Status: Updated 2/25/14.

Stop Believing in the Lie

Italian-born Amelia Cantioni moves to Boston, Massachusetts in America at the age of 10. After living there for twelve years, the Boston Bruins fan moves to Virginia after a once in a lifetime job opportunity comes along. How will the change of scenery affect her? Also, what is up with this so-called gift to hockey and womanizer?

Note: I made some changes in the first and second chapter because I decided to set this story in their 2009-2010 season.
  1. With A New Job, Comes A New Life
    Amelia moves to Virginia for a new job involving the Washington Capitals.
  2. Getting Capitalized
    Amelia talks to Ovechkin and game day.
  3. You Can't Deny The Way You Feel
    A crazy day out on the town.
  4. Simply Irresistible
    The rest of the unpredictable day.
  5. Unpredictable Is My Middle Name
    The eventful Philly trip.
  6. This Broken Ankle Ain't Got Nothing On You
    A seemingly boring day turns into a much better one fairly quickly.
  7. International Craziness
    Islanders game, postgame and a phone call.
  8. Three Languages, So Little Time
    Portia comes to visit. Day 1/2. Be prepared for Italian dialogue.
  9. A Day I'll Never Forget
    Day 1 with Portia.
  10. Please Tell Me This Isn't Happening
    A horrible, unforgettable night.
  11. Forever Changed
    The day after.
  12. From One Emotion to Another
    A controversial game and Thanksgiving.
  13. Pleasure? Yeah, I'm A Huge Fan.
    Sexy time.
  14. A Family Affair
    Day 1/2. Christmas Eve with Amelia's family.
  15. The Perfect Christmas
    Christmas Day.
  16. Unbelievable
    The shootout and the surprise.
  17. Speechless
    The double-date.
  18. Amazement
    The third solo date and the following day.
  19. I Want You
    Having fun in two totally different ways.
  20. Time To Kick It Up A Notch
    An eventful day after.