The Power Of The Mind

Chapter 4

"Are you sure that you'll be fine alone?" Jack asked. We were on the pone with each other. My parents were gone again for work.
"Yes. For the last time."
"What if Jamie comes?"
"I'll just check his brain waves. Jack i am fine."
"I am just being careful."
"Yeah, yeah i know."
"I love you."
"I lover you too. Now get some rest."
"Bye." I waited a moment then hung up.
Shortly after there was a knock on the door. This time i read the person's mind.
Jamie, i'm not letting you in.
But, please. It's important. I promise we wont talk about how you belong with me. I made a mistake. A big one.
You promise you won't talk about it?
For some reason i trusted him. I walked to the door and opened it.
"What?" I asked.
"MayBelle i am so sorry. It's my fault. When i kissed you, i ruined everything. I wasn't supposed to kiss you yet. That's why you got sick. That's why you have been getting headaches. When poeple with the power of the mind kiss before it is time it could be fatal. Your headaches are only going to get worse. Soon you won't be able to turn down the volume. Soon you will be able to hear everybody's minds in the world and all at the same time."
"You're lying." I said quickly.