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Stop Believing in the Lie

Time To Kick It Up A Notch

The following morning, I woke to an Alex who was still asleep. He looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake him up just as much as I wanted to. I was feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Just as I got up to get out of bed, an arm pulled me back down causing me to laugh.

"Alex! What are you doing?"

"What's it look like?"

He began tickling me which caused me to laugh like crazy. He began to laugh as well and it definitely made my laughing fit worse.

"You are so strange. You know that?" I asked turning to look at him.

"Yes." he said kissing me.

I kissed him back and made it deeper.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you too."

He turned us over and continued to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around him before I spoke again.


It was an obvious question.


He reached into the drawer of his nightstand and pulled out a condom. I certainly was expecting to have morning sex; I rarely do, but it's something I love so much. Unlike last night, sex was much less rough; instead it was much softer and beautiful. When he pressed his forehead against mine, I smiled and kissed him.

"You're amazing." I said.

"Look who's talking."

I had no words.

"So, are there any plans for today?"

"Don't know. It's a Saturday and we rarely have Saturdays off."

"Can we just go out shopping or something? I wanna do something seeing as it's the weekend."

"I'll never say no to shopping."

I laughed.

"You're the dream guy, then. A guy who likes to shop? Love it."

He smiled and kissed me.

"I also have something to tell you." I said.

"What is it?"

"Don't know if I want to talk about it, yet."

I was a little anxious since I don't know what to expect from him.

"Вы уверены? Что-то плохо получилось?" he said in a panicked voice. (Are you sure? Did something bad happen?)

Oh God. He's gonna freak out. I know he is.

"Ну, да ... но ..." (Well, yeah...but...)


"Alex. I don't wanna talk about it, yet. Ok?"

He nodded.

"Хороший мальчик." I said patting his head. (Good boy.)

He rolled his eyes.

"Готовы встать еще?" he asked. (Ready to get up yet?)


So, we had decided that I'd go home and shower and call him when I was ready. When I was, I couldn't wait for him to get here and see my new outfit.


I squealed and answered it. I immediately jumped into his arms, nearly catching him off-guard.

"Ты выглядишь прекрасно, но опять же, когда не так ли?" (You look beautiful, but then again, when don't you?)

What a charmer.

"Sei così dolce." I said smiling. (You're so sweet.)

He raised an eyebrow.

"What did you say?"

Say it in Russian.

"Ты такой милый."

He nodded.

"I wasn't sure what you said."

"Sorry. I shoulda just said it in Russian or English."

"It's okay. So, are you ready to go?"


And off we went. As we walked into the nearest mall, I noticed someone who I didn't think I'd ever seen again.

Just as I opened my mouth to order, a guy sat beside me and put his hand on my leg. I pushed it away immediately in disgust.

"Why are you pushing my hand away?"

Are you serious?

"Because you're disgusting and I have a boyfriend."

"Then, why are you wearing a dress like that?"

"Because I can and because...well, I don't have to explain that to you."

"Talk about dressing like a skank."

That's when I knocked him off his chair. May laughed.

"I can't believe you even have one."

"I'm sure he'd love to hear that." I said with a smirk and a kick to his side.

He ran off and I laughed along with May.

"That was fantastic. If only he knew who your boyfriend was/is."

"Oh definitely and believe it or not, I'm not surprised he pretty much called me a skank."

"He had no right though. Just because you dress in such a revealing way, doesn't mean he can make assumptions."

"You can say that again."

I haven't even told him about last night, yet. I hope the piece of shit doesn't come and talk to me.

"Ok. I'm ready to tell you about what happened last night."


"May and I were sitting at the bar, ready to order drinks when a guy put his hand on my thigh..."

I didn't even get to talk more about it when he exploded.

"Я пойду найти его и надрать ему задницу!' (I'm gonna go find him and kick his ass!)

Oh my God.

"Алекс! Заткнись! Хорошо? Будет я? Я даже не сделали с историей еще." (Alex! Shut up! Ok? Will ya? I'm not even done with the story yet.)

He made a face and if looks could kill, his could. It scared me a bit to see him like this. I mean, how is gonna react to the rest of the story? Sure, when he rescued me the time I was raped, was one thing, but this is totally different. Nothing traumatizing happened like that night and I had more control of the situation...way more; I just hope he understands because if he doesn't, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

"Alex. Are you gonna listen without any more interrupting?"


"Thank you. Well, after that, I pushed his hand off my leg and he wondered why..."

He let me finish and was so angry when I finished telling him. He wouldn't even look at me as much as I tried to calm him down.

"Alex, you're scaring me." I said getting teary.

How often do I get teary? Not very often; I may be easily angered, but when it comes to tears, I have a good time keeping myself from crying. So, with the way he is right now, things aren't good. To make matters worse, I heard that guy's voice again.

"Oh, so you don't always dress like a skank? What a surprise!" he said walking toward us.

Remarkably, I got Alex's attention.

"That's the guy."

He nodded.

"Let's just go in. I don't wanna deal with him."

I am never one to avoid confrontations, but I just can't. I had enough of him last night.

"Are you sure?"

"100%. Let's go." I said pulling on his arm.

I was already holding his hand.

"Is your boyfriend not gonna defend you?"

Don't get him going because it's hard to calm the man down. He went after him.

"Alex! Stop!" I said tearing up, chasing him.

"So, you called my girlfriend a skank?"

"Uh yeah. Did you see what she wore last night?"

"Of course I did. Doesn't make her a skank though."

The guy laughed.

"Why are you laughing?" Alex asked, scoffing.

"Because you're hilarious."

"You won't think that when I smash your teeth in." he said getting in his face and pushing him against the back of his car.

I can't believe this is even happening. Things would be perfectly if I never saw this fucking guy again.

"Алекс, остановиться. Ты будешь сожалеть об этом!" (Alex, stop. you're gonna regret this!

I had finally got a hold of him and began pulling on his shirt.

"What'd you say, bitch?"

Ok. I'm ready to hit him.

"It's something in Russian, you piece of shit."

Alex backed up, but not completely. He was still in striking distance.

"Oh, so you're Russian. That explains everything."

That explains everything? Man, does this fucker have another thing coming.

"Just because I said something in that language does not make me Russian, you dumbfuck."

"Then, what are you?"

Really? You are seriously one of most idiotic people I've ever met.

"Does it really matter? I'd be like this no matter what my heritage says I am. A lot of women would be like this. Now, get a clue and leave us alone."

"It's a free country, Sweetheart." he said getting in my face.

Ok. That's it. He has gone too far.

"You bet your ass it is, which means I can do this!"

I laid a strong right on him and bloodied his nose. I didn't want to, but he pissed me off too much for me to not have any self-control left. He fell backward onto his ass just like last night. Alex was in complete and utter shock and my hand hurt.

"Let's go." I said relieved.

He didn't say anything. He just walked with me back toward the mall entrance.

"I can't believe you did that. How's your hand?" he said touching my hand gently.

"I've never done that before...well, outside of hockey. My hand's just a little sore. I don't think it's broken."

"Wait...outside of hockey?"

Yeah...I've never told him about me fighting on the ice.

"I've fought a few times in juniors. I'm not a fighter by any means, but I can definitely hold my own if I need to. I wasn't going to, but he pushed me over the edge." I said leaning up against him.

"That's crazy. Why haven't I heard this?"

"Don't know, actually. I've wanted to because I knew you'd like it when I finally did tell you. Am I right?"

"Very right." he said turning me so he could kiss me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled into the kiss, continuing it.

"You still wanna go shopping?"

"Of course. Not gonna let me punching an asshole ruin my day."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

We proceeded to go on with our day without any more distractions. When I got home at the end of the day, I immediately called May; she just needed to know about my interesting day.

"Hey hun."

"Hey. What's up?"

"I uh...went over to Nicky's last night."

"How'd it go?"

"He was there and he was still awake. Nicky was surprised I came over but was ecstatic at the same time; I could tell by the huge kiss and hug he gave me."

I could tell she was blushing at the end.

"Aww!! That's so cute!"

"So, how'd your night go?"

I couldn't wait to tell her.

"Well...he was still up. I walked into his room and found him putting his toothbrush away. He said 'fuck' in Russian when he turned around."

"Now, that has to be a turn-on."

"Oh yeah. I just love him speaking Russian in general."

"I love when Nicky speaks Swedish."

"What is it with men who's first language isn't English?"

"Oh, who knows. I wanna hear more about what happened last night."

"The man wanted to rip my dress off which was what I feared. I had to tell him no and why I said no..."

I then went on to tell her about why I wasn't gonna let him rip my dress off, which definitely got a laugh out of her.

"That's just hilarious."

"Tell me about it. It was cute, but you know, what happened next was far from it..."

And then I went on with the wild sex and following morning.

"He sounds like a sex machine."

"Oh yeah. He is. Can I tell you something about when Alex and are I were about to go shopping?"

"Of course, hun. What happened?"

"We saw that asshole he touched my leg."

"You gotta be kidding me. I still hadn't even told Alex and when we heard him say. I pointed him out and started with him putting hand on my thigh. He was so angry, I had to calm him down and finish it. After that though, he was scaring me so much that I was beginning to cry..."

I went on to tell everything up until he got into that confrontation.

"Oh my God. I can't even imagine that."

"I've never seen him that angry and I've rarely been pushed to tears 'cause of that."

"When did he calm down?"

"After he said he'd smash his teeth in and me telling to calm down in Russian..."

"Why are you drifting off?"

"The guy assumed I was Russian, then asked what I was after I told him I wasn't. I didn't tell him that I was Italian...I punched him and bloodied his nose."

"You what?!"

"I punched him and knocked him on his ass again. I hadn't told him that I fought a few times in juniors."

"Nor have you told me."

"I've been meaning to, I just haven't. Sorry. I wanted to tell Alex because I knew how much he'd love it."

"And he did?"

"Oh yeah. He kissed me after that."

"What a man you got there. So, your day got better once that was all said and done?"

"It got way better."
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