Status: Updated 2/25/14.

Stop Believing in the Lie

With A New Job, Comes A New Life

After living in Boston for most of my life, I never thought that I'd be moving to Virginia for a job involving a hockey team that I absolutely loathe. Up until I was ten, I was living in Italy, never thinking for one second that one day, I'd be playing hockey and rooting for the Boston Bruins in America. Luckily, while in my home country, I was being taught to speak both Italian and English, so adapting to life in an English speaking country wasn't as hard for me. I shortly developed a love for hockey only a month after moving here when I was watching television and found a Bruins game on. Now, I'm on my way to Virginia where I've landed a job as a blogger for the Washington Capitals. I will blog games at home, as well as away games, meaning I am going to travel to every game with the team. What I'm not looking forward to is watching the Capitals, especially when they'll play my home team. I have no idea how I am going to handle that, but I will, no matter how painfully hard it will be for me.


Once I made it there, I got a room for the night. In the morning, I would head to the Verizon Center to meet with everybody, including the players, since they had practice tomorrow. After my meeting tomorrow, I have to find an apartment asap, unless I want to live in a cheap motel for the rest of my life. When morning came, I had to get ready fast and head out the door. Of course, on the way, there was traffic, which was something I had grown used to and was the main reason why I left when I did. An hour later, which was eight o'clock, I made it to the Verizon Center, minutes before my meeting with the staff and the team. I checked myself in the mirror, fixed my outfit and took a deep breath, the second I was out of my car. I started making my way towards the building, which I knew, I had to get more familiar with. When I stepped inside, someone was waiting for me, so I could find my way inside, I assumed.

"Hello, are you Amelia Cantioni?" he asked me.

"Yes. That's me." I shook his head.

"I'm George McPhee, the general manager for the Capitals."

"Hello. It's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too. I'm here to take to you to where the meeting is to take place."

We took an elevator and walked into the huge office filled with the entire staff and players. To say I was nervous, couldn't have been more true. Some of the players were eyeing me up like I was a piece of meat, which I was used to, but I knew what I'd have to say to those men was very satisfying and I was looking quite forward to it.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Amelia Cantioni; she'll be blogging every game and traveling with the team, as well."

"Hi everyone." I waved and smiled.

Then, I met and shook every person's hand. When I shook Alex Ovechkin's hand, he just gazed into my eyes like he was trying to figure me out or something. It was quite weird, coming from my least favorite player on the team. I just shook it off and finished shaking hands.


A couple hours later, I had the amazing opportunity to watch the guys practice, which was quite awesome. Even though I grew up not liking the Caps, I had a feeling that only after a game or two, I would end up liking them. I don't know how my dad would feel about it, but he would have to simply deal with it. Once again, I was getting subtle looks from Ovechkin. He thought I wouldn't notice, but I have noticed and he has another thing coming. I planned on talking to him after practice. Shortly after the guys showered, I walked in, wanting to talk to everyone, but I didn't get to speak first.

"I have a question." Mike Green asked.

"Go ahead."

"What's a hot woman like you doing blogging for an NHL team when you could be doing something more girly?"

"I've watched and played hockey since I moved to America when I was ten, that's what, Mr. Green."

I gave him a knowing look. He looked down.

"Oh. Where did you move from?"

"I moved from a small town in Italy to Boston."

"Don't tell me you root for the Bruins."

"Well, of course. Who else would I root for?" I said with a laugh.

He couldn't find an answer to that. I silently laughed and so did every guy in the locker room. I walked over to Ovi and poked his shoulder.

"I need to talk to you." I asked, looking straight into his eyes.

"About what?"

"Why do you keep looking at me? I do notice you know. I'm not blind or oblivious to it."

"You are very interesting."

And with that, he walked away, leaving me dumbfounded. I left and went to meet with the landlord from the apartment complex my dad set me up with. Have I mentioned how much I love my dad? Well, I do. Stepping into my new apartment, my mouth dropped. It was absolutely breathtaking and big enough for three people, but it was a one bedroom. My dad was spoiling me; that was obvious. I just had to call him.


"Hey dad."

"Hi, sweetheart. What's up?"

"So much. First of all, the meeting went great and I got to watch them practice, which wasn't bad."

My dad laughed at the last part.

"Really? You think it's going to be hard to watch and cheer for them?"

"Yes. Really and I think it'll be a breeze and I'll enjoy myself after a game or two."

"That's just weird."

I laughed.

"You can say that again. Anyways, dad, this apartment is too much."

"You like it though?"

"Yeah, but, it's huge and beautiful."

"You know I always want you to have the best."

"Yeah...thanks dad. I really appreciate it."

"You’re welcome, sweetie."

"One more thing Dad."


"They're playing in Boston tomorrow." I said excitedly.

"That's great! Are you going to fly on the same plane?"

"Yeah, but I'll be far away from Ovechkin."

He just laughed.

"Love ya, Dad."

"Love ya, too."



I hung up, took my time putting my things away before laying on the floor in exhaustion. Thoughts about Alex, the Caps, the new city and the apartment ran through my head as I tried to relax in this new city in my new life.