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Chapter 2

I gulped down the ice cold water. My throat was sore from my coughing fit. I crept carefully through the castle. I could hear my mother's voice down the hall.
"I don't know what to do." She cried.
"It's alright Madeline, Dr. Lived promised she will get better." My father's voiced soothed her.
"Yes, i promise. You must sign this contract and then your daughter Jallyn will be good as new." Dr.Lived's voice said, cool and smooth.
"How will a contract save my daughter?" My mother mumbled.
"This contract will give me permission to do what ever i have to to save your daughter."
I crept closer. I peeked into the door, i could see all three of them sitting. My mother's face was buried in her hands, i couldn't see my father's face, but Dr. Lived's face had that crooked smile on it.
I saw the contract. It was red with black letters. I have never seen a contract like that. The pen my father held looked like it was made from bone. How did my parents not notice that something was wrong?
Suddenly, as if Dr. Lived sensed i was there, he looked up. But he said nothing and winked at me. My skin crawled and my whole body shuddered. I didn't want to hear any more and i felt like i was about to get sick, so i ran from the room. I was exhausted by the time i reached the kitchen. I threw up into a sink and washed it out.
I panted as i trudged back to my room.
I didn't care if he was supposed to save my life or not, i just wanted Dr. Lived gone.
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