Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms


(Shane’s P.O.V.)

The blade was released from my neck, but the guard still restrained me. A thousand thought were running through my head at that moment.

What the hell is ‘the lake’? Cassiel is going to die; she’s going to be tortured to save us. Zane is dying. Cassiel is giving her soul to the people who want nothing but to make her suffer. Where the hell are Jimmy and Vera? Carly and my mother have blades against their necks. My own father placed blame on the girl I love so she would die along with the other innocent humans. She’s going to die if I don’t protect her; I promised her that she would be safe.

And I fought, I fought the guard who a moment ago was about to kill me. I could feel him struggle to keep me in place; it was like he was trying not to harm me. And then I remembered Cassiel’s deal. It would be broken if any of us were harmed by these men. I knew what I had to do then.

I had to make an immortal kill me for Cassiel to live.

I broke away from the guard and rushed toward Derik Simmer, even if he didn’t kill me, it would make me feel better to rip the son of a bitch’s head off. But before I could reach him I was suddenly looking down onto the room from the ceiling.

“Silly little blood sucker,” the witch sneered with her right arm raised slightly.

“It’s alright, Oradell,” Derik smirked, gesturing towards me. “This is the reason why we must destroy this mortal who poisoned the minds of our people. He would give up his own life and the life of his ruler to save our enemy.”

“She isn’t the enemy you fucking bastard!” I screamed as I thrashed against the witch’s hold.

“Shane,” she finally spoke, her sweet voice traveled up to my ears and I looked over to her. She was staring back while trying to stop Zane’s bleeding, her violet eyes were saddened but at peace at the same time. Her expression was tired, with worry lines spreading across her flawless face. “It’ll be okay.”

What the hell was she thinking? She had Zane dying with her hands shoved into his wounds to stop the bleeding; my family, Tristan, Zach and Audrey all had swords to their necks, and a bunch of blood thirsty royals were surrounding her, waiting to pick the flesh off her bones. It was anything but ‘okay’. But this was Cassiel; she thinks that if everyone lives but her everything is as perfect as it could be.

I glared at all the faces that stared at her with twisted smiles; I knew exactly what was running through their minds, they were thinking of all the ways to torture the girl I was in love with. I winced at the thought; she didn’t deserve all this loathing that was placed on her.

“Shall we sign on it?” Derik directed the attention back on himself, “Unless anyone wants to oppose.”

There hidden in the crowd was a mumble. The immortals backed away from the middle of the chaos. There was a little fairy girl who was looking down at the floor with her hands balled into fists of frustration, “Cassiel Brooklyn is innocent of all the crimes Derik accused her of. They are the liars, not her; I’m sure he knows it too.”

There were collective gasps of shock and horror as the girl spoke and scandalous murmurs amongst the crowd.

“Gelsey,” Cassiel spoke patiently. “I’m telling you the truth. I murdered my parents, the Nevatrixs, my servants and Prince Michael Simmer, and no one assisted me.”

“And you seem to forget my gift,” the girl frowned at Cassiel, crossing her arms against her chest. “I can sense when someone is speaking the truth and when someone spews out lies. Cassiel is lying when she says she killed all those people, but I know who did.”

But before she could open her mouth to speak again, a man, I assumed was her father, went up to her and ripped her fragile wings off her back. Soon the room was filled screams of agony as blood poured down her back and she soon collapsed onto the floor near where Zane lied.

“You bastard!” a boy covered in dirt and moss screamed, running towards the king, but like me he was trapped on the ceiling by the witch as well.

“Durin, what the hell are you doing?” his sister asked appallingly.

“I love her, and I believe that she is telling the truth that Queen Cassiel Brooklyn is innocent,” he said, fighting the witch’s spell.

The room was silent with the exception of the princess whimpering in pain until Durin’s mother spoke, “You are no longer my son; I hereby strip you of your title as prince.”

“The same goes for Gelsey,” her mother added. “She is to be exiled from our kingdom.”

“Very well then,” Derik nodded. “Would anyone else like to claim Cassiel as innocent?”

Not one person in that room dared to even breathe a word of Cassiel’s innocence, well Tristan tried, but the sword that was held against his neck was pushed in deeper, nearly cutting him.

“We will disregard the comments made by our children,” King Elion said.

Derik’s face broke out into a wide smile and offered Cassiel his hand, “Good, now my dear Cassiel will you sign your name?”

She looked down at Zane and then to Gelsey, then nodded her head and removed her hands from Zane’s unconscious body, taking his hand.

“Cassiel, don’t!” I screamed down at her, but she tuned me out.

He took the handkerchief from his breast pocket and cleaned the red blood off her hands carefully. He then removed something out of his jacket and a silver dagger glittered in the candlelight as he slowly ran its sharpened edge across the palm of her hand. Her blood flowed out with ease and onto the floor; Derik gestured to Gabriel and he in return plucked one of the feathers off of his wing. Derik took the single feather and inserted it into the wound on Cassiel’s hand.

I tried to ignore her screams of agony as the angel venom entered her system and was healing her wound before all of our eyes. I glared at the witch who was still restraining me from across the room; she smirked in return and tightened her grip on me so it felt like I was suffocating. When her wound was fully healed and her screams came to an end, Derik handed her an aged piece of paper and the feather that was covered in her blood.

“Cassie, please don’t do this,” my mother begged, struggling to remove herself from the guard’s vise.

“I’m sorry,” she looked at everyone’s face until her eyes met mine. “I truly am.”

And she signed her soul away in her own blood.

As soon as the tip of the angel’s feather left the paper, Derik snatched it out of her hands and examined the parchment as a sick, twisted grin consumed his face.

“When shall we leave my queen?” he asked her mockingly as he gave her a low bow.

“I would like it if I could say goodbye to my friends, then you can have me,” she held her head high as he rose from his bow.

“My dear, I’m not cruel enough to refuse you your goodbyes. Of course you can,” he sneered at her as he held her face in her hands, no one wanted to kill someone as much as I did in that moment. “You have an hour until my guards retrieve you.”

He released her and left with Queen Amelia without another word and the rest of the members followed in suit except for Gelsey and Durin. The witch bitch finally released us and Durin and I fell to the grounds, landing on our feet easily. The guards removed their blades and marched out in unison.

“Bring Zane and Gelsey upstairs, I’ll help them,” Cassiel stated as she looked down on the wounded immortals and walked out of conference room. Durin immediately followed Cassiel with Gelsey in his arms as Zach and I picked Zane up and did the same.

She rushed down the hallway to one of the spare bedrooms and opened the door to the bathroom, “Put Zane in the bathtub,” she ordered us, turning the faucet on and placing the stopper on the drain. “Durin, you can put Gelsey on the bed.”

He did as she said and she walked over to the injured girl.

“Cassie, I can help her,” Audrey told her, placing her hand on her shoulder.

Cassie nodded her head and sat down in the entry way to the bathroom, laying her head on the tiled floor watching Zane. “I’m sorry this happened to you, to all of you.”

“What did you do, Cassiel?” Zach asked standing beside her.

“I just gave Derik Simmer my soul,” she spoke without any emotion with a blank expression on her face.

“What’s ‘the lake’?” I questioned, slightly fearful of what she would say, but she was silent.

“The lake is basically a large pool of immortal blood that reaches the center of the earth. Most of you know what it feels like to be in transition, well imagine those few drops of blood covering your entire body, eating away your flesh until there is nothing left. Your soul is confined in your body forever unless you die. But when you’re already dead and have no body for your soul to be confined to, your soul is trapped in the lake feeling all the pain you felt when you are in transition for eternity and there’s no way out unless the deal you made with the council is broken,” Durin said as he tended to Gelsey.

The room was filled with suffocating silence, until I decided to break it, “Cassiel, what the hell would you do that?”

“Because I couldn’t live with myself if you died,” she murmured, exhausted.

“Cass,” the boy in the bathtub groaned.

She got up and rushed to his side, sitting on the lip of the tub as she stroked his hair out of his face, “Hey Zane.”

“They’re coming for you, Cass, you have to run,” he breathed heavily, weakly moving his head to look at her.

“I know, but it’s going to be okay now. Get some rest, alright?” she whispered, examining his wounds that started to heal.

“Kay, Cass,” and he was unconscious again as she turned the faucet off when the tub was filled to the rim with water.

“I should have died three years ago when I was in the dungeon; all I’m doing is righting what should have happened,” she explained. “I don’t want pity or an argument what’s done is done. You can’t fix it.”

“Like hell we can’t,” Zach stated angrily. “You’re about to be dragged off to be tortured and raped all over again. I was there the last time, I still hear you screaming for someone, anyone to help you when you were just a child. You almost didn’t survive the last time, and we know now you sure as hell won’t because you singed your fucking soul away!” he screamed in her face and then left, slamming the bedroom door closed.

“He doesn’t understand,” she said to herself, still running her hand through Zane’s hair.

“None of us do, Cass,” Tristan sighed. “You’re not going to die, not if I have anything to say about it.”

She smiled up at him, grabbing his hand, “Love you, Trist.”

“Don’t you dare start that,” he frowned down at her, despair clouding his face. “Don’t you dare say goodbye.”

“You will be the ruler of the humans and werewolves when I leave, I trust you to look after them,” she kissed his cheek and then walked over to Audrey who sat at the end of the bed near Gelsey’s feet with blood dripping down her face.

She turned away from Cassiel, wiping away her tears, “No, Cass, no.”

“I love you; you are my best friend and my sister. When I’m gone, you’re going to find a boy who loves you and get married and have kids like we talked about. You’re going to forget about the human girl who saved you from so you wouldn’t have to be a sex slave anymore and you’re going to be the happiest person on this earth or I promise you I will kick your ass,” she laughed, helping wipe away her friend’s tears and hugged her for the last time.

She then turned to my family, “You all have been a joy to have in my home. I’m so happy that I could bring a family back together after being torn apart because of my parents’ choices. I want you all to stay here, so I know that you’ll be safe with each other. And I do not blame you, Athen, you were just trying to do the right thing and I appreciate it,” she smiled at them and then turned toward me.

I shook my head at her smiling face, but she grabbed my hand and led me out of the room, “Cassiel, where…?”

“Hush,” she smiled at me, holding her finger to her lips. She held onto my hand as she glided upstairs and unlocked her bedroom door. “I have something to give you.”

I nodded slowly, sitting at the edge of her bed as she rummaged through her dresser until she pulled out a necklace and a pair of scissors. She opened the locket and smiled at what was inside, “This was my grandmother’s.”

“What was her name?” I asked, trying to stall her from leaving me.

“Elaina Owen,” she sat next to me, and I could feel the heat coming off her body as her intoxicating scent washed over me. “Her husband, my grandfather James, is who I named Jimmy after,” she informed me, removing the picture of her grandparents from the locket, and set it next to her. She handed me the empty locket and she took a lock of her gold hair and twisted it into a knot. She looked at me as she brought the scissors and snipped the lock off an inch above the knot. I could feel her sweet breath brush up against my skin; I breathed in her scent, savoring it while I could.

She didn’t break her gaze from mine as she reached for the piece of jewelry. She placed the lock of hair inside the charm and closed it sealing her hair inside. She reached around my neck; her lips were an inch away from mine. She hooked the necklace’s ends together, and the necklace felt limp, but she didn’t move her arms.

“I told you I would be with you during your transition and now you have a part of me,” she smiled slightly; a light blush covered her cheeks. “Can I tell you something?”

My brain couldn’t function enough to be able to actually form words, so I nodded dumbly.

“You may not feel the same way as I do, and that’s okay but I need you to know this,” her smile faded as she looked down to the floor. “I’m in love with you, Shane Launer.”

Words, form words dammit. Tell her you love her. It’s easy, there’s only three syllables, I-love-you, say it or I will kill you myself.

But I couldn’t, my brain refused to function the one time I absolutely needed it to. She looked back up to me and I noticed her hands started to shake uncontrollably. I grabbed her hands before she could remove them from my neck, she wouldn’t look at me and started to stand up, but I laid her back down. And I pressed my lips against hers.

She kissed me back immediately, her lips molding against mine perfectly. My hands traveled under her bare back; my fingers raked against her exposed scarred skin. She wrapped her legs around my waist, her dress hiking up slightly in the process. Our lips moved in unison, keeping up with each other’s uneven breaths. But then the grandfather clock on the other side of the room chimed three times, mocking the time I had left with her.

She pulled away from me, her perfect bow shaped lips left mine reluctantly when the third chime echoed throughout the room. She gently maneuvered herself out from under me as I stayed completely still, unable to even breathe.

“I’m sorry, Shane,” she said brushing my hair out of my face.

“I love you too,” I choked out; looking over at her desperately, hoping those four words would make her stay with me.

She had a sad smile on her face, and she kissed the side of my head, “I will never forget you, Shane.”

“Cassiel, I’m begging you, please don’t go,” I held onto her fragile hand as if it was the only thing keeping me from going insane.

She gently used her free hand to break my grip on her, and touched the locket around my neck, “I will always be with you, never doubt that.”


“Tell Zach after I leave to go out to the old cellar and get Vera and Jimmy. I need you to tell Vera that I’m sorry and I love her,” and then she was gone, just like that the girl I loved was gone.

And the echo of her bedroom door closing rang through my ears; I lost it.

I didn’t know where I was going, but it wasn’t here; I couldn’t stand to be here a moment longer. I saw the corridors pass by me in a blur, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I let all of the anger and hatred that I held in for those bastards. I absolutely loathed them; I have never hated someone as much as I hated the royals.

The sounds of smashing, ripping, breaking… destruction all around me, entered my ears. It took me a minute to realize that I was the one creating it. And it took me even longer to come to my senses.

My vision was blurred with a red haze as I looked around me. I was in the library; the chairs were tilted over, with the covering ripped into shreds. The bookcases were lying on the ground broken, with the books sprawled across the floor around me. Papers were scattered across the broken table.

And then it hit me.

Pain. All I could feel was pain, but it wasn’t just a simple prick of a needle. No, it was much worse than that. What I was feeling was pure agony. I crumpled to the ground, but I barely even noticed. I could feel thick wetness seep out of my eyes, but I couldn’t move, I didn’t care, nor was I capable to. I could no longer feel the dull pain of immortal blood coursing through my veins, though it was stronger now, but this was worse than that. I lost consciousness, but that still did nothing about the pain. This was heartbreak.
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