Many called her beautiful – that was the usual description Layla Goss was given. She was quite tall; very, very pale skinned. Her eyes were an incredibly pale blue; her lips were full and only slightly pinker than the rest of her skin. Her hair fell to just below her shoulders in thick, shiny black waves that often fell into her icy eyes. When you looked at her, physically it was difficult to find a flaw. She was perfect.

Layla was a famous model. She usually modelled for Gothic clothing companies, adverts, magazines...she did everything. The camera loved Layla. Everyone loved Layla. Layla had money, a nice house, nice lifestyle, and gorgeous boyfriend. Everything seemed perfect.

But Layla was not perfect.

Layla was far from happy.

Layla was far from seeing herself as being anything other than ugly, imperfect. When she looked in the mirror, all she saw was a person she hated and loathed.

She drank herself to sleep every night. She cried herself to sleep every night. She wasn’t happy with herself; she didn’t think she deserved the lifestyle she had. She didn’t want the lifestyle anymore.

Many loved Layla but she never felt the warmth of love. She felt alone and lost in the world and unwanted. When someone pushed her away in the smallest, tiniest way, she took it so deeply and so hard.

No one noticed this. Layla never let anyone close enough to see what was going on inside her mind.

Layla hated herself.

This was why, on the 1st September 2004, Layla attempted suicide...


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