"This is where all the booze is," Jason pointed behind the bar, "It's all categorized in alphabetical order," Jesse nodded and Jason turned to me, "As for you, you can be behind the bar, just can't mix any drinks. You'll be taking drinks out to the customers in the booths and food as well," He explained and I nodded.

It was two, which means the bar would be getting packed soon. It's Saturday and people have trickled in and out the whole day. I've done a good job so far by taking the right things to the right table. I know bars get crazy and wild at night, so I'm hoping I'll continue to keep up my good work. I don't want to lost my job and disappoint Jesse.

"Hey, Van," I smooth voice said behind me. I turned around and was met with curious green eyes.

"Oh, hey, Zacky," I gave a slight wave and he leaned against the bar.

"So you're working here now, huh?" He questioned.

"Yeah," I answered shortly and he smiled.

"That's cool. So how long have you known Jesse?" He began to rearrange the bowl of mints on the bar.

"Since I was twelve," I told him.

"How old are you now? I peg you as fifteen or so," He said and I began feeling put on the spot.

I was never pegged as fifteen. I looked older, as if I were about to graduate high school or already did so. Everyone told me I had a mature aura about me, and they figured it was from being on the streets for so long.

"Yeah," I answered again.

"I just can't believe how much you look like little Vanessa," He shook his head.

"Vanessa?" I questioned.

"Yeah," He looked over at me, "She was sort of my niece I guess. I'm in a band, and our lead singer had a daughter. When she was about five, she disappeared," He paused and looked me in the eyes, "Kidnapped," A shiver ran down my spine, "Anyways, that was ten years ago. She looked so much like her mother too," He shook his head again and looked away.

"Sorry to hear that," I said and he shrugged.

"It's been ten years. We've never forgotten, but most of us have let go. The only two that haven't were my friends Brian and Matt. Matt was the father, and Brian was her biological uncle. He played guitar in the band. Him and Matt are brother-in-laws," He explained.

We stood there in silence. I didn't know what to say or if I should just walk away. Zacky had a chilling presence about him. He was sneaky smooth, as if he could get away with anything and everything.

"Van, take this to table four," Jesse placed several drinks on the tray and I walked over to the table, relief washing over me as I left Zacky at the bar. I walked over to the table with a bunch of guys, all wearing muscle shirts and hats. They were loud and obnoxious and have been ever since they walked in.

"Here you go," I smiled and set the tray down, passing the drinks around the table. As I handed the last one to the guy at the end, his hand grabbed my wrist.

"How about you stick around and have a drink with us?" He asked and I felt anger rise in me. I had to keep my cool, though. This was my job and I needed to keep it.

"Sorry, I'm working," I replied and pulled my wrist away, turning around and walking back to the bar, just as the door opened and the bell rang, signaling new customers.

"Hey guys!" I heard Zacky exclaimed and I turned around, cursing to myself. It was the whole group I had seen at the diner back in San Diego. The two men that were staring at me were there as well.

"Van, can you take these to their table? They're V.I.P. so get them anything they want, Kay?" Matt handed me five beers and I walked off to set them on the table. As I did so, the two men noticed me. I looked over at Zacky, who was sending a knowing look towards them.

"You the new girl?" The man with the fedora asked. He seemed natural and comfortable, not like the other man beside him.

"Y-Yeah," I answered and he nodded.

"Where are you from?" He questioned.

"I move around a lot. We just moved here from San Diego," I noted, though he must have known that already. We had seen each other before.

"That's cool. What was your name again?" I glanced around the table, they were all staring intently at me.

"Van," I replied softly and the man beside him had looked up at me. He still didn't speak a word, but all the men there had grown wide eyes and stared at me.

"So, Van, mind getting us a round of Jack?" Zacky broke the ice and I was off, leaving the table as fast as I could.

"You okay?" Jesse stopped me at the bar and stared into my eyes. He was concerned, most likely because he had recognized the two men from the other night.

"Yeah, just give me a round of Jack for that table," I said quietly and he nodded. We couldn't make a scene, as this was our new job and our first day. I waited quietly for him to serve up five shots of Jack Daniel's. He did so and handed me the tray, "We can get someone else to cover that table, Van. It's okay," He said softly and I shook my head, turning back around and walking away.

I came to the table and passed the shots around. Zacky took his immediately before placing the shot back on my tray, "You should just bring us the bottle," He smiled and a few others laughed. I nodded and he took his glass back and I turned around, running into a body as I did so.

"I'm so sorry!" A female voice exclaimed, getting down on a knee to glance at me. I was on the floor, tray on my lap. I looked up to her and me eyes widened. Though the look on my face could not compare to the look on hers. Although, it would have been hard to tell who was who- as we looked exactly the same.

We had the same eyes, same smile, same facial structure, and same body figure. We were the same height and same size. The only thing different was her vivid blonde hair and my dark chocolate locks, "Val," Fedora Man said slowly, "Meet Van," He introduced and she stood up.

"Like Vanessa?" She asked, eyes wide and glossy. I shook my head.

"No. Just Van," I replied softly. She gave a soft smile and held a hand out to me to pull myself up on. I brushed myself off.

"I'm Val. It's nice to meet you," She quickly turned her face away to the silent man with aviators and sat down next to him, kissing his cheek lightly and putting her head down.

I walked away quietly and back to the bar. Jesse was loaded with orders, but was doing a fine job so far. He hadn't broken anything and everything had been on schedule so far. I made rounds, taking drinks to people and avoiding Zacky's table at all costs. I had switched spots with a co-worker, Lauren, so I would take her tables instead, "Watch out for that table in the corner. They're a wild bunch looking to get lucky," She warned before taking a tray to Zacky.

I grabbed my own tray, stocked with beers, and walked over to the table, "Where's that other chick?" One of them slurred and I set their beers on the table.

"I took some of her tables. She's really busy," I explained.

"That's alright. You look like you could have more fun than her," Another man winked and the others laughed. I bit my lip before grabbing my tray and walking back. The stress from Zacky and these new jackasses was driving me mad. Jason, noticing my frustrated look, pulled me aside.

"You alright?" He asked, more concerned than angry that I was taking a five minute break.

"I'm fine. Just some jerks in the corner. I won't cause any fights, don't worry," I smiled and he shook his head.

"Girl, you work here at Johnny's. Someone gives you problems, you don't need to think twice if you need to lay one on them. Besides, you got trouble and one of the guys will be by your side in an instant. We're friends now, Van, and I take care of my friends," He smiled.

"Thanks, Jason, but I don't think I'll be getting in any fights tonight," I laughed before turning around and heading back to the bar. Jesse was too busy to ask me what was bothering me, but I knew we would talk when we got home.

"Hey, waitress!" A guy yelled at me from the table in the corner. I turned around and put a hand on my hip, "You wanna give me a couple shots and your phone number?" He yelled and the table erupted in laughter. I was getting hot with my temper, so I gladly poured them a round before walking it back to their table, "And where's your number, Sweetie?" He took hold of my hand and I glared.

"I suggest you let go of me right now," I scowled and he laughed, looking at his friends.

"You seem like a wild one. I can tame you though," He leaned up to me and I took a step back, but he didn't release his grip. I tried to get it away as he was pulling me closer to the table, when suddenly a hand was on my shoulder.

"You gonna keep holding on to her, or am I going to have to break your hand?" A deep voice asked. I looked up and noticed the man with aviators standing there, Zacky by his side, and the man with the fedora. My hand was released and I dropped it by my side before Aviators spoke again, "You're gonna leave her alone now, and if not I'll have to deal with you personally," He had actually growled before turning around to walk back so his table. I grabbed my tray and did so, but not before feeling a sharp sting on my backside.

I turned around to the guy with his smug look on his face, he seemed to think he had gotten away with it. As Zacky was about to grab him to teach him a lesson, I took matters into my own hands.

I grabbed his wrist, pulling him up, before twisting his arm and pushing his face down onto the table, "You ever touch me again I'll beat you so hard you won't recognize yourself in the morning, got it?" I questioned, but he didn't answer.

"Van!" Jesse yelled from behind me, but I ignored him.

"Do you understand?" I asked and twisted his wrist further.

'You little bitch!" He yelled and I released his wrist, turned him around and glared.

"What did you just say?" I asked, both hands on my hips. The music seemed to have stopped and everyone was waiting.

"You heard me, Bitch," He glared and before Zacky or Jesse could react, my fist had connected with his nose.

As his friends tended to his bloody mess, I turned around to face Jesse, Zacky, and Aviators. Jesse seemed quite frustrated with me, as an older brother should be. Zacky's face held amusement and his green eyes shined brightly with laughter. Aviators stood, of course, emotionless as he stared at me, "You alright?" He asked and I nodded before he walked off without saying anything else.

"Didn't think you could punch that hard," Zacky laughed before patting me on the shoulder and following his friend, leaving me with Jesse.

"You should have let me beat the shit out of him, Van," He said and I shrugged.

"I didn't want to bother you," I smiled and he shook his head.

"It's not a joke, Van. You could have gotten hurt. What then?" He asked before walking back behind the bar.
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