Once Love, Now Destruction


“Elizabeth?” Nicole spoke after a long pause. “What the hell was that?”

“It’s just something that happens when I’m around plants,” I answered simply. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“How long have you been able to do that?” Christian asked, his green eyes filled with concern.

“Since I can remember,” I told him truthfully, frowning slightly at their worried expressions.

“Elizabeth, I need you to do something for me,” Nicole urged me. “You can never do that again in front of anyone, especially Alistair, do you understand?”

I nodded my head as I clutched my plant closer to my chest, “I understand, but why?”

She ignored my question, “Do you know anything about your family – your birth family?”

I shook my head, “Nicole what is this about?”

“There are certain kinds of people who can do what you just did. There aren’t very many of them left and we only know of one, until now,” she bit down on her lip, turning towards her brother. “Do you think she can help Alistair?”

“If she is from the same line as Isadora, then it’s possible,” he answered, his eyes filing with hope.

Nicole let out a carefree laugh as her whole domineer was lightened.

“I don’t understand,” I confessed.

“Ellie, you are an immortal,” Nicole smiled effortlessly. “But you’re not like me, Chris, or the wolves. You’re a witch.”

“No I’m not,” I shook my head at her. “I’m just good with plants.”

“Humans cannot do what you do, sweetie,” she touched my face gingerly. “Would you help Alistair? I know he has been dreadful to you, but he’s not in the right state of mind and he doesn’t have a lot of time left. I can’t bear to lose him too, Ellie.”

“Of course I help you,” I told her automatically, there was no questioning it.

She took my hand in hers; gratitude was thick in her voice, “Thank you, Elizabeth; you don’t know how much this means to all of us.”

“But I don’t know how much I can help you,” I frowned.

“Is there anything else you can do?” Christian asked eagerly.

“I can sometimes heal people,” I replied, remembering my father who had in process of hurting me, had injured himself as well.

“That’s great, Ellie,” he praised me.

“There are spell books that the queen collected in the library; we’ll start on those in the morning,” Nicole added.

“I have one condition though,” it wouldn’t have nattered if they said no, I would still help the person who was dead set on killing me. “I want to help the creature in the cell.”

“He’s dangerous, Elizabeth. He might have killed Michelle,” Christian warned.

“He’s innocent,” I tried to convince them. “I can see it in his eyes; he was not responsible for Michelle Wither’s disappearance.”

“Very well,” Nicole agreed.

“Nikki,” Christian hissed at his sister.

“For Alistair, I think we can let Elizabeth help the… dog,” she responded. “But whatever you do, don’t let him bite you. Now get some rest, sweetie,” Nicole kissed my cheek and then left the dining room with her brother.

I stood there for a moment and then made my way down to the cellar. I picked up the skirts of the gown, careful that I would not fall as I descended down the stairs. The other humans were still at work in the castle and were not in their cells, leaving the prison eerily silent. I saw the fading beams of light shown through the small cracks in the decaying walls. And I was careful to step over and around the broken shards of glass on the floor as I made my way to my cell.

I frowned, seeing that the thick steel door was cracked open. I took one of the torches in my scarred hand and peered inside the small room warily.

What I saw had actually made me stop in my tracks. There was a man lying where I last saw the wolf. He lying face down into the stone, his body was bent awkwardly. He had fresh wounds on his bare abdomen and his blood spilt onto the unclean floor. I cringed, knowing for a fact that he was at risk at infection. From the looks of it, he had passed out from the pain. But before I could step towards him, something caught my eye.

I saw two grey orbs staring back at me, but then suddenly he was in front of me, blocking my path. His pupils would dilate and constrict as he tried to focus on me. I almost flinched away from him when he brought his hand up and tucked it back into place.

“I’m so sorry, Michelle,” Alistair spoke in a quiet voice.

I clutched the ceramic pot closer to my chest as I stared at him. I knew he wasn’t seeing me, but the lost little girl. I took a deep breath, knowing that I could give him peace for a few moments. In these few moments, I could end his suffering if only for a few minutes.

“It was never you’re fault,” I frowned up at him as I set my plant down on the ground.

“I should have gone with you, I should have protected you,” he hissed at himself, his black hair falling in his face.

“There was nothing you could do, Ali,” I bit the inside of my cheek, wondering why I called him that.

His hand took my free one and gently brought it up to his face. My palm molded against his jaw and cheek bone as he took steady deep breaths. I frowned, trying to figure out what he was doing when then I realized he was breathing in my scent.

“I love you, Michelle,” he breathed against my wrist as his eyes closed.

“I love you too, Alistair,” I told him without hesitation.

“Stay with me,” his eyes were suddenly on mine as he urged me.

“I would never leave you,” I promised him.

And almost immediately as I spoke those words, he collapsed onto the floor and my hand left his face. I winced as I heard him collide with the stone floor. I leaned over him to see if he had injured himself, and let out a sigh of relief when I saw no injuries.

I adjusted his body so he would be more comfortable. I removed his dress shoes, setting them against the wall and undid the black tie around his neck and noticed a silver chain beneath his shirt. I frowned, gently easing the necklace into view. It was a heart shaped locket with very intricate designs engraved into the piece of silver jewelry. And then I read the name Michelle Alice Wither in the center of the aged locket. I undid the clasp, and peered inside the open halves.

“Oh Michelle,” I heard someone sing, and I covered my mouth when a laugh bubbled off my lips.

I saw the tablecloth lift, and the little boy with lively grey eyes peered under the fabric.

“Found you,” he smiled at me, offering me his hand.

I took it gladly, “Took you long enough, one would think that you’d have an advantage. But you’re worse than I am at this game.”

“Really now? How do you know that I’m not letting you feel better about yourself?” he stood up, and led us away from the dining room.

“Because you would be in big trouble if you did, and you wouldn’t want to make me upset,” she grinned at him. “Now where are we going?”

“Your garden,” he answered simply, and then I tore my hand from his grasp and sprinted to the double doors.

The moment my feet hit the lush grass beneath my feet and the smell of fresh spring air enveloped me, I knew that I was home. I smiled when I felt the light feet of a familiar firecrest land on my shoulder. I gently took the small bird that was no bigger than the palm of my hand and carried it over to my favorite spot under the willow tree.

The boy came and sat beside me, taking one of my stray locks of hair and tucked behind my ear. I was about to turn to him, but I felt something tug at the necklace I wore around my neck.

I smiled down at the little bird that was trying to consume the piece of jewelry. I gently helped the animal release the chain from its beak. I set the bird on my shoulder and opened the locket, revealing the pictures I knew by heart.

“What if they come back? You’re real family,” the boy whispered.

I looked at him as I tried to understand what he was saying, “You are my real family, so what do you mean?”

“What if they find you, and they want to take you back?” he sounded worried, like he actually let the ridiculous idea of me leaving him get to him.

“Hey, look at me,” I ordered, taking his face in my hands and looked straight into his heather colored eyes. “Nothing will ever take me away from you, not even these people in the picture. And for all I know, they left me there to die. I don’t want to think that, but there is a possibility that they did. If they do find me and that is the reason why they left me, of course I will forgive them and try to build a relationship with them. However, they will not take me from my home and they will certainly not take me from you.”

He smiled and pressed his lips against my hair, “Good, because I don’t know what I would do without you in my life.”

“Well it’s a good thing that you will never have to,” I took his hand, linking our fingers in peace as we sat in blissful silence.

I blinked, shaking the image away as I was brought back to reality. I took a deep breath, knowing that my mind was teasing me with the images of what could have been. No one could love me, and no one ever would.

I helped Alistair out of the ebony blazer, leaving him in the white dress shirt and black pants that he wore. I placed the articles of clothing next to his shoes. And I put more hay under his head so he wouldn’t have to feel the cold stone beneath him. But I froze when I heard something stir behind me.

I slowly turned around to see the man who looked to be around my age staring back at me. He had a mop of unkempt hair that would have shined pale in the firelight if the dirt and grime were removed from the long strands. His tanned skin had an unhealthy sheen to it, making him look dangerously unhealthy. I took notice that he was unclothed, and politely kept my eyes on his face as I made sure to remember to bring him clothes the next time I came down again. His features still held some youthful roundness, but nonetheless were defined as his face was illuminated by the flame. The deep blue eyes that I watched for the past few nights were untrusting and weary as they locked with mine.

I moved slowly away from Alistair, and seated myself a few feet away from the man who was chained to the wall. I knew that there was the probability he wasn’t going to let me near him to help him tonight, so I would work on letting him trust me, “What’s your name?”

He just stared at me blankly and then his eyes went to Alistair’s unconscious form.

“He can’t hurt you now,” I assured him as I gave him a weak smile. “My name is Elizabeth.”

His head tilted slightly in confusion, like he was trying to understand what I was saying. And then it hit me that he might know even know what I was saying.

“How long have you been down here?” I asked more to myself than him.

I took a deep breath as I tried to figure out a way to communicate with him, I bit down on my bottom lip and then realized something. Body language is an international language that everyone could understand no matter what they spoke.

I used my hands and gestured towards myself, “Elizabeth,” and then I waved my hands towards him. He still didn’t understand me, so I kept doing it hoping he would catch on.

And after about the seventh time, his mouth opened, “Co-Collin,” he spoke slowly with a face of pure concentration as he tried to remember.

I smiled at him encouragingly, knowing that if I spoke he wouldn’t know how to respond.

I heard the cell door creek open behind me and I raised the torch to see Christian standing there staring at the scene before him in confusion. In his hands were an abundance of supplies and clothing.

“Nikki told me to bring these to you,” he said slowly, his warning eyes locking onto Collin’s.

“Thank you, Christian,” I smiled at him, placing the torch into one of the holders and took the supplies from him.

“How did Alistair get down here?” he asked me, leaning over his best friend.

“I found him here,” I told him honestly.

“It isn’t safe for you to be around either of them, you know that right?” he stated.

“I am aware, and I am willing to take that risk,” I answered him.

“Do you want me to stay here with you?” he asked looking between both of the immortals.

“I don’t think Collin would like that,” I answered him, noticing the animalistic hissing coming from his throat at Christian’s presence.

Christian nodded, sending Collin a threatening glare, “Just don’t die on us, I don’t think Nikki or anyone else here can take another death.”

“You don’t have to worry about me, I’ll be okay,” I smiled at him reassuringly.

“Scream if anything happens, I’ll be nearby,” he told me wearily and left without another word.

I set the supplies on the floor and retrieved a set of clothes that would fit Collin and bandages with a cleaning solution I couldn’t identify. I walked over to him careful to not make any sudden movements towards him. I set the things on the floor and reached my hands out towards him showing that I meant him no harm.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” I assured him, taking the solution to clean his wounds.

He stared at me with guarded eyes, but made no move against me. I gently poured the liquid over the gashes, and he hissed with displeasure.

“Sorry,” I apologized, not wanting to cause him pain, but I knew that if I didn’t clean the open wounds that he would get an infection.

I retrieved the gauzes and pressed the gently onto the injuries. I carefully secured the bandages with the medical tape. I helped him into the white button up shirt and a pair of sweatpants. And the second he was clothed, I backed away from him so that he would have some space.

I went back to the pile and saw a loaf of bread wrapped in a piece of cloth and a bottle of water. I hurriedly tore the bread into smaller pieces, knowing that if I gave it to him whole, he would choke. I twisted the cap on the water bottle for him, and set out the food in front of him.

And before I could even blink, he was shoving the pieces of rye bread into his mouth. After the minute he took to consume the bread, I handed him the water bottle and that too didn’t last long. He chugged the water, not wasting a precious drop, until the bottle crushed under pressure. He pulled away from the plastic bottle, leaning against the wall as he took deep breaths of air.

But then he lunged at me.

I felt him shove me away from him, my head coming in contact with the wall on the other side of the room. I stared up at the ceiling for a moment, and tried to figure out what just happened as I lied on the floor next to Alistair. The sound of fabric tearing and the sickening sound of bones breaking brought me back to my senses.

I turned my head to see that Collin was no longer there, but the wolf I had come to know stood in his place. His blue eyes stared at me apologetically and he walked hesitantly towards Alistair and me. I noticed that the clothes he once wore had now taken the form of cloth confetti, but his bandages had somehow managed to survive. Collin lied down next to me, and my whole left side welcomed the heat that was radiating off him.

I took a deep breath, knowing that this was the calm before the storm that the morning would bring. I rested my head against the wall; I was too exhausted to care that my neck would be killing me in the morning. Nor did I care that once the passed out vampire that was mere inches from me would most likely try to tear out my jugular when he woke, I probably deserved it. I let my eyes slip closed as I listened to the rhythmic pattern of Collin’s deep breathing until I drifted off to sleep.
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