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Memories Be Out All Night


“Welcome back home,” Violet said cheerfully as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. She put the car in park and got out, pulling most of our shit out of the trunk.

I stayed in the car for a few minutes and looked around at my surroundings. I forgot we bought a house right on the beach so we could “tan” instead of looking like two mozzarella cheese sticks. But never the less, we had a gorgeous view of the beach from every window of the house. I couldn’t wait to get in the bathroom and take a bath at sunset.

As I came out of my dazed thoughts, I decided I should probably get out of the car and help Violet. I followed her to the back of the car and offered to help, but she claimed I was still unable to do heavy lifting. Seriously, how heavy could a bag full of snowboarding gear be?

When she went in the house with the second load of things she was taking in, I grabbed the handles of my bag and tried to lift it up. Clearly, a bag full of snowboarding gear can be that heavy.

I dropped the handles and left the bag in the trunk, leaving Violet to bring the rest in.

She hurried past me, mumbling something to herself that I didn’t really understand. Probably something about cats or oysters. Violet was weird like that. She said things no one could understand but herself.

I ignored it and went into my room down the hall. I actually was pretty surprised to find it decorated with blacks and whites and pinks and purples. Then I remembered I did it before we left for our ski trip.

I sighed and moved over to my bed, flopping down on my back and staring up at the ceiling. Everything was so quiet and most of the time quiet led to thinking, thinking led to crying, crying led to me and Violet eating out heart’s content worth of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

And now was the first step of that crazy chain. Thinking. The entire car ride home I didn’t think of him, but now, now I was thinking of him.

Then I wondered if he was thinking of me.

Zacky’s POV

“Welcome back,” Our tour manager greeted as I climbed up the steps of our bus. First thing I wanted to do: crash in my bunk. Which is exactly where I headed.

I was way beyond exhausted, and our drive wasn’t even that long! An hour to two hours tops.

I kicked off my shoes and fell into my bunk, burying my face in my pillow. But as strange as it sounds, it smelled like her. I couldn’t remember her sleeping on my pillow, and I don’t think she ever did. But I did wear the hoodie I had on when I fell asleep with her in the hospital.

Groaning, I turned over and laid flat on my back, staring up at the bunk above me.

Things were going to be rough without her because honestly, I fell for that girl. Just two weeks and I fell so hard. Part of me wants to get hurt again just to see if she ends up back at the hospital, but I probably shouldn’t do that. I have fans to worry about too.


I rolled over and saw Brian standing there.

“We’re leaving for Vegas,” He grinned, “You know what that means.”

A smile formed across my lips, “I do know what that means.”

Maybe, just maybe, a night of drinking and half naked girls would get Hayden off my mind. She was just a girl in a hospital bed anyway who hurt herself by hitting a tree.

I, Zachary James Baker, was not in love with her.

Hayden’s POV

“Do you want Ramen or Chinese food?” Violet asked standing in the doorway of my room holding a package of Ramen in one hand and a Chinese food menu in the other.

“Chinese food,” I answered, putting the rest of my clothes away in my closet, “I feel like some orange chicken tonight.”

“Orange chicken it is,” She said before walking away to order our food.

I went back to putting my clothes away and singing the random songs that came on my ipod. You name it, I had probably heard it.

I was happily singing the final notes of The Veronicas when my ipod decided to be a pain in the ass and change it to Vegas Skies by The Cab.

Motherfucking stupid ipod. Why did you do that?

“Get out, get out, get out!” I shouted, smacking myself on the side of the head.

But it just wouldn’t go away.

And neither would the thoughts of him.
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