Once Love, Now Destruction


I winced as I struggled to sit up; my muscles ached in protest of the movement. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as they started to focus. Collin who remained as the midnight colored creature that stood over me. I didn’t understand until saw Nicole sitting patiently at the other side of the room.

“Good morning,” she greeted pleasantly, ignoring Collin’s grumbles of disapproval.

“Morning,” I smiled over at her, but then my smile faltered when I realized what she expected of me today. She expected me to do magic, and it sounded as possible as a bird flying without wings.

“You hungry? The Queen requested that you join her for breakfast,” she asked pleasantly, holding out her hand.

I gladly took it and she lead us to the bathroom on the first floor. She proceeded to brush the tangles out of my hair while removing the numerous bobby pins. She twisted my hair in to a loose side ponytail as she tied a cream colored ribbon. She washed the dirt from my face with a warm damp cloth and then handed me what looked to be a sundress that matched the ribbon in my hair.

“You can leave the gown on the counter and Amy will walk you to the dining room. I will meet you after you finished your breakfast for training,” she smiled as she closed the painted white door.

I undid the clasp on the back of the dress and let it collect on the floor around me. I stepped out of the fabric, careful to not stumble on the forest colored lace. I slipped on the pale sundress that hugged my form until it flowed out at the waist. The dressed reached my mid-thigh and would move smoothly with every step I took. I opened the bathroom door to see Amy waiting patiently for me.

“Good morning, Ms. Ford,” she gave me a weak smile.

“You don’t have to call me Ms. Ford, Elizabeth is fine,” I smiled back at her as I stepped out of the doorway.

She nodded her head looking down to the recently polished floor as she led me to the dining room, still unable to look at me and I couldn’t blame her. The Queen was sitting at the head of the table talking pleasantly to the figure beside her – Alistair. Thankfully they paid us no mind, too engrossed in their conversation.

Amy murmured a quick wish of good luck and left the room without a second glance, closing the door behind her. The small click of the door shutting was enough for the two sets of grey eyes to locate me – one set was kind; the other was full of malice. I hesitantly stepped towards the table, unsure of where they wanted me.

“Please, sit anywhere you’d like,” Abigail assured me, waving her hands towards the empty seats laid out in front of her.
I took a moment to compose my thoughts, and then proceeded to seat myself on Abiagail’s left side.

“Did you sleep well Elizabeth?” Abigail asked me, after one of the servants delivered a glass of what looked to be wine, but wasn't until after a few moments when scent wafted over towards me and I realized what it was. Blood.

I swallowed hard, forcing myself to look away from the thick liquid, "I slept well, thank you."

"I'm glad to hear that," she replied, not noticing my discomfort.

I look over towards her son to see his once grey eyes transition to onyx black and he bared his teeth at me.

I just stared back at him, "And how was your night, your highness?"

His only response was drinking from the blood filled glass, read using to break eye contact with me.

"Now Elizabeth," Abigail started as a plate of what looked to be crepes were set in front of me, "I know you wish to stay in the... cell, but Brandon and I have set aside a room in the east wing for you if you ever decide to change your mind. Your wardrobe is already filled with clothing that I hope fits your taste."

"You didn't have to do that for me, you're too kind," I thanked her before Alistair cut me off.

"Mother, where in the east wing is her room?" He turned his brooding stare over towards Abigail.

She casually sipped from her glass before she responded, "Across from your room, my dear."

There was a moment of silence before chaos erupted. I ducked before a plate that would have severed my neck came flying my way. The table that was so elegantly decorated was flipped, and silverware and glasses were sprawled across the dinning room. Chairs crashed against the walls, leaving splinters in their wake. All the while, Abigail remained seated as she drank delicately from her glass.

And then it was over. I uncovered my head to see the room in ruin and Alistair collapsed in the middle of the destruction, his chest heaving and his face was contrite red into one of both agony and rage.

Concerned for him, I rose from my crouched position and walked towards his fallen form with Abigail following close behind me.

"Get the bitch away from me," he spoke in weak, labored breaths.

"Vernon," Abigail called out, her voice calm with a tinge of subdued pain.

The guard that announced my name during Alistair's birthday party, stood over us, "Yes, my queen?"

"Will you please take Alistair to his chambers? He needs to rest, also take Ms. Ford to accompany him," she smiled politely at the guard.

"I'd be honored to, my queen," he replied with a bow, and he picked up Alistair who had fallen unconscious, "Follow me, Miss."

We walked out of the once elegant room, and I trailed behind the guard threw the corridors until he stopped in front of what must have been Alistair's room. He entered the room and laid him on his bed.

"You should be safe, Ms. Ford, he's usually out for many hours," Vernon assured me.

"Does this happen often?" I asked as dread consuming me.

"In recent weeks, it is a regular occurrence, Miss," he sighed, his face worn, "The man you know is not the person he used to be. You mustn't take it to heart, his soul is lost."

"I don't blame him, there's no need to worry about that," I stated, staring down at the man who was dead set on killing me. Even in his unconscious state, there was a sense of hostility surrounding him.

"If you shall need me, I'll be down the hallway," he paused, "And scream if he awakens."

My only response was nodding my head as my only source of protection against the enraged vampire walked out the door.

I walked over to Alistair, and pulled the duvet over his deathly still body. I sat on the open space next to his body, watching his chest to make sure it was still moving.

But then sound traveled to my ears, it was so faint that I barely even heard it, "Michelle."

I looked towards his flawless face, just as a faint smile appeared for a brief second. I brushed the strands of hair that had fallen in his eyes, smiling slightly. He wasn't a monster like people thought, there was still hope for him. There was still hope that they would somehow be together again. All I wanted for him was for him to be happy, even when there was a slight tinge of despair marred my heart at the thought. I shook the feeling off as his face leaned into my palm.

In that moment, I vowed to myself that I would break the curse that was cast upon him. He would never find happiness with Michelle if he couldn't be there for her hopeful return. And poor Michelle if she would to return and find the love that she had been waiting all these years for was gone. I couldn't bare the thought of not just losing him, but losing his one chance of restoring his happiness. I couldn't live with myself.

Right when I was about to leave the room, I saw something around his neck. I pulled the fragile glistening chain free from the cover of his clothing. I found the charm that the necklace was looped through, it was a heart shaped locket. The locket was worn and tarnished with black soot imbedded into the design. I could faintly read the name of the missing girl on the front to the charm along with her date of birth. I hesitantly opened the locket and peered inside. I got a strange sense of like I had seen these photographs before, and I knew them by heart. And then I finally understood why they had mistaken me for her. She had long ringlet curls that flowed down past her shoulders. Her eyes were a lively shade of forrest green. She was a beautiful little girl, and I could feel the warmth and happiness radiating from her in both pictures. But she was nothing like me, she had people who loved her more than their own lives, and then there was me who was alone in the world. But that didn't matter to me.

I sighed putting the locket back and I tempted fate by brushing my across his cheek before I rose from his bed. I walked out the door, silently shutting the door behind me before walking over to what I suppose was my bedroom.

It was a lovely room, the walls were a soft shade of white. It was the only room that had windows, however they were covered with sheer cream curtains. There was a bathroom connected to the room that matched the bedroom. It was simple, yet elegant and I loved it.

There was a slight rapping on the door and Nicole and Christian entered with piles of books in hand.

"Amy said that you would be in here," Nicole explained, placing the aged books onto the bed. "These are some of the books we collected from the Queen's library."

"Alright, give me all you got," I smiled.

"Let's just focus on deciphering the text to see if there is a spell to help Alistair," Christian suggested, handing me one of the older books as Nicole opened the curtains letting the fresh rays of sunlight into the room.

What I saw out the window left me shell shocked. For as far as I could see there was destruction. The grass was an unhealthy yellow and was in spotted patches across the land. Dying trees were wilted and rotting, especially the poor willow located near the algae infested pond. There were cracks in the dehydrated dirt with sickly looking plants sprouting around the small kingdom. The sight brought tears to my eyes.

"Are you okay, Ellie?" Nicole asked, concern seeping into her voice.

I quickly recomposed myself and nodded in her direction before opening the book Christian gave me.

I looked down at the frail pages, the language of the symbols was unknown to the average human's speech. But for some unknown reason, I could understand these strange symbols. Thousands of spells ranging from location to transformation spells.

I skimmed through the pages, of the books trying to find a healing spell as Nikki and Christian watched patiently and unmoving for hours. And just when I was beginning to think all was lost and the sun was reseeding on the horizon, there was a spell in the back of the fourteenth book. It said that a witch could cast a spell to transition a curse from one person to another. I swallowed hard, realizing that the person I would cast it upon would die a painful agonizing death. And then I remembered the face of the small boy with heather colored eyes and I made the decision, I would be the on who would receive the curse. I didn't care if I would die, I couldn't even imagine living in a world where the man resting in the next room who was dead set on destroying me wouldn't exist. I smiled weakly as a dark thought entered my mind, the world would be a better place without you in it anyway.