Once Love, Now Destruction


Seven Years Ago:

There was a little girl around ten years old sitting alone on her bed. She was playing with a locket around her neck that has been there since she was born. It had her name engraved in elegant script. The name on the locket was
Michelle Alice Wither, and it also had her birth date beneath her name,June 12, 1993. The locket had different designs around the name. The locket contained a picture of her biological mother and father looking at their newborn daughter adoration. The daughter had her mother's bright sparkling green eyes and her father’s dark brown hair. There was another picture on the opposite side of the locket it was of a man and a woman in their early twenties. The woman had mysterious greyish blue eyes with ebony black hair, and she was cradling a slightly older version of the baby in the other picture. The man had light brown hair and unique hazel eyes; he had a little boy attached to his hip. The little boy looked mostly like his mother. He had his mother’s ebony black hair and grey eyes, but his father's strong . The boy was not looking towards the camera’s direction; he was look at the little girl in his mother’s arms in a loving manner.

There was a knock that broke Michelle’s train of thought. She snapped the locket shut and looked towards the door.

“Come in,” she answered quietly.

An older version of the boy in the photograph, his hair had grown out but his eyes were still a pale grey color. He was around eleven years of age. He walked up to Michelle and hugged her tightly to him.

“I missed you,” he said softly kissing her forehead.

“I missed you too,” Michelle answered back.

The boy embracing her was her best friend, Alistair Cord, and he loved her more than anything. Even more than his own life. They were young, but since Alistair and Michelle were raised by vampires they were older mentally wise, and were very mature. They both talked as adults and everyone treated them with the up most respect, especially since Alistair parents ruled over the vampires.

“Are you excited about tonight?” Alistair asked unhappily.

“I know you’re not,” Michelle answered with a slight smile.

Alistair smiled back and took Michelle’s fragile hand in his and walked out of her room. They were going to their favorite place in the whole world - Michelle’s garden.

Michelle loved life; she saw what others were too blind to see. She never saw evil; she saw only the good, even in some of the most cold-hearted people. She loved everything and everyone, even if they hated her- which there was no reason to. That is why she loved the garden it was full of life and innocence.

They stepped through the French doors, and entered into the breathtaking garden. The garden had all kinds of plants and trees scattered across the estate. There was a pond with ducklings trailing behind their mother. Her favorite thing was there was a Weeping Willow tree planted next to the pond, and the vines would graze the water leaving ripples in their path. Michelle sighed happily sitting beneath the Willow’s shade.

She ran her fingers through the lush grass, loving how the ends untangled as she combed through the strands. She gazed at the water in the pond; it looked beautiful with the sun making the liquid glisten.

She glanced at Alistair and she saw that he was looking at her intently. She blushed as she looked away, but Alistair gently pushed her face so that he could look into her eyes and smile.

She gazed in his eyes as he leaned his forehead against hers.

“I love you, Allie,” she whispered.

“I love you too,” he told her smiling.

“I want to tell you a secret,” Michelle whispered in his ear before standing up, smiling back.

“Okay,” he told her and soon stood up next to her.

Michelle smiled innocently then pushed Alistair into the sparkling pond. She laughed as he looked up at her with mischief in his eyes.

“You think that’s funny?” he asked coming out if the water.

“Yes, yes I do,” Michelle stated giggling.

“Well I think that this is going to be absolutely hilarious,” Alistair said smirking, and hugged her making her as wet as him.

“Ha ha, that was
so funny,” Michelle said in a sarcastic voice as Alistair shook the water out of his hair.

“We should go, I bet Amy is just dying to pick out your dress,” Alistair stated taking Michelle’s hand in his.

“Fine, but remind me to get revenge on you,” Michelle told him with a big smile on her face.

“Always do.”

They went inside the castle and were greeted by a female vampire. She had brown hair that was pulled up in a high pony tail and light green eyes. She was in her early twenties and had perfect pale white skin.

“Hi Amy,” Michelle waved at the woman.

“Why are you two all wet?” she asked smiling at them.

“It was my fault, sorry,” Michelle apologized biting into her bottom lip.

“Okay,” Amy scolded lightly.

“It actually was my fault,” Alistair said taking the blame, he didn’t want Michelle to get in trouble.

“Alright, let’s just get you two ready,” Amy sighed.

“Thank you, Allie,” Michelle whispered.

“Anytime,” he whispered back taking her hand.

They followed Amy down the corridors that led to Alistair and Michelle’s bedrooms. Michelle’s bedroom was across from Alistair’s room.

Michelle had an elegant bedroom. Most of the color was a light cream or ivory color - which matched her skin tone perfectly. There was a chandelier hanging above her bed centered the room. There were a few lamps lighting the room, and little trinkets scattered across the area neatly. Her bed had dozens of pillows that were as soft as cotton. She had a book case across the room that held many books about immortals and mortals. There was one plant in her room the plant. The plant was designed to live forever, to never die. It was Michelle’s only friend who wasn’t immortal.

“Why don’t you go take a shower while I go pick out your dress,” Amy smiled at her.

“Okay, Amy,” Michelle said skipping into the bathroom.

Amy went into Michelle’s closet and chose a simple black dress with a white sash. The dress would flow down a couple of inches past her knees. Amy set the dress down on Michelle’s bed with a pair of black flats.

Amy walked out of Michelle’s room closing the door and Amy laid a white dress shirt and long black pants on his bed along with black dress shoes.

Amy smiled thinking about how Michelle and Alistair were perfect for each other, they both deserved each other.

Amy went to her room to get ready herself.

Michelle walked out of her bathroom and saw the dress and flats that Amy had laid down for her. Michelle smiled and changed into the dress and stepped into her shoes.

Michelle combed her fingers through her damp hair which then fell into ringlets. She sighed and sat on her bed waiting for her hair to dry. She looked towards her nightstand and smiled.

There was her little plant. It wasn’t the prettiest plant in the world, but she thought it was beautiful, like everything else in the world. Michelle carefully picked up the small pot the contained the plant, and held it in her hands. She gently stroked the green leaves contently.

She started humming a mindless tune as she brushed her fingers against the leaves.

Many vampires were confused about how Michelle was around plants. She acted like they were just as important to her as the vampires around her. She would talk to them, and would care for them, she would love them. She gave them attention that was neglected.

Michelle heard a knock on her door.

“Come in,” she called as she placed her little plant on her nightstand.

“You ready?” Alistair asked her.

Michelle felt her hair it was almost dry, but still slightly damp.

“I guess so,” she sighed and took his hand.

They walked down the narrow hallway that lead to the grand ballroom. The ballroom was the biggest room in the castle and one of the most beautiful. It was like it was pulled out of a fairytale.

Michelle smiled at the guard who was standing at his post in front of the ballroom doors.

“Hi, Vernon,” she waved at the motionless gaurd with her free hand.

“Hello Miss Michelle, Prince Alistair,” Vernon smiled back warmly.

Vernon opened the wooden doors of the grand ballroom, and called out, “Presenting Price Alistair Brandon Cord, and Miss Michelle Alice Wither.”

“Bye, Vernon,” Michelle whispered to him.

Vernon bowed his head with a smile.

The guests all stood from their chairs and looked at Michelle and Alistair with smiles set upon their faces.

They walked down the large marble stair case, whose railing was wrapped in midnight black ribbon. There was a chandelier that hung from the ceiling elegantly that was centered in the middle of the room above the dance floor. There was a stage were the musicians were placed with a variety different instruments, from violins to a grand piano. The guests were standing next to tables that had black satin table cloths and each had a centerpiece.

There was a man and a woman sitting on thrones that were placed next to two smaller thrones. The woman was wearing an elegant sliver dress with beautiful beading on the bodice and it flowed down to the floor. She wore a matching jacket and had a crown placed upon her midnight black hair. Her light blue eyes twinkled with love and devotion.

The man who sat next to her was wearing a black tux with a silver tie to match the woman’s dress. He had warm hazel eyes, but his posture was strong, superior. He had perfect pale skin like all of the other vampires in the room. He had light brown hair that was neatly combed and a crown sat on his head.

“Majestăţile dvs. (Your majesties)” Michelle greeted speaking in Romanian as she curtsied.

Michelle could speak seven different languages - English, Romanian, Italian, Greek, French, Latin, and Slovakian- but she often spoke English and Romanian at formal events.

“Michelle, nu Este necesar pentru formalităţile de (Michelle, there is no need for formalities),” the queen smiled getting up from her throne, and hugged Michelle to her.

“How have you been?” the queen asked Michelle and Alistair.

“Very well Mother,” Alistair smiled at her.

The king stood from his throne and took his wife by the hand and smiled down at his son and his soul mate, who he considered a daughter to him, then looked around the room.

“Să ne sărbători un nou început, şi de speranţă pentru castigarea acestui razboi mizerabil dintre vampiri si varcolaci. Dar pot să vă asigur că acest război se va termina în curând, şi nu va fi în înfrângere (Let us celebrate a new beginning, and hope for winning this wretched war between the vampires and werewolves. But I can assure you that this war will end soon, and it will not be in defeat),” King Brandon declared as his guests cheered.

The king smiled and hugged Michelle and Alistair.

“Te iubesc atât (I love you both),” the king whispered to them in a gentle voice.

“Te iubim prea (We love you too),” they told him.

“Now go have fun, I'm sure Nicole and Christian are here somewhere,” Queen Abigail smiled before she was whisked off by her loving husband.

Michelle smiled back and waved at them before taking Alistair’s hand.

“Let’s go find Nikki and Chris,” she told him.

He agreed, and started searching the ballrom for the siblings.

Nicole was Michelle’s best girl friend and was the same age as Michelle. She had blonde hair, and forest green eyes. She was loyal and Michelle was like a sister to her.

Christian was a few months older than Alistair, and was his best guy friend, who kepted him sane from the girlyness. He had the same hair and eye color as his little sister.

Nicole and Christian lost their parents from a werewolf attack a few years ago. Their father was the vampire lord, third in line for the throne, and was a target for murder, like every vampire that has even a ounce of power. Which made the king and queen, Alistair, and even Michelle huge targets, which is why, if one of them had to leave the castle, they had to have at least six guards around them.

Nicole and Christian were by exit that lead outside to Michelle’s graden.

“Hello,” Alistair greeted them.

“Hey guys,” Nicole smiled and hugged both of them.

“How are you?” Michelle asked.

“Been better, been worse,” Christian answered her, kissing her cheek.

“What about you?” Nicole asked.

“We’re fine, but I think Allie is getting paranoid,” she stated, looking at Alistair who was looking around the room nervously.

“I have a… bad feeling about tonight. I don’t like it, and it feels like I’m going to lose you,” Alistair held her hand tighter in his own.

“You’re not going to lose me,” Michelle smiled.

“Promise?” he asked.

“Promise,” she vowed.

But little did she know, that she would be forced to break that promise, and every promise that she made to be able to stay with him and his family.

Because, over the horizon, were hundreds of werewolves, plotting a plan so cruel, that even some of the werewolves felt pity for the vampires that would be involved.

The werewolves planned on setting the vampire’s castle on fire, with everyone inside. It was a perfect plan, all of the vampire leaders would be trapped inside, and they would slowly burn to death. They werewolves already poured the gasoline and gunpowder in the basement where there was an entry that was made for the werewolves, and the vampires knew nothing about it.

“I’ll be right back, I forgot my locket,” Michelle told her friends, and turned to the stairs when a hand clasped around her wrist.

Alistair looked at her, worried.

“I‘ll be fine,” she assured him, “I’m just going to get my locket and I will come right back.”

Alistair nodded, not wanting to look like he was worrying about everything – which he was – and let Michelle’s wrist go.

“Te iubesc (I love you),” he whispered to her.

“Te iubesc (I love you),” she told him as she kissed his cheek, and climbed up the stairs and ran to her room.

She opened her door, and saw a large wolf sneaking through her balcony door. She froze in place, terrified, not because she was scared for her life, but for the lives of everyone downstairs.

That wolf had shaggy midnight black hair that had some streaks of dark brown. He stood taller than one of the horses in the stable. But what gave away what kind of wolf it was, were his eyes, they shown blood red, with no white showing. Those were the eyes of a werewolf.

Soon there was another wolf, smaller, but still a few feet taller than Michelle. He had the other wolf’s black fur, but his eyes weren’t red. They were a glowing blue, and they had many emotions pooled in them – reluctantness, sadness, terror, and obedience.

Michelle sucked air into her lungs, alerting the older werewolf’s attention.

The werewolf snarled at the little girl and Michelle’s door slammed shut.

Michelle turned around, and looked at the man who was starring her down. Michelle, for the first time in her life, saw no life, no kindness in the man’s eyes. She saw hatred, determination, darkness in his cold black eyes.

Michelle backed away in fear, but the bigger wolf pushed her to her knees.

“You must be the little human I’ve heard so much about, Michelle Wither,” the man smiled evilly, “the young prince’s mate, am I correct?”

“W-who are you?” Michelle stuttered.

“What you don’t know me?” the man asked sarcastically. “Did those idiotic vampires not tell you who their enemy’s king was?”

“They’re not idiotic, no one is,” Michelle whispered.

“My dear girl you are wrong,” the man scoffed. “The so called ‘king’ killed my wife and my son, and now I plan on revenge, killing everyone important in the blood sucker society.”

“No, please don’t,” Michelle begged tears pooling in her eyes. “Brandon regretted it, and still does. He said it was the worst mistake of his life.”

“Well all in all, I’m still going to kill you and your pathetic excuse for a family.”

“No I’m begging you. Kill me, kill me instead of them, please,” her tears flooded over and streamed down her face.

“And how will that win the war?” the werewolf king asked her bending down to her level.

Michelle didn’t answer.

Meanwhile downstairs, the ball was still in full swing unaware of the little girl upstairs in her bedroom with three werewolves.

Alistair bit his lip looking at the opened doorway, wondering what was taking Michelle so long.

“I’m going to see if Michelle is alright,” he told Christian.

“Okay,” Christian told him nodding his head.

But as Alistair stepped on the marble staircase, the whole castle shook violently, and there was a deafening

Everybody was thrown to the ground, confused, but then the fire came. Screams echoed throughout the room, and everybody rushed to the nearest exits, everyone but Alistair.

He rushed up the stairs, trying to get to Michelle, needing her to be safe. But a nearby guard saw him, and chased after him.

He caught him as he reached the door, flames surrounding the room.

“Your majesty, you have to get to safety,” the guard said rushed.

“What about Michelle?” Alistair asked him, worriedly.

“I’m sure she is outside waiting for you.”

Alistair hesitated, but agreed.

Michelle was nowhere near safe, she was being tied up.

“Please I’m begging you! Don’t do this!” she sobbed out, as her room was being engulfed in flames, the smoke was choking her.

“Do you ever shut up?” the king asked irritated, started to turn away.

The young werewolf watched, wanting to help the innocent little girl, knowing his father and ncle would stop him.

His uncle was the werewolf king, and since the vampire’s killed his aunt and cousin, he was the next in line to get the throne.

“Let’s go,” his uncle ordered them.

The wolf followed them reluctantly, and gave one last look to the little girl that had her hands and feet tied together, and looked like her heart had been ripped out, no hope in her eyes.

The little wolf turned away, and jumped off the balcony.

Michelle cried her eyes out, she would die alone, she prayed that everyone downstairs would be safe, away from the fire.

She struggled to get out of the restraints, and she glanced around the room nervously. The flames engulfed everything in their path. She looked over to her bedside table and noticed her little plant stood stationary, all alone.

She squirmed out the restraint that held her hands together.

She crawled across her bedroom floor, seeing nothing but smoke clouding her eyes, but managed to get to the table that was a few feet away. She knocked the table over with her feet that were tied together, and scrambled over to get her plant.

She smiled as she held on to the plant, but then she heard the slightest crackling sound above the roaring flames. But before she had time to look up, her ceiling collapsed on top of her fragile body.

She screamed in agony as the flames licked her skin hungrily. She was trapped under the debris, and the weight of the ceiling was slowly crushing her, burning her, killing her.

She felt something hard hit her head, and she was slowly slipping into darkness.
The little wolf managed to sneak away from his father and his uncle. He couldn’t get the little girl out of his head.

He went to the back of the castle where there was a little opening in the wall, and it was only big enough for the little wolf to get through.

He squeezed his was through and saw nothing but flames and smoke. But he managed to get to the staircase that led to the little girl’s room.

When he reached the top he recognized the patterns on the door, and pushed it open, the fire singed his fur.

He saw that the ceiling caved in and started savaging through the debris.

He pushed the burning pieces of wood away, looking for anything that looked like a person, and he finally did.

He saw a frail hand sticking out of the burning mass. He tugged on the hand gently not wanting to injure her anymore than she was. He slowly pulled her out, but then he noticed her eyes were closed.

He nudged her, and she still lied there motionless. He needed to get her out of the fire, or they would surely die.

He managed to get under her, and as he stood up, she flipped on his back.

He carried her out wanting her to get to a safe place and he would later tell the vampires where she was.

He ran through the hallways and found a large broken window he could jump out of and would land safely.

He jumped out, careful not to drop the girl, and spirited to the nearby forest. He walked through the underbrush trying to find shelter, when he saw a cave. He ran into the opening, and set her on the ground; then he noticed she held something in her hand, a little plant.

His ears straightened out straining to hear her heartbeat, he did, but it was faint. He looked at her skin and saw burns and bruises forming all over her skin. He wanted to help her, but he didn’t know what to do, but the vampires could.

He ran out of the cave leaving the girl defenseless, and followed the smoke that was hovering overhead.

But when he got to the end of the Cord’s castle, guards ambushed him.

Outside the burning castle, Alistair was looking frantically for Michelle, any sign that she was safe. He found none.

He ran over to his parents, who were looking around trying to look for their little boy and his soul mate.

“Mom! Dad! I can’t find her!” Alistair shouted tears started collecting in his eyes.

“There you are,” Abigail sighed in relief and then looked confused, “Where is Michelle?”

“I don’t know,” Alistair sobbed out, “I can’t find her.”

“When was the last time you saw her?” Brandon asked worried for the little girl.

“She went u-upstairs t-to her room to g-g-get her lo-loc-locket,” Alistair choked out helplessly.

“No,” Brandon whispered, looking up at what used to be Michelle’s balcony, that was now up in flames.

“What is it?” Abigail asked him quietly.

“She’s still in there.”

Abigail’s eyes were clouded in tears, she let out a strangled sob as she looked into the flames that nearly killed little Michelle Wither.

Alistair’s tears would not stop as they fell from his eyes, he could no longer breathe, he could no longer feel, he could no longer love, and he could no longer live.

His reason for living was gone, and that was the day Alistair Cord turned to ice.
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Yes yet another vampire story. I have an unhealthy obsession with them, have you noticed? Haha. The song for this chapter is Gone by Daughtry. And this chapter is the only one that will be in complete in 3rd person.