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Memories Be Out All Night


The first day spent in L.A. Zacky and I hit the shops and did some heavy shopping. I told him he didn’t need to spend so much money on me, but he kept insisting on doing so. But, I did get away with buying some of my own things with my money instead of his a couple times.

Tonight, he was taking me out to dinner. I told him that he didn’t have to pick somewhere too expensive, but he already said that he had picked the place out prior to us leaving.

“Did you plan this whole thing out right after you asked me out?” I laughed, trying to wrap my hair up in the towel.

“I figured after what Vi did to you with Jimmy, you wouldn’t want us to be found out. So yes, I did.”

A true genuine smile formed across my lips. “Thank you Zacky.”

“You’re welcome Hayden.”

I finished drying off my hair and blow drying it to make it have a little more volume than usual. Another twenty minutes was spent curling it in to huge curls that fell over my shoulders and another ten was spent on my make up, going for a high class almost wearing none look.

“You’re turn,” I smirked, coming out of the bathroom and in to our bedroom.

“Finally,” He exaggerated. I laughed at his foolishness and went off to put on my dress. I was very thankful that the zipper was on the side of the dress instead of in the back, because otherwise I’d have to ask him for help and I didn’t want him to see me just yet.

It had been one of the purchases I had made during our shopping spree. It was a tight fitting black satin dress that had a sweetheart neckline and dropped down a little to show just a little cleavage, but not too much. I knew tonight was the night to wear this dress because I needed a fix of something.

Lately, I’d been thinking of those damn hospital gowns again. You know the ones that were so easily accessible so that anyone in that hospital could have sex if they wanted to. Well yeah, it had been those damn thoughts that had been on my mind. It all started when I realized that I was alone in a hotel with him. Violet couldn’t out scream us and we could be as loud as we wanted.

“Damn Hayden,” He said out loud, but I knew he didn’t mean to.

I gave my hair another tousle and fluffed it up some more. “Ready to go?”

“Do I really have to now?” He asked, sounding like a little kid who didn’t want to do his chores.

“You already made reservations,” I reminded him. Grabbing my clutch and shoving my phone in to it. I somehow made it gracefully over to him and pecked his cheek. I knew exactly what was going down after dinner tonight, and I was gonna make damn well sure that everybody in the whole city of Los Angeles could hear us.


“Wow,” I gasped, staring at the stunning view over looking the city and all it’s lit up glory. Zacky found a restaurant on top of the roof, overlooking everything. It was beautiful.

“Thank you,” I smiled as he pushed the chair in for me. He walked over to the other side and sat himself down across from me.

The whole dinner was rather lovely, but I only had one thing on my mind. I wanted to get back to that hotel room as soon as possible. And telling by the look in his eyes, so did he.


I wasn’t expecting it to be so quiet during dinner, but Hayden was awfully silent. It was like she was concentrating on something else. But I guess I shouldn’t be the one talking, because so was I.

God, she just looked so fucking sexy in that dress. Of all nights, she picked tonight to wear that one. I really can’t wait to get that off of her. And yes, as dirty as that sounds, I mean it.

A short while later I was paying for dinner and we were heading back out to the car. I opened her side of the door up for her. I jogged around the front of the car to get back to the driver’s side and let the engine start up as I put the key in.

“So, I was thinking we could go walk around downtown for a little bit,” I said nervously. Why was I being nervous? It was just Hayden.

“That sounds nice,” She said keeping her attention out the window. I was about to put the car in to drive when I felt her hand creep over and slid on to my thigh. I took my hand off the shift handle and looked over at her. She had this smirk on her lips and her eyebrows arched.

“Or we could skip walking around and just go back to the hotel.”

Clearly I wasn’t the only one who had other plans for tonight.

Without even hesitating to answer her, I shifted the car in to drive and sped off back for the hotel.

With her heels and clutch in one hand and her other hand laced with mine, Hayden walked beside me. Tiny shocks of electricity sparked between the contact we had. Sneaking past the guy at the desk, which I don’t know why we were being sneaky, we made our way over to the elevators.

I thanked the high heavens above us that we were the only two in there and when the doors shut, she was in for a real surprise.


I hit the button to our floor and waited for the elevator to take us up there. The doors shut and next thing I know, Zacky’s slamming me up against it. I’m not complaining though.

It took a moment for me to realize what was going on, but I dropped my heels and clutch on the floor and wrapped my arm around his neck, tangling my fingers up in the hair on the back of his head. Our lips moving in sync, I could barely hear the little elevator bell telling us we were closer to reaching our destination.

I pulled away when I heard the fourth bell ring. “Zacky,” I said unsteadily. He looked at me with lust glazed eyes. I’m sure mine were turning the same way. “Room.” Was all I had to say and he stopped and waited for the doors to open. I bent down and grabbed the items I had dropped on the floor and wished that the elevator would move faster than the pace it was already going at.

Finally,” I breathed out, almost taking off running down the hall way for our room. I dug around for the key in my clutch, but Zacky had already pulled it out of his back pocket and opened the door.

I threw my shoes somewhere by the front door and tossed my clutch on the dresser the hotel provided for us. Zacky kicked his shoes off somewhere in the room and my hands went to work on taking his belt off. Having a momentary memory loss of how to take off a belt, I also made a mental note to remember all the faces he was making as I tried to rip the piece of leather off.

Finally it got free and I threw it to the ground, moving up to his button down shirt and pulling it off of him. My hands moved over his colorful tattoos and I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

“Hayden,” He said heavily in to my ear. I paused for a minute and met eyes with him. “You know, that dress has to come off at some point tonight.”

Without even waiting for me to answer, he reached up under my arm and pulled at the zipper, making it come undone and the shoulder straps I had on fall off. He tugged the satin fabric off my body and left me standing there in my under garments.

I decided to make it fair and undid his pants, pulling those off and letting him step out of them.

Now that we had made our trail of clothing from the door in to the room, I guess it was a good time to get down to business and fall on to something.

“Zacky,” I moaned as his lips became attached to my collar bone, sucking and lightly biting at my pulse point. I felt him smile against my skin as he pushed me on to my back on the bed. He let go of me for a second and I moved backwards so that he could crawl on top of the mountain of pillows with me.

Once back on top, he tucked his hand behind my back and I took that as the cue for me to let him unclasp my bra. While arching my back so he could reach behind me, I moved my hips forward and emitted a groan from him as I brushed against him underneath his boxers.

He tossed the material aside and quickly began exploring the newly exposed skin that he had never seen. We really didn’t do much yet and I was already turning in to a sex crazed monster.

I reached down and toyed with the waist band of his boxers, doing a daring move and letting one hand slip inside, feeling him beneath the cloth. He moaned at my touch and I knew that at this point there was no turning back.

I pushed him off of me and he looked at me confused. I wriggled out of my panties and flung them across the room, not even caring where the landed at this point.


“Take off your damn pants and fuck me.

Never had I been so happy to hear those words leave her lips before. I complied and followed her orders, because we both needed this. And she kept her promise from before, making sure that the whole fucking city of Los Angeles heard us. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a few noise complaints from the neighbors, but hey, I did mention to the manager that we were a honeymoon couple, so it was expected that we were going to be fucking till the crack of dawn.

After the third round, Hayden pretty much passed out. I was getting a little woozy myself and laid next to her. I rolled over and looked at the clock that brightly displayed three-forty-two AM. Jesus Christ! That woman had me going all damn night!

I was just about to cuddle up to her when I heard her phone going off in her purse. She was way beyond exhausted to even get up, so I stepped out of bed to go get it for her.


“Hello?” I mumbled in to the speaker.

I looked over at my beauty sleeping. “She’s sleeping right now.”

“Oh. This is Zacky then?” She said not exactly sure who was answered.

“Yes ma’m.”

The line went silent for a minute before Korri spoke up again. “I don’t know how to say this… but …”


“There was an accident.”
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Uh oh. A little sexy. A little scary.
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Zacky and Hayden

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