Once Love, Now Destruction


We walked through the corridor and down the marble staircase where the first confrontation with Alistair occurred; then she lead me towards an entry way. The room was lit by what seemed to be thousands of candles that were rested on the five chandeliers above our heads. The only outside light was the very thin sliver of sunlight that peeked through the bottoms of the thick curtains that shielded Abigail from the rays.

There were two slaves that were on their hands and knees the moment we entered the room. I recognized both of them from the prison below our feet; one was a boy who was probably a few years older than me and the other one was a girl who looked to be around the age of ten. My fingers tangled with each other when I realized I was reaching for them, trying to help them.

“You may rise,” Abigail spoke in her normal calm and quiet voice. The servants did as she said and resumed their duties but not before casting confused glances my way.

“Brandon’s coming,” Abigail whispered in my ear, and I looked at her nervously.

She just smiled as she glided over to the doorway and embraced her husband. I looked away from them, thinking that he wouldn’t notice me if I wasn’t looking at him. But not surprisingly, I was wrong.

“Abigail,” he said slowly, as his eyes locked with mine. I lifted the skirt of my dress and bowed into a deep curtsy, keeping my head down as they approached.

Abigail rested her hand on my shoulder, “You remember Elizabeth Ford, don’t you dear? She’s going to be my new maid.”

“What about our son?” I heard her husband speak in a concerned voice.

“I’ll deal with Alistair, I just need you to help me with the other two,” Abigail spoke with full confidence as she led me to the large table. Brandon pulled out a chair next to the head of the table and gestured for me to sit; I obeyed as Abigail was seated on my right side and Brandon was by her side.

“Where is she? How the hell do you lose a person?” I heard a hushed feminine voice whisper.

“Shhh,” Christian hushed her as he locked eyes with me and I gave him a hesitant smile. “Found her.”

Nicole’s green irises landed on me and she let out a sigh of relief, “Where have you been?”

“She’s been with me, Elizabeth is to be my new handmaid,” Abigail smiled at me as she repeated what she said to Brandon to the siblings.

“Mother,” an angered voice spoke as the one person who I was actually afraid of appeared beside them.

“Yes, Alistair,” Abigail spoke with ease, turning to look at her son calmly.

“What have you done?” he hissed at her, although his icy eyes were glaring right at me.

“I’m righting your wrongs, starting with this lovely, young woman,” she gestured to me, but did not take her cautious eyes off her son.

Before Alistair could comment on his mother’s choice to save my life, two perfect creatures entered the elegant room. The woman looked to be my age, but from what I could gather, appearances were not as they seemed in this world. Her eyes were a light blue with a green tint to them. Her hair was short, just coming up to her shoulders and looked like liquid gold. She was wearing a gown that matched her eyes and was a little less than modest. Like mine it had a plunging neckline, but hers was backless leaving little to the imagination. But she was one of the most gorgeous people I had ever seen.

The man who stood beside her was dressed in a black suit that looked to be freshly pressed. He was almost the opposite of the woman who he stood beside. He had dark brown, almost black, hair that was cut to the nape of his neck. His eyes were a black as ebony and he stared at me like a bird of prey stares at a tiny field mouse. He towered over my 5’6 stature. And he paid no mind to anyone else in the room, except for me.

“I see that dinner’s ready,” his eyes narrowed into small slits.

“She’s a guest, Xavier,” Abigail’s usual peaceful state was replaced by letting her authority leak into her voice that would probably scare even the toughest of men away.

“My apologies, my queen,” he said smoothly, even though I saw a flash of terror in his black eyes.

Abigail nodded her head in one curt movement and replied, “Now, if you would all take a seat, we shall discuss the situations at hand.”

Alistair was seated directly across from me on his father’s right side, his stone like eyes refused to set me free from his steely loathing glare. And I really couldn’t blame him for hating me. It was my fault that he and everyone else in this castle were in pain. And no one could hate me as much as I did for that.

Christian sat on my left side, placing a gentle hand on my shoulder as a gesture of comfort as Nicole took her seat beside him. Xavier and his daughter, Cynda I think is what the queen called her, sat next to Alistair with the girl sitting as close to him as possible. And she too seemed to resent me.

“Now, Xavier,” the king spoke after the servants brought in plates of food, “I would like to negotiate this… situation.”

“Of course, your highness,” Xavier replied with false enthusiasm.

Brandon grimaced, seeing through the façade, “I would like to postpone the engagement between my son and your daughter.”

“Why would you ever want that, my king?” Xavier frowned, his eyes narrowing in anger.

“I do not intend to insult you or your lovely daughter. However, I still have faith that Michelle Alice Wither is still alive. And I would like to delay this engagement until we are certain of her fate and she is brought home. I don’t want my son’s rightful bride to return and see that it is too late,” Brandon explained calmly as Abigail held onto her spouse’s hand.

“You’re foolish, Brandon,” Xavier scoffed in his face, pushing his chair back. “That bitch is as good as dead.”

And before I could even blink, the room erupted in chaos. Christian and Nicole had abandoned their seats and were now holding an enraged Alistair back from attacking the smirking vampire that insulted the little girl. Cynda coward behind her father, as if he would offer some sort of protection. The king and queen stood by next to me, glaring across the room where Xavier stood.

“How dare you speak of her like that,” Abigail hissed at him.

“I’m just stating a fact your highness,” he smiled at her threateningly. “You cannot afford to withdraw from this arrangement. The walls of this castle speak, and they tell me that your only heir has a little less than a year to live. When he dies from the curse that which bestowed on him, you will not have a successor to take your place when you eventually pass.”

Brandon’s eyes darkened, “You have insulted my family, the future ruler of this kingdom, and his bride. I want you out of my house before I chose to execute you; this engagement is off.”

Xavier didn’t seem fazed by his words, his coal like eyes drifted over to me and he sauntered gracefully towards my seat. I felt his hand cup my cheek and I was frozen in place as adrenaline seeped into my veins.

“This mortal has a likeness to yours, doesn’t she?” he mused. “I remember you, my dear, you’re the replacement. But don’t fret, darling, for soon you shall share the same fate as your whore of a predecessor. And I have no doubts that you are a slut, just like little ‘innocent’ Michelle Wither.”

“Take your hands off of her,” Nicole, making sure Christian had a handle of Alistair, stood in front of me. “Now I believe the king ordered you to leave.”

“Easy Nikki, you wouldn’t want to break a nail,” Cynda mocked from behind her father as she glared at me.

Nicole chose to ignore her, and helped me out of my seat. I shakily rose from the chair, aware of the danger that was in front of me. Nicole wrapped her slender arm around my waist to support me as Xavier smirked at me.

“We shall meet again, my dear Elizabeth,” his eyes sparked at the idea and he and Cynda left without another glance.

“What the hell?” Nicole asked, turning to look at Brandon.

“Christian, take my son up to his room. He’ll collapse if he goes on like this,” Brandon spoke in a grave voice.

Christian nodded and led a still struggling but weakened Alistair away from the room.

“Why would he do that, your highness?” Nicole’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion, “He would have to have known that you would end the engagement.”

“I, frankly, have absolutely no idea,” Brandon answered her; his kind eyes were on me. “He has apparently taken an interest in our new guest, however.”

“W-why me?” I stuttered out, shaming myself. I shouldn’t be afraid; he didn’t mean to scare me.

“I don’t know,” Brandon frowned, turning towards Abigail and gently cupped her face. “You must be exhausted. Rest, my love.”

Abigail placed her hand over his, nodding in agreement and glided over towards Nicole and me.

“Would you like to spend the night with Nicole or take one of the guest bedrooms?” she asked me with a sorrowful expression.

I looked down at my hands, remembering the tortured soul beneath our feet, “Would it be possible, your highness, if I may stay in my cell?”

“Why would you ever want to stay, my dear?” she questioned in confusion.

“It wouldn’t be fair for the other servants for me to stay in a bed and have them rest on the floor,” I replied easily and truthfully.

“Very well,” Abigail frowned, reaching her hand out to place it on my cheek and then left without another word.

“Goodnight, girls. Take care of yourselves,” the king spoke and followed his wife.

“Before we go, you need to eat,” Nicole stated, nodding her head to the untouched food.

“What about you?” I asked her.

“Vampires are able to eat food, but we don’t need to,” Nicole answered, guiding me back to my seat.

I nodded my head and continued to eat the perfectly steamed vegetables that were on my plate as Nicole watched me intently.

“Why were those people being rude to Michelle?” I questioned her, setting my fork down when I was finished.

Nicole smiled sadly at me, “Michelle, being a human in a world of immortals, was always the black sheep among wolves ready to tear her throat out. She lived here ever since she was an infant, and when word got out that there was a human residing in the castle, our world went in uproar. People demanded that we slaughter her, but the king and queen couldn’t. They loved her like she was their own daughter, and that’s exactly what she was.

“The people calmed down once they knew her, and they too began to love her. She was our princess, even though she had no title. Some people, like Cynda and Xavier, loathed the innocent girl for just the joy of hating someone who was different in our society. She showed nothing but kindness towards them and even in her disappearance, they mock her.”

“How did she come to be here?” I asked, wanting to know more about the little girl that was adored by the people here.

“Amy,” she responded simply. “Michelle was abandoned in the forest, and Amy found her while she was on her way into town. She was only a few months old, and dying of dehydration and starvation. We don’t know what her parents’ fates were. All we had to go off of was the picture of them in the locket Alistair now wears. We searched for them throughout Romania, but they were nowhere to be found.”

“You’ll find her,” the words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them.

“I like to think so,” she gave me a small smile, brushing the wisps of hair out of my face and rose from her seat as she turned to someone, “How is he?”

“He passed out, there was too much strain on his body,” Christian sighed, but then gave me a grin as he hid something behind his back. “I’m sure you’ve missed this.”

When he revealed the object, my eyes stung with tears. Rooted into the same small black pot was the only thing I had from my past. My plant.

I rushed forward and wrapped my arms around Christian, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

He laughed, placing a soothing hand on my head, “Easy now, wouldn’t want to break me.”

“Sorry,” the smile that was plastered on my face refused to fade as I let go of him, silently afraid that I did hurt him.

“It’s okay, Ellie,” he gave me the small plant that had wilted and was browning slightly.

Like so many times before when I was unable to reach my plant because I was unconscious from my father’s beatings, it repaired itself once it was in my hands. The leaves were illuminated slightly as the returned to their rich forest green color and they perked up, no longer weighed down by dehydration.

I smiled and looked up towards Christian and Nicole’s startled faces.


(Xavier’s P.O.V.)

“Have you done what you were told?” Gellion’s voice rang through my cell phone.

“Yes, my king,” I answered, rolling my eyes. “I still don’t understand why we were forced to withdraw. We were easily capable of killing those leeches.”

“I have no doubts in my mind that you and your associate could, but I want them to suffer as I did,” he explained.

“I have no complaints, I hate pretending to be one of those blood suckers,” Cynda huffed, returning to her true form. Her blond hair darkened to be a muddied brown and her eyes returned to their forest green color, resembling her cousin’s but couldn’t quite pull of the innocence she possessed. “I only wish I could sink my hands into Alistair’s neck myself.”

“You will be able to, Cynda, I have plans for you,” we could hear Gellion smirking through the cell phone.

“Really, now? And of my troublesome cousin?” she sneered as she spoke of the little bitch.

“Michelle, too, will be destroyed,” he answered. “However, I need to locate your aunt. We need both of your powers to accomplish our new plan.”

“I haven’t spoken to Isadora since the curse, but I’ll cast a locating spell just for you my king,” she grinned.

I hung up the phone, and Cynda turned towards me, a smirk was plastered on her face.

“Once again will our wrath rein down on the vampires; however, this time we will succeed where others have failed.”
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