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Memories Be Out All Night


Together we walked back over to the group where Jimmy and Violet were dancing around the fire making Indian calls while Korri was video taping the whole thing.

Matt and Johnny were talking and I could hear Johnny mumbling something about seeing Zacky pushing me against the car. Upon hearing this, the tops of my ears started to burn and I could feel the blush starting to form on my cheeks.

Zacky moved up behind me, “Come on,” he whispered, taking my hand and leading me over to where the fire was burning.

“The lovebirds return!” Brian commented, taking a sip of his beer. Zacky shot him a look and grabbed one of the chairs from over by the coolers. I walked over with him and grabbed two beers from the cooler along with another chair.

We set our chairs down next to Brian’s and tried our best to stay out of Violet and Jimmy’s way.

“Thanks,” Zacky said as I handed him his beer.

I was watching the fire because now the two Indians had decided that they were tired and wanted a drink. From the dark shadows, I saw a female figure walking up towards us. She saw me and put her finger to her lips, signaling for me to stay quiet. I obliged and looked back at the fire pretending like nothing happened.

She snuck up behind Brian and covered his hands with her eyes.

“Guess who.”

A smile grew on Brian’s face and he took the girl’s hands in his, pulling her around to the front of his chair and down on to his lap.

“Hey babe,” He grinned, pecking her lips lightly.
“Hello,” She giggled, “I told you I’d come down when I was done.”
“I’m glad you did,” He said, stealing another kiss from her.

I put my beer in the cup holder on the chair and rested my arm on the chair. I didn’t want to be ruining Brian and I’m assuming his girlfriend’s moment. So I just let them be.

Zacky felt kinda awkward sitting next to them. I could see it in his eyes. While he was sipping on his beer, I took the hand that was just lying on his lap and held it in mine underneath the chair arms. He turned and looked at me for an answer, but all I gave him was a smile, taking my beer in the other hand and drinking it.

“So who are you?” The girl who was now occupying Brian’s lap, asked. Her eyes went wide not even half a second after she asked the question. “ARE YOU HIS GIRLFRIEND THAT HE DIDN’T TELL ME ABOUT!?!”

She leaned over and slapped Zacky on the shoulder. “You fucking bastard! You tell me these things! Remember!?”

He let go of my hand to rub his sore arm. “Oww, Brian! Control your woman!”

Brian smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against his chest.

“This is Hayden, Erika,” Zacky introduced and I gave a little wave, “Erika, Hayden.”

The girl’s eyes changed again and narrowed at me. Zacky sighed, “She’s just a friend Erika. Calm down.”

She relaxed in her boyfriend’s arms and the others came back around the fire, bringing ingredients to make s’mores with them.

A little while later, after polishing off a whole box of graham crackers and sharing various tour stories, we had all grown accustomed to each other.

Violet decided she was going to divorce me and marry Erika because she was ‘more fun’. So, Korri and I decided we were going to have children and not let Violet or Erika be the god parents of them. But then Erika brought up the fact that both of us were girls and were not capable of impregnating each other.

Needless to say, we needed a sperm donor.

And we have five great looking men sitting around with us.

Korri and I excluded Johnny from this list though, because he was short and we didn’t want our children to be short. Then we took of Jimmy, because we didn’t want them to grow up insane. Then we took off Zacky because we did not want our children tripping over any power cords. Matt came off too because we didn’t think it would be a good idea to have stubborn ass children around the house.

This left Brian to be our babies’ daddy.

When we broke the news to him, he was scared shitless. He actually thought we were serious.

But while the fire still burned and we shared more stories about anything and everything, the booze kept flowing. I’m pretty sure we were all going to get horrible hangovers the next morning and we all still had to drive home. That’s why I convinced Matt and Zacky to help me carry the drink back to the cars and cut everyone off.

They needed to sober up. Especially Jimmy, Brian, Violet, and Erika.

“Thanks,” I said after Matt had shoved the last cooler up in to the bed of his truck.

“I think we might have to keep you around,” He chuckled, “You’re smart even when you’re drunk.”

“I’m only slightly tipsy,” I corrected.
“That’s what they all say.”

Zacky moved closer to me and I think Matt got the picture.

“I’ll tell them you guys are going to the bathroom.”
“No! That’ll make Violet think we’re having sex!”

Zacky leaned in against my ear, “That’s not a bad idea.”

I slapped his chest and pushed him away.

“Alright,” Matt chuckled, witnessing our little disagreement, “I’ll just say you guys went off looking for sea lions.”

“Thanks Matt,” I said.
“Just don’t go off fucking on the beach. It’s not a very pleasant experience.”

“OH EW!” I shrieked, closing my eyes and but all I could see was him and Korri on the beach.

He laughed some more and walked away, leaving Zacky and I by our lonesome.

“Wanna go for a walk?”

I swayed a little. Maybe I was more intoxicated than I thought, “I’m drunk. You’re drunk. Do you really think that’s a good idea?”

He smiled a crooked smile, “Maybe not then.”

I left him standing in the parking lot as I made my way down to the sand, plopping down on it, well okay, more like falling down in the sand when my legs couldn’t carry me anymore. Zacky came up behind me and sat down next to me.

We sat in silence and I began to play with the sand in my hands.

“I’m really glad I saw you again,” He said looking out at the waves crashing in to the shore.

“Me too,” I said, letting the rest of the sand run through my fingers before wiping it away.

He scooted closer to me and put his chin on my shoulder, “Can I see you again?”

I smiled and cupped his cheek with my one hand, leaning back on the other, kissing him softly. “Of course you can see me again.”

“You won’t like, end up in the hospital again?”
“As long as you don’t.”

The sounds of giggled and chattering tore us away from our own little world as the all walked back up towards the cars.

He sighed, “I guess this is goodnight then.”

I bit my bottom lip and looked down at the sand. I knew I would see him again, but I kinda felt like we were leaving the hospital again.

I picked my head back up, “One more kiss?”

He smiled as he nodded; pressing his lips up against mine once more.
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