I Can Transform You

Linda Iero and Donald Way are dating. But when the time comes to move their relationship on to the next level and move in together, their sons are not thrilled at the idea…

Gerard and Frank are in their final year of high school, and all through their education they have been enemies. How will they ever adjust to living under the same roof?

Frank is the typical popular kid. He’s obnoxious, selfish, and part of the gang that makes everyone cower in the corner to avoid being their next victim of humiliation.

Gerard is the typical loser kid. He only has two friends and he is part of the marching band, which everyone knows is social suicide. And of course, he is the favourite victim of Frank's gang.

But now both of them are about to experience some major lifestyle changes... And they are about to find out that neither of them really fit the stereotype they've been given. There's so much they don't know about eachother. What happens when their darkest secrets are uncovered?

  1. Moving On
    Why is my life such a bitch?
  2. Upside-Down
    Just another normal day of humiliation, I see
  3. Broken
    Does he really have a heart after all?
  4. Perfect Distraction
    Trouble is my middle name
  5. Insight
    Who would have guessed it was all a cover-up?
  6. Conscience
    Stop trying to see through my hard exterior; just be fooled by it, like the rest of the world
  7. The Plan
    "He's getting hard for Gerard!"
  8. Rejection
    You can *** off out my life now.
  9. Revenge
    That sounds like a risky little game
  10. Acceptance
    There’s just something about him
  11. Action
    It’s like mission impossible, but I like a challenge
  12. Awkward
    I’ve just walked willingly into a trap, haven’t I?
  13. Shopping Spree
    Did he just COMPLIMENT me…?
  14. Growing On Me
    Well, it wasn't hard to win him over.
  15. Insecurities
    Right, let’s get this party started
  16. Cliché
    "I dare you to kiss Frank."
  17. Forbidden
    His teenage hormones and testosterone levels are through the roof tonight
  18. Flirt
    Like the ***ing smooth operator that I am.
  19. Diary
    He has always been the complete opposite of invisible to me.
  20. Second Thoughts
    Oh, he will pay for this
  21. Focused
    That's pretty damn sweet
  22. Liar
    Have I done something to you or are you on your ***ing period?
  23. Contradiction
    For the love of God, what have I done now?
  24. Unfortunate Situation
    “You’re such a ***.”
  25. Secrets
    He broke down the walls and got inside my heart, completely ignoring the ‘keep out’ sign.
  26. Unbelievable
    Oh my God, this is the longest anyone has not spoken EVER
  27. Lust
    “Have you ever gone to third base?”
  28. Dilemma
    My life’s over, as far as I can see
  29. Let Go
    How can he just go and leave things like that between us?
  30. Breaking Point
    *** this whole wide world.
  31. Injustice
    What the *** is going on with the world?
  32. Too Little, Too Late
    “I’m done with you, Frank.”
  33. Endless Drama
    I don’t think I like the way this conversation is going
  34. Defeated
    Love is my nemesis
  35. Proposal
    I needed a new start... Something new and exciting.
  36. Affection
    ...That's why I hate everyone.
  37. Running From Reality
    And with that bombshell, my life pretty much exploded.
  38. Heartbreaker
    “Your precious girlfriend is clearly sleeping with your so-called best friend behind your back.”
  39. Gossip
    "I understand this is a big deal and you are a gossip *** and everything, but I’m gonna need you to calm the *** down."
  40. Trust
    “Is there anything going on between you and Matty?”
  41. Mission
    I should be a ***ing undercover agent.
  42. Unmasked
    "*** you, Frank, you are dead to me."
  43. Karma
    All of my worst fears were coming true and I wanted the ground to ***ing swallow me up and never spit me out.
  44. Desolation Row
    Whoever said the end of the world was a bad thing?
  45. Hopeless
    I was past the point of escaping this inevitable bomb about to explode on my life
  46. Unholy Confession
    "My life is a dead-end, my girlfriend is a two-faced ***, and my best friend is a backstabbing bastard."
  47. Deathwish
    I never said I would take this lying down.
  48. Best Friend
    There was nothing left for me to live for... except him.
  49. Fix
    "Use me instead..."
  50. Escape
    It was us against the world.
  51. Frustration
    As much as I wanted to help him, he was SUCH a coward, I didn’t know how to.
  52. Rage
    "I'll see you in hell, bitch!"
  53. Sex Talk
    Like, what even WAS this conversation?
  54. Mental Relapse
    I could have sworn ten minutes ago I had something to live for… but I couldn’t see it anymore.
  55. For The Best
    I knew this was his attempt at being a caring father, but he was failing ***ing miserably.
  56. War
    If he thought he’d seen me lose my temper before, he hadn’t seen anything compared to this.
  57. Unbalanced
    What the *** kind of game was he playing? ‘See-how-many-breakdowns-Frank-can-have-in-one-day’?
  58. Leap of Faith
    This might just be the start of something new, something amazing, something real...
  59. Oh Baby, Let Me In
    “Those are some serious cockblocking pants you’ve got there."
  60. Danger
    Maybe if I wasn’t so blinded by fear about Frank, I would've realised I was setting myself up for a classic-horror-film-type death.
  61. Cemetery Drive
    Right, well, I’d like to take this time to congratulate myself on getting into this ***ing great situation.