Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms

Princess Cassiel Brooklyn

I finally saw sunlight as we exited the forest. Aidan trotted over to the closed gates, and I waved towards the guard tower, and I heard the familiar metallic groan as they opened again.

I felt Shane stiffen behind me. I remained calm maybe that would reassure him. I wanted him to know that I wouldn’t hurt him or his sister, nobody would anymore.

I looked over to Zach and he had his eyes locked on Shane, he was tense as well. I rolled my eyes. Zach was like an overprotective big brother, he would literally rip someone apart if they even thought about hurting me. I used to think it was annoying, and I sometimes still do, but I know he does it because he cares.

“Is she a maid?” Shane’s voice asked nobody.

I laughed; I guess that was the most reasonable answer for him. He probably thought that I was like my sister, evil, uncaring, and hated all immortals.

I hoped off Aidan and gave him his treat. Shane was a little bit more hesitant, but he finally got off Aidan.

Vera and Jimmy came outside; both had their hair wet and Jimmy’s face brightened when he saw me.

“Cassie! Cassie!” he said running over to me.

“Hey Jimmy,” I kissed his forehead and picked him up.

“Guess what?” He asked excitedly.


“Wera took me to beach, and I pway awl day!” he answered wrapping his arms around my neck, as he climbed out of my arms onto my back.

“Did she now?” I smiled at Vera.

“Guilty,” she smiled back and gave me a hug.

“I happy to see that you got back safely,” she said letting go of me, and walked over to Shane and extended her hand, “Hello, I‘m Vera.”

He didn’t shake it, and Vera pulled it back.

“Where’s Audrey?” I heard Zach ask.

“Doing Hillary’s nails,” Vera answered.

“Who’s going to save her?” I asked.

Nobody answered.

“Fine, I will. Vera can you give Shane some blood? He looks really thirsty,” I asked as I took off my cloak, I heard Shane hiss at me.

“You,” was all he said.

I looked at him, as he glared at me.

“You’re the reason; the reason immortals are in slavery, the reason for so many deaths. This is your entire fault, you should never have been born,” Shane’s words were coated with hate, and it hurt more than anything.

I felt tears poolmy eyes, and they finally spilled over.

“Cassie,” Zach said reaching towards me.

I shook my head as I set Jimmy down. I ran into the castle wanting to be alone. I ran through the hallways and I found the library. I heard Zach screaming from outside. I looked out the curtains and saw Zach about to rip Shane’s head off, but Vera stopped him. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I’m sure it was about me.

I closed the curtains and leaned against the wall. Tears streamed down my face, and my breathing became ragged and uneven.

Shane was right, everything he said was right. It was my fault that the immortals were imprisoned in slavery, it was my fault because my dad thought he had to save the human race when I was born. He was right; I should’ve never been born.


(Shane’s P.O.V.)

When we got to a castle, I stiffened. I was going to the place where all immortals feared, the castle of mortals. Why was cloak girl so calm? Is she a maid? That would explain why she was so nice to immortals, she had to work with them she must’ve created a bound or something. She waved to a guard in the tower, and the gates opened.

I heard cloak girl give out a small laugh, it sounded pretty, but wondered why she did laughed.

She led the horse over to the stables and hopped off the horse. I noticed that Zach was staring at me intensely, as if waiting for me attack cloak girl.

I hesitated, but I knew it was too late to escape the hell I entered. I jumped off the horse, accepting my fate.

A little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes came running out of the French doors. He was about Carly’s age. There was also a woman with him, and she looked relived to see us. She had light brown eyes and dirty blonde hair, and I saw two blue wings sticking out of the back shirt.

He ran over to cloak girl yelling, “Cassie! Cassie!”

When he got closer I noticed that he was immortal too, but he was dressed in blue shorts and a white shirt, and his hair was wet. He also smelled like saltwater.

“Hey Jimmy,” Cloak girl leaned down and kissed his forehead and picked him up.

There is definitely something wrong with cloak girl.

“Guess what?” Jimmy asked.

“What?” cloak girl smiled at him.

“Wera took me to beach, and I pway awl day!” He exclaimed as he climbed onto Cassie’s back and wrapped his arms around her neck.

“Did she now?” Cassie smiled at the fairy.

“Guilty,” she answered giving cloak girl a hug.

“I happy to see that you got back safely,” she let go of Cassie and approached me with kind eyes, “Hello, I’m Vera,” she said extending her hand out.

I didn’t shake it, and she pulled it back awkwardly.

“Where’s Audrey?” Zach asked.

“Doing Hillary’s nails,” Vera answered him.

“Who’s going to save her?” the human asked, but no one answered.

“Fine, I will. Vera can you give Shane some blood? He looks really thirsty,” cloak girl finally took of her black cloak.

She was around 5’5 and had golden blonde hair. She had perfect skin, and you would have thought she would be immortal if you didn’t hear her heartbeat. She was wearing a light grey dress with a black belt and black flats. But then I noticed her eyes.

Behind long thick lashes were glowing purple orbs. There was only one person in the world that had purple eyes, and that would be Princess Cassiel Brooklyn.

“You,” was all that I said, and I felt my venom coat the inside of my mouth as I glared at her.

She looked at me with confused eyes.

“You’re the reason; the reason immortals are in slavery, the reason for so many deaths. This is your entire fault; you should never have been born,” I felt my throat burn, aching for her death waning more than anything to rip up the person, no she wasn’t even a person, the monster or demon who made my life hell, just by living.

I saw her eyes water and tears ran down her face, good she knew it too.

“Cassie,” Zach took a step towards her. I couldn’t believe him, he was going to comfort the reason for so many immortal deaths and suffering.

She shook her head and set Jimmy down, and ran off.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Zach exclaimed.

“I just told the truth. And what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? You were just about to comfort that… that thing!” I yelled back defensive.

“She isn’t a ‘thing.’ She takes care of us, she protects us, she saves us,” Zach looked like he was about to tear me apart, but Vera held him back.

“Yeah right, what human would do that? It’s against their nature,” I commented.

“She has saved us more than you know. Let me go down the list for you. Vera didn’t Cassiel save you from being werewolf food, two years ago?” Zach asked, knowing the answer.

Vera nodded her head.

“Cassiel saved another slave named Audrey. Audrey was used as a sex slave, and Cassiel saved her, and Audrey has never been happier. She is like a sister to Cassie.

“Cassiel also saved Jimmy. He and his parents were in the forest, and a pack of werewolves came. Cassiel risked her life so many times that day. She climbed that wall, and fell into a bale of hay, ran into the forest were werewolves could’ve eaten her, or worse. But when she got there she was too late for Jimmy’s parents. But Jimmy was still alive. She revealed her identity, and removed her cloak. When the werewolves left, she let Jimmy drink her blood. She was so weak when she came back to the castle; she fell off the wall, and would be dead, if I wasn’t there to catch her. She also went into shock after I did catch her. She adopted Jimmy and treats him as if he was her own son. And the day after Jimmy’s parent’s death, she gave them a proper funeral. She still regrets not saving them.

“She saved me, when she was still a slave. She was about thirteen years old when she found me homeless, in a storm. She brought me to her master, and was punished severely, but she didn’t care as long as I was safe.

“She saved your sister yesterday. She was drowning in the ocean and she had her merman friend bring Carly to her. She gave her CPR and bandaged up her wounds. She gave Carly plenty of blood, and brought her here.

“She also saved you. You don’t realize it, but she did. She could’ve let Carly go brotherless for the rest of her life, but she hates it when families are separated, because she knows what it is like not to have a brother. And she saved you, saved you from being tortured, from being neglected, from being broken hearted.

“You may not believe me, but she has so little. She is more of a slave than we are. She is a puppet for her parents who control her life. She doesn’t get to decide who she wants to marry, what she can do and what she can't, she doesn’t even get to pick out what she has to wear or eat. But she doesn’t care as long as she can make everybody else’s life easier. She will give up everything for her people and for the immortals, so don’t judge her because of her title,” Zach finished and ran into the castle.

“He’s right,” Vera said quietly, “Cassiel has saved everybody that needed her help. And she will continue to save people, as long as she can.”

Vera walked off with Jimmy beside her.

Carly came up to me and I picked her up.

“Why did you have to make Cassie cry?” she asked me.

I didn’t answer her; I just followed Vera into the castle.

I felt an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. It made me want to throw up, and it kept on getting worse. It made me want to die; I wanted that feeling to stop, to go away and never come back. I knew what that feeling was.

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