We’re Sleeping Through All Our Memories

Title: We’re Sleeping Through All Our Memories
Author: Quick Times Girls
Pairing: Patrick/Pete kind of.
POV: None
Summary: “You broke my glasses.” Patrick muttered, trying his best to focus on the dizzy silhouette of Pete to glare at him.
Disclaimer: This is as true as wiL decides to propose to Pete Wentz after a fully magic night in my bed - where I of course taped everything while petting my emo!Dragon Kurt. (I’m sure Curt gonna kill me if he ever find out about Emo!Dragon Kurt…. O_o) And I actually like this disclaimer...
Dedications: [size130]Cizz, Cizz, Cizz, Cizz, Cizz, Cizz, Cizz, and maybe a little to Cizz too. Just maybe. (I LOVE YOU FAR BEYOND THE MOON AND BACK! <3 WANT TO MARRY ME? XD)
Author Notes: I wrote this when I was tired, had something close to writers block and just wanted to write something short.
There is NO specific timeline here, it’s all just mixed to... something. Guess which years which happend yourself.
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