Love Comes In Many Dangerous Forms


I was breathing harder than usual, and I saw my skin start to turn blue. But my hands and were white and felt like ice. The ground was drenched in my blood, and all I wanted to do was sleep. But Shane took that right away from me by injecting his venom into me.

I wasn’t mad at Shane, I’m sure he had a good reason for attacking me and leaving me here to die. I wasn’t angry, I was hurt and scared. I don’t know why I felt hurt, but I did. I was scared, because I would have to face something that has frightened me my whole life. Death.

My vision started to blur, and I couldn’t think straight. I wasn’t cold anymore; in fact I wasn’t in the woods anymore.

I was in the slave quarters in the vampire castle. I was confused and I saw Michael walk in.

“You’re going to get in trouble if you keep talking to me,” I told him.

“Haven’t I told you that I don’t care, you’re my best friend?” He asked slinging his arm around my shoulders.

I laughed and leaned into him.

Michael had almond shaped green eyes. He had wavy light brown hair that never seemed to stay in place, and he had freckles scattered across his pale white skin.

The door suddenly flew open, and a vampire sauntered in my vermin infested room.

“Can we help you?” Michael asked cautiously holding me tighter to him.

“You can’t, but she can,” the man said smirking.

He reached toward me and ripped my uniform open, and started touching me, after he pushed Michael away from me. I was

“Leave her alone!” Michael shouted trying to get to me.

The older vampire turned to him, and ripped my best friend to shreds.

“NO! Michael! No! Michael, no,” my voice got quieter as tears ran down my face, and the vampire threw me down on the floor, Michael’s blood soaking my hair and coated my skin, and raped me.

I was in the forest, but why was it snowing? I was confused. I saw some of the snow that I was laying on was red. It was starting to get dark out, and the moon was beaming at me over the horizon. I couldn’t feel anything, I was just… numb.

I tried to get up, but I couldn’t.


The snow and wind were blowing hard, and it stung my eyes. I couldn’t see anything, just white.

I heard my name being called far away, but I couldn’t answer.

“Cassiel?!” it was closer this time, but then everything went black. I felt relieved. Sleep.


(Zach’s P.O.V)

I searched and searched everywhere in the woods, but I couldn’t find her. I saw her cloak hanging on a tree branch, and I felt bloody tears prick my eyes.

I never felt so helpless in all of my three-hundred years. She couldn’t be gone, she just couldn’t. She didn’t deserve it, she didn’t deserve any hate or pain, and she was a good girl.

I couldn’t see much of the snow covered ground, and it was starting to get dark. But I would search until I found her; I wouldn’t give up on her, I would never give up on her.

I screamed her name at the top of my lungs, pleading in my mind for her to be safe, alive.

I searched through the piles of snow, but they were mostly boulders or trees that had fallen down.

I went into a clearing, and that’s when I smelled it. Human blood, more specifically Cassie’s blood. I ran over to the scent and I saw a pile of snow, some of it was stained red. I bent down and gently, but quickly, brushed the snow off the object.

And there lied Cassiel with a gapping bite mark that was leaking fresh blood. Her skin was a frightening pale white and was blue is places, no life in her expression. Her eyes were shut, and it looked like she was sleeping. I couldn’t hear her heartbeat with the raging unforgiving wind storming around us. I felt the unshed tears stream down my face as I placed my hand on her neck trying to find her heartbeat. I did, but it was fading.

I felt relief as I gently picked her up, and started running towards the castle. I shielded the wind, not wanting her to get any colder than she already was. The snow stuck to her skin and her hair, like it became a part of her.

I was going to kill Shane for doing this to her. I felt venom leak into my mouth, aching to kill every person who has ever hurt her starting with Shane.

Cassie would tell me I was overprotective, but I had to be, she was my best friend and she was human. Sure she could take on a mortal three times bigger than her, but she couldn’t defend herself against immortals. I loved her more than anything, she meant everything to me, and I couldn’t lose her.

I finally reached the castle fifteen minutes later. I rushed her inside away from the frigid weather.

“VERA!” I shouted rushing towards the infirmary.

“Thank God your back. Did you find-,” she looked at Cassie, and dropped the cup of tea, and it shattered into a million pieces, “Oh no."

“You have to help her,” I told her laying Cassie down on the cot.

“I’ll do whatever I can,” she promised, fear coated her voice.

“Deanna!” Vera called one of the nurses.

“Yes Miss Vera,” a fifteen year old girl dressed in all white came in the room, and froze when she saw Cassiel.

“I need everybody in hear, now,” the young nurse nodded and went to get the others, “Zach did you tell Audrey or Colton?” she asked, her eyes filled with panic.

“No, I’ll go look for them,” I told her, and took one last look at Cassie, before running back into the forest.


(Vera’s P.O.V)

I saw eight nurses, including Deanna, enter the room with panic and fear on their faces.

“I need warm clothes, towels, blankets, warm water bottles, not hot, type O positive blood transfusions, and an oxygen mask. Jana, go tell King Richard and Queen Jennifer about Cassiel’s condition. Deanna come here and help me with Cassiel,” I ordered attaching the heart monitor to Cassiel.

They all left and I turned to Deanna. I pulled the curtain around the bed giving Cassiel privacy while she was being treated.

“You have to stop the bleeding,” she nodded, and pressed the gauzes that were on the medical table to Cassiel’s wound.

I started ripping Cassiel’s soaking clothes off of her and I noticed how blue she was. I let out a shaky breath and saw the other six nurses rushing in the room with different things in their hands.

“We need to dry her off and put the warm water bottles on her, Hannah put the oxygen on her,” I saw Hannah nod, and did as I said.

The others struggled to get Cassiel dry. The snow started melting off of her skin, and leaked onto the floor. When she was dry, they redressed her in a hospital gown and they surrounded her head and abdomen with warm water bottles.

I went over to the head of the bead and stroked the wet hair out of her face and dried it with a towel, praying for her to be alright.


(Zach’s P.O.V.)

I found Audrey first in the forest looking frantic calling out for Cassiel; her hair was covered in snow that refused to melt, and her eyes wide with fear.

“Have you found her?” she asked worried.

I nodded my head solemnly.

“Is she alright?” she asked relief coated her voice.

I didn’t answer; I just kept walking, trying to find Prince Colton.

It didn’t take long to locate him; he was near the castle leading Aidan inside the gates with a worried expression set upon his face.

“Did you guys find Cassiel?” he asked his eyebrows frowning.

“Zach did,” Audrey answered.

“Well, where is she?” he questioned me.

“She’s in the infirmary, being treated for extreme hypothermia and blood loss,” I said with a blank face, masking my pain.

“Oh no,” Audrey covered her mouth and I saw blood fill her eyes.

“Do you know who bit her?” Colton asked clueless.

Neither I nor Audrey answered.

We walked inside and rushed to the infirmary.

There lied Cassiel hooked up to machines and IVs. She wore and oxygen mask that covered half of her face and her breathing was labored and uneven.

She was attached to a heart monitor and it was slowly beeping, but it was faster than before. And her eyes were closed, and she was thankfully not blue anymore, but was still as pale as the snow outside. She was dressed in a blue hospital gown and was wrapped in blankets.

I walked over to her and took her hand in mine, relived to see that she was warm, that she was alive.

Then I noticed that she had gauzes and medical tape were wrapped around her neck securely, I felt the familiar taste of venom seep into my mouth.

I let go of her hand and placed it back on her stomach and stormed out of the infirmary ready to kill the person who hurt the most important person in my life.
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