Status: Anarbor=Love haha

Passion for Publication

Harley Eliason || Addison Grae || Tara Mason || Slade Echeverria
She loves him. He loves her. He has a girl. She waits for him. He stays with his girl... but maybe not. (Thats pretty much all I'm willing to tell you n_n You'll have to figure out what happens by actually reading the story not the description!)

Disclaimer.... I don't own any of the band members or the band Anarbor! i own no songs of theirs badabing badabang! haha lol i do own the rest makys..... ENJOY! :)
  1. A Modern Myth
    And the story begins...
  2. Nights Of Love
    *insert witty chapter description here*
  3. Speechless
    Oh my.. Apparently short term memory.. is only that... short
  4. Make Your Own LoV.e
    Surprise... surprise!