed.

“Here we have a young male vampire. He is eighteen years old, and is very aggressive. I must warn you that he has killed seven of his masters before. Let’s start the bidding off at nine-hundred dollars,” the auctioneer called out.

Shane had blonde hair that was covered in grime, and his stone cold eyes glared at the auctioneer, looking like he would bite his head off. His eyes were red orbs filled with rage, agony, heartbreak, and no hope what so ever. He was lean but muscular and had very standoff threatening feeling about him. I saw women eye him in interest and looked through their purses for money.

I raised my hand but so did a lot of other women. He kept on raising the price and a few hands went down. And soon it was only me and a blonde woman that was wearing way to much make up, and it looked like her dress was about to rip open.

“Twenty-seven thousand dollars?” the auctioneer asked, the woman looked down at her wad of money and shot a glare at me before pulling her hand down.

“Going once, going twice. Sold to the young lady in the black cloak!” the auctioneer declared slamming the gable down on the stand.

I stood up and walked out of the room to the “pick up.” They would clean the slaves; give them their shots, and a leash. It made me sick to see the immortals walk out with their new masters, terrified.

I walked over to the station that had Carly’s brother. I singed the forms and gave the money I owed after I gave Carly over to Zach, and took Shane’s leash. He growled at me menacingly, I chose to ignore it, and when we got outside I took his leash off.

He looked confused beyond belief. I turned around and started walking over to Aidan when I heard, “Shane, don’t hurt her!” from Carly. And I heard Zach growl defensively and stand in front of me when I turned back around.

“Carly?” a musical voice asked.

Carly nodded her head and walked over to him. She started crying and he hugged her.

“Did they hurt you?” Shane asked in a threatening manner.

“No, I missed you, but please don’t hurt Cassie, she saved me.”

“What?” Shane’s face looked even more confused.

“I’ll explain later, but we have to go, before one of us gets taken,” I told them, “Zach, I’ll take Shane, you can take Carly. Tessa isn’t big enough to have two teenagers on her back.”

He was about to argue, but I shushed him.

“I’ll be fine,” I told him getting on top of Aidan.

“You hurt her and your dead,” Zach threatened.

Shane nodded, and got on behind me.

“Come on Aidan,” I said tapping his side with my heel.


(Shane’s P.O.V)

I kept on punching, kicking, and beating my cage door, imagining it being the guard who took the only thing I had left, my little sister. I don’t know where my parents are or even if they are alive. I have nothing.

I put my head in my hands, and tried not to think about her, but I couldn’t. I knew she would probably be dead by now, and it was my fault, I should have protected her, but I didn’t I was weak. Carly was my life, my only reason for surviving was her, and that fucking guard took her away from me.

I tried to break free of the iron cage, but I couldn’t, I was drained. They never fed us here; I haven’t tasted blood in months.

I punched the door one last time, but it didn’t open. I screamed in frustration. Stupid mortals, I hate all of them especially the royal family. The king just had to make that deal with the werewolves to save them in exchange for one of his daughters to be married to the prince. I actually feel sorry for the werewolf prince; he has to spend eternity with one of those spoiled brats.

I wanted to rip the head of off every mortal; I would avenge every immortal that has died because of them, including my sister.

“Let’s go, pest,” one guard said yanking my steel chains.

If I had been feed properly, I could break the stupid chains with the flick of my wrists, but I was as weak as a mortal. I shivered in disgust.

I growled at the guard. I imagined sucking his blood, torturing him with my venom. I would have smirked watching him wither in agony.

I was brought out to the stage, where I was looked at like a piece of meat. I watched the stupid old man say, “Here we have a young male vampire. He is eighteen years old, and is very aggressive. I must warn you that he has killed seven of his masters before. Let’s start the bidding off at nine-hundred dollars.”

I could see most of the people had fear and disgust in their eyes. But there was one figure; I couldn’t see the person’s eyes. I saw long golden blonde hair flow down to her mid back, but she was wearing a cloak. She raised her hand.

There was a small figure sitting on her lap, bouncing up and down pointing at me. She was also wearing a cloak, masking their faces from the outside. I could tell from her skin that she was a vampire. No human could have skin as pale as that.

There was another vampire sitting next to them. He wasn’t wearing a cloak like the other two. He had light brown hair and green eyes with a red ring around the irises, and of course pale white skin. He was glaring at anyone who was staring at the cloaked figures for too long.

“Twenty-seven thousand?” the old man asked.

I noticed that there was only one hand up, the cloak girl kept her hand held high.

“Going once, Going twice. Sold to the young lady in the black cloak!” the auction shouted.

Well ‘young lady in the black cloak’ you’re not going to be living for very long.

I felt myself be pulled off the stage as the cloaked figures and the male vampire sitting next to them walked out the metal doors.

I was brought in a room with bright lights, and doctors had surgical masks on. I saw one nurse take off my chains, but freedom was short, I was pushed into a chair and was strapped in. There were metal cuffs holding my wrists on the arms of the chair, and one around my neck holding it in place as they injected shots into my skin.

The shots made me even weaker, and made my vision blurry. I heard the cuffs unlatch, and I was dragged over where I could hear water running. I could feel cold water running down my head and then running down m back and chest. I felt the water soak the sorry excuse for pants, making them even more uncomfortable.

I felt a blowing sensation all around me and I was dry again. I could see again, but felt weaker and weaker by the second.

I felt something tight go around my neck, and it was yanked and I was in a room surrounded by disgusting mortals, and then cloak girl came in.

She handed the little immortal over to the male vampire and set a wad of money on the table and signed the forms singing me over to her. It was funny, if they didn’t have the werewolves, it would be me buying her, not that she was worth anything.

She gently took the leash, like she didn’t want to hurt me, and lead me outside with the male vampire carrying the little vampire trailing beside her. I growled at her

When we were outside, she turned around and took the leash and collar off. What. The. Hell.

Are all mortals as stupid as her? If they are, then there is no hope for the human race.

When she turned back around and started walking off, I crouched down ready to strike when I heard, “Shane, don’t hurt her!” and the male got in front of cloak girl

I froze in place. I knew that voice. It sounded like tiny bells ring, could it be?

“Carly?” I asked the little immortal.

She nodded her head and ran over to me. I wrapped my arms around her tiny figure as she cried into the crook of my neck. I felt a hiss build up in my throat.

“Did they hurt you?”venom leaked into each word.

“No, I missed you, but please don’t hurt Cassie, she saved me,” I guessed cloak girl was ‘Cassie.’

My mind went blankwith confusion.
This human saved my little sister, who was immortal. There has to be something wrong with her.


“I’ll explain later, but we have to go, before one of us gets taken. Zach, I’ll take Shane, you can take Carly. Tessa isn’t big enough to have two teenage boys on her back,” I heard a sweet voice tell the male vampire who was named ‘Zach’ it took me a second to realize that it was cloak girl.

It looked like Zach was going to argue, but cloak girl shushed him.

Why is a vampire trying to protect a human? I asked myself.

“I’ll be fine,” she promised him.

Yeah she’ll be fine for now, but once she is alone I’ll sink my teeth into her pale ivory skin.

"You hurt her and your dead," Zach hissed at me.

I nodded, lying.

She got on a midnight black horse, and I copied her. And Carly and Zach got on a brown horse with white spots scattered across its skin.

I actually like being close to her, feeling my cold skin absorb the warmth from her body. It felt nice.

I think her stupidity is contagious.

“Come on, Aidan,” cloak girl told the horse, and we took off to my new ‘misstress's’ home.
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