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Memories Be Out All Night


After an hour or so had passed, we were all still in the water and Violet finally showed up with Jimmy in tow. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together and figure out that they were dating. I mean anyone could tell that it was obvious with the way he was holding her hand when they walked up.

Matt and Zacky offered to go back to the cars to grab a few more towels and blankets for everyone, so that left everyone else to just chill out. I don’t know who it was, but for some reason, we gave Jimmy and Korri permission to cook the food.

I pulled my phone out and sent a quick text.


I felt my phone buzz in the pocket of my now dry board shorts.

No lovey dovey stuff when you get bak

I quickly replied to her message.

Awww why :(
Bcuz Vi didnt tell me about her nd jimmy, so she doesnt get to kno bout me nd you

I frowned in response.

Thank you. :)

I walked back over with the towels that Matt handed me and put them down for anyone who wanted them. Korri and Jimmy were making the food and I was hoping that he wasn’t going to put any “special” things in to them this time.

Sort of like the time we let him make brownies and Matt’s dog ate them. Poor thing was running in to walls for a week!

When Matt and I rejoined the group, I sat away from Hayden like she had asked, though I didn’t like it. I wanted to be right next to her. Well actually, I’d much rather have her in my lap, or at least between my legs.

“Did you guys bring wood?” Korri asked, taking some plates and putting them out.
“In my pants,” Johnny snickered.

Matt rolled his eyes and ignored Johnny’s comment, “It’s all back in the truck for when it gets dark.”

“And that’ll be in what? An hour?” Violet remarked, looking out at the sun that was getting dangerously close to setting.

“Food’s done!” Jimmy called, smacking the tongs together.


After we were all done with dinner, that thankfully was not spiked with anything, we all helped clean up the beach a bit and put some of our stuff back in the cars. Johnny and Brian were voted to go get the firewood from the back of Matt’s truck and they left, but not without complaints first.

This left me, Hayden, Matt, Korri, Violet, and Jimmy to sit and wait for them. Korri had volunteered to dig the hole for our beach fire, so she got up and left as well.

Jimmy and Violet were sitting awfully close together, but I knew that Hayden knew. She was just waiting for Violet to say something already.

Then I saw Jimmy’s hand sneak around Violet’s back and rest on her hip. I wanted to do that to Hayden.

“Ahem,” Matt coughed. I was going to thank him later for doing that. Jimmy and Violet both looked a little flustered, moving away from each other.

“It’s okay guys,” Hayden spoke up, “I’m not dumb, and you two sure aren’t good at hiding things. Any blind person would know that you were together by now.”

“You weren’t supposed to know until he called!” Violet cried, pointing at me, “But he never grew the balls to do it.”

Hayden rolled her eyes, “Vi, get over it,” She huffed and stood up, brushing the sand off her behind and walking off to the parking lot.

“Where is she going?” Violet asked aloud, turning to watch her walk away.

Matt nudged my shoulder and I got the hint, standing up and going after her.


I was getting cold and even though I just had shorts in the car, they would be a little warmer. So after Violet had her over dramatic moment, I took the opportunity to go get my clothes. It wasn’t until I heard someone behind me that I knew I wasn’t alone.

“Hey,” Zacky said catching up to me.

“Are you mad at her?”

I snorted and kept walking, “No.”

“Then why are you walking away?” He questioned.
“Because I’m cold and I want my clothes,” I answered, reaching my beloved silver hard sided Jeep.

“Oh,” He mumbled and stepped back as I opened the door. I pulled on my shorts, but before I could put on my shirt, I was spun around and attacked, not that I minded though. I missed the feeling of his lips on mine, even if it was just one kiss at the hospital.

But he pulled his lips away from mine much too soon for my liking.

“Sorry,” He apologized, “I wanted to do that all day.” He slid his hands up my sides and then back down, moving to the small of my back and pushing me closer to him, “You looked pretty fucking hot. It was hard not to,” He admitted, still admiring my body.

Never had I felt self conscious around a guy, but now, now I did.

“C-Can I grab my shirt?” I stuttered, avoiding eye contact at all costs. He nodded and let go, allowing me to look for my shirt that had somehow fallen on the floor.

Once it was back on, I turned back around and looked up at him. A silence enveloped us and I pressed my palms flat against his bare chest.

“Zacky,” I breathed.
“Shh,” He hushed, “You don’t have to say anything,” He mumbled before he kissed the top of my head.

We stood there still and unmoving, yet somehow, it was still comfortable. The sky was darkening around us and I could hear Korri and Violet screaming for their spot on the beach.

“When do you think they’ll notice we’re gone?” I asked, wrapping myself tighter around his waist.

“When Violet and Korri stop screaming over when to throw pennies in to the fire,” He chuckled; vibrating the surface I was resting my head against, which just happened to be his chest. I felt him move around again, but I was too caught in the view of the sun setting to even care.



“When do you think they’ll notice we’re gone?” She asked, wrapping herself tighter around me. I could tell she was getting cold.

“When Violet and Korri stop screaming over when to throw pennies in to the fire,” I chuckled. She smiled contently and continued gazing at the sunset.

I was hitting myself over the head for just kissing her like that a few minutes ago because it just seemed so rash. I didn’t want it to go like that, it just happened, and yet, I wanted more.

This girl gave me a rush like no other and I wanted all of it.


She tore her gaze from the water and looked up at me. I leaned down closer to her tiny frame and captured her lips in a sweet and gentle kiss. She woke up after a second or two and kissed back. I didn’t even realize it, but we were moving closer to the back seat of her car. I pushed her back against it, our lips moving in sync with each other. I could feel her pulse at the base of her neck and it was rising.


I broke our feverish kiss, but not our close embrace. I looked down and bit my bottom lip, remembering how his cold metal snakebites felt against my burning hot lips. I smiled a little recalling the time when I was in the hospital and wondering how they would feel if they were really in, and now, I did.

“Maybe we should go back,” He suggested, taking his arms off of me.

I looked back up at him and knew I needed to feel his lips again. Even a mini make out wasn’t enough for me. So I hopped up on my toes and wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my lips up against his for a third, and final time.

“Babe,” He mumbled against my lips and then blushed. I knew he didn’t mean to say that, but it was still cute.


“You’re still shaking,” He noted and pulled away. “And you’re cold,” He said, rubbing his hands up and down my arms.

Before I even had a chance to protest, he was pulling me in to his chest and shutting my car door behind me. He led me over to his dark colored four door Mustang, which I admit, looked really hot. What? I liked good looking cars!
And good looking men …

He opened the passenger seat and dug around for a second in something. He appeared a minute later with a black hoodie in his hands. When I took a second look at it, it had a grey switchblade on it in the shape of a V.

“Here,” He said handing me the newly acquired article of clothing.
“But you’re going to freeze your ass off now!”

“I have another one,” He chuckled, pulling out another black hoodie; this one had a green monster on the back of it.

“Thanks,” I smiled, putting the hoodie on.
“You’re welcome,” He said, shutting the door to the car, “Shall we go back now?”

I nodded eagerly.
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