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Listen To Your Heart

Winter of all seasons has always been one of my favorites. Sheets of white snow cover the backyard that months ago was once green. The sunflowers no longer shine a bright yellow, nor do the trees sprout green leaves. It all seems to just go by slowly, the way I wish things would always go, but unfortunately they don’t.

Life itself, well, it just seems to rush by like lightning or a stampede of deer. One day you’re at your best, and the next it all fades away to start from zero. One day all your friends are willing to do anything for you, and the next, they don’t know anything about you.

Well, enough about what I’m ranting about, it only happens when I’m bored and have nothing better to do, but let me introduce myself. My name is Annie and I recently turned 23, and life has literally flashed before my eyes. I recently graduated early from my university o be able to jump-start my career and well, spend more time with my soon to be husband.

Let’s just say my life isn’t so private, and trust me, everything I do, everyone knows. Wondering why? Well, I’m Taylor Launter’s little sister. The one that decided to take the un-artistic road of fame, yet I’m somehow engaged to an international pop star. Crazy, but true. All my life I’ve tried to stay out of the public eye, yet it somehow always finds me.

So now, I can definitely bet you’re wondering who this rock star might be. His name is Joe, and yes, he has three brothers; Kevin, Nick, and Frankie, and yes, he sings in a band called the Jonas Brothers. Now you know why my life is always on every gossip site, even if I try to avoid it. I would normally start my story from this moment until the end, but well, I’m not. I’m going to tell it from a couple days before actually meeting my fiancé.