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Now I panic?

Kortney is a regular fourteen year old girl. Or, at least, she is now. But it's kindof hard to be normal, when your parents are billionaires, and they want you to go to the best schools, and have the richest friends... which is why, when her older brother Mark moved out, she went with him. Now she lives with him, and his band, basically being the mom of the house (because she knows that if she wasn't , the house would be burned down by the time she came home from school everyday).

But one day she's called back to California so her parents can tell her some very important news. This starts her back on her panic attacks, of which she hasn't had since she moved out of their stressful house. After some normal-like events, her parents break the news to her: She's in an arranged marriage. But not only that, but she's in an arranged marriage to a guy she HATES! Or, at least, seems to hate her, for some odd reason that she's determined to figure out.

Will he ever come to like her? And if so, will family members, and friends come between them because of their gap in age, and difference in race?

PS. This is a drama, so there will be tears and such. If you don't like that stuff, just click on the red X in the top right corner of the screen or the back button at the top left.