Darkness swarmed the stadium and suddenly all the lights were on. Fans were being escorted out of the building by security. There was no music being played, but every fan was still hearing the songs they had heard live just moments ago. Merch stands were swamped with kids waving money around for a simple t-shirt.

Backstage was just as chaotic. Security was busy taking care of fans trying to sneak in. Technicians were taking down stage lights and unplugging chords from amplifiers and microphones. Guitars were being placed back in their cases, drums loaded on the truck. The night was ending and the band was exhausted.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" A girl ran into the dressing room, arms outstretched, looking for only one man.

He turned around, aviators still resting on his nose. He let out a big grin, bending down to pick up the young girl and swing her around as she giggled uncontrollably. Her long brown curls flowed as she was picked up. He cradled her in his arms, covering her face in a thousand kisses, "How's my favorite girl?" Matt asked.

"Good," She replied in her little voice. She rested her head on his shoulder, is it was way past her bed time.

"Go say hello to Uncle Brian," Matt set the girl down and she ran towards her uncle, who occupied the couch. He immediately grabbed the girl and set her on his lap, enveloping her in a warm hug.

"Hi, Uncle Brian!" She exclaimed and he smiled.

"Hey, Princess," He greeted before handing her a piece of candy from the bowl sitting beside him. Matt gave him a warning look, but the uncle ignored it. Vanessa gladly took the candy, letting it melt in her mouth as she sat happily on his lap.

"Ready to go, Vanessa?" Matt asked his daughter and she nodded, her lips turning red from the cherry candy in her mouth. He took her hand, leading her out of the room and into the hallway.

They had passed the chaos and made their way past rowdy fans and towards the backstage door. They had almost reached it before a voice stopped them, "Matt!" Someone called. It was a roadie who was new to the tour, no one truly important, "We've got a problem with some of the microphones. They got mixed up with Papa Roach's and now we're all confused. Can you come check it out?" He asked.

"But Daddy!" Vanessa whined.

"Vanessa, stay right here," He urged, "I'll be right back. Don't talk to strangers and do not leave this spot. Understand?" Vanessa nodded and Matt kissed her cheek before walking off towards the stage to sort out the problem.

Five minutes later, an executive had taken over and told Matt it was alright to head to the hotel, "I'll take care of it," He assured, "Go ahead and get some rest. We have a long plane ride tomorrow." Matt nodded and walked out.

Matt walked out and off the stage. He passed a few members from other bands, nodding in acknowledgment at them. He walked passed them and came to the spot where he had left Vanessa. He stood there, confused, and glanced around trying to spot the little girl. Once he saw she wasn't there, he walked off towards the dressing room, figuring she had run off to one of her uncles, "Vanessa?" He asked when he got in the room and the guys looked at him.

"Didn't you guys already leave?" Brian asked.

"We were then I had to go to the stage. I told her to wait and now I can't find her," Matt shrugged, not panicking yet, just slightly worried.

"She's probably out there waiting for you," He replied and Matt turned around to look again. He walked back off to the place where he had left Vanessa and searched again, calling out her name as he did so.

Fifteen minutes had passed, and the crowd had died down. It wasn't as loud anymore, and it would be easier to find his daughter this way, "Vanessa!" He called again, searching in every corner and crack he could. He checked closets, bathrooms, and extra rooms.

His adrenaline rose as he ran back to the dressing room once more, "I can't find her!" He yelled, startling the rest of his band mates.

"Dude, she's probably around here somewhere. Maybe she's hiding. Like a game," Jimmy suggested and Matt shook his head, turning on his heels and running back out. He ran down the hall, screaming her name. He got on his knees, searching under tables and counters.

He stopped his tour manager, grabbing my the soldiers, and frantically asking him, "Have you seen Vanessa?"

"No. Where was she last?" He asked.

"Right by the door! I can't find her anywhere!" Matt was frantic, panicking as he nearly tripped over his words.

"Hang on. I'll put out a call to all security to look for her. We'll find her," The manager ran off, yelling something in his walkie-talkie.

Matt turned around to face the guys, not sure exactly what to do, "We'll help. She has to be around here somewhere," Zacky said.

Matt walked past them and back to the spot. It was completely empty now, "Vanessa!" He yelled, but heard no reply, "Vanessa!" Silence.

He shook his head, tears running freely down his cheeks. In his stomach, he could feel something wrong. In his heart, he could feel something missing. His daughter was gone, and he was all alone, "Vanessa," He whispered.
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language: bulgarian

sorry for the shortness. just an intro before the real story starts.