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Stop Believing in the Lie

Three Languages, So Little Time

Today is the day that I'm picking up Portia at the airport and I could not be more excited.

"When can I meet her?" May asked on the phone as I waited for Portia.

"Can you meet me for lunch?"

"Yeah. The usual place? Where we met?"

"Yep. Sounds like a plan."

"Alright. Just text me or call me when you're on your way back."

"Ok. See ya soon!"

"See ya!"

I hung up and only waited for five more minutes till I saw her walk out of the terminal. I waved my hands so she would know it was me.



We hugged for the longest time.

"I missed you so much!" she said tearing up.

"Me too." I said tearing up myself.

"Promise me we'll never go that long without speaking to each other."

"I promise." I said as we pulled apart.

"Good. Can we get the rest of my luggage, so we can be on our way?"


Minutes later, we arrived at Baja Fresh Mexican Grill to meet May.

We're here.

K. I'll be there in a minute.

I rolled my eyes. I shouldn't be surprised.

"Where is she?" Portia asked.

"She said that she'll be here in a minute. I should've known that I'd be here first. She's always late for something."

She laughed.

May arrived in a few minutes.

"Sorry to keep you two waiting. That was very rude of me."

"It's no biggie. It's not like you were an hour late." I said with a laugh.

She nodded and laughed as well.

"Anyway...Portia, this is May. May, this is Portia."

"Nice to meet you." May said shaking hands with Portia.

"Nice to meet you too."

"Shall we eat?"

"Yes. We shall! Onward to the counter!" I exclaimed.

My friends just shook their heads.

"So, how did you and May meet?"


I found a new restaurant called the Baja Fresh Mexican Grill on New Hampshire Avenue that sounded and looked very promising. I tried out the Nacho Burrito while thinking about what tomorrow would bring. I had to admit, I was psyched about it, although I've never rooted for either team that were going to play tomorrow. Maybe, I was excited to see Alex play, but I don't know for sure and I don't like to think that is the main reason why I can't wait till tomorrow night's game. As I looked for my phone in my purse, I heard somebody sit down beside me. She was wearing a Green jersey and I smiled to myself. This would happen to me, wouldn't it? I'm not a Washington Capitals fan and a Caps fan sits next to me, who is wearing the jersey of the best defenseman on their team.

"Hi! I figured that since you're sitting by yourself, you'd want some company. I'm May O'Hare."

"Hi, I'm Amelia Cantioni. Nice to meet you."

"You seem to be new to D.C. Where are you from?"

"Well, I was born in a small town in Italy, lived there till I was ten, then moved to America, to be more specific Boston. I moved here two days ago. I'm the new game blogger for the Capitals."

She was speechless.

"Oh my God!!! That's awesome! Do you like the Caps?"

"Nope. 100% Bruins Fan." I said proudly, not being able to believe that she asked if I liked the Caps.

"Oh, sorry."

"That's okay. I love the job. Can't wait for the game tomorrow!"

"Me either! Hey, I have a question."

"Yeah. What's up?"

"Do you have a Capitals jersey yet?"

"No, why?"

"Well, you can't work for the Caps and not ever wear a Capitals jersey. What? Are you going to wear, oh I don't know, a Lucic jersey or whatever? I don't think so."

"Ok, but when am I going to get one?" I said with a slight laugh as I threw away my trash.

"Today! Are you done for today?"


"Let's go. You're coming with me to the mall."

I knew that this trip was going to be something I was never going to forget and that I was going to be friends with this girl for a very long time.

"So, I'm assuming you got an Ovechkin jersey, right?"

"Yeah. That I did. Thanks May, by the way. I don't know if I would have ever gotten together with Alex if you hadn't bought that for me."

"You're welcome, but I know for a fact that you still would've gotten together with him, you weirdo."

Even Portia had to laugh.

"'re right."

"As usual."

" topic..."

"How did you and Portia meet?"

I looked at Portia before I answered.

"Actually, we met in preschool, then that same year she moved into my neighborhood."


"Yep. Good times. I miss when things were easy."

"Yeah, but now boys aren't icky."

"Maybe I don't miss being a kid so much. Alex is proof." I said laughing.

That got some laughs.

"Speaking of your talented boyfriend, when am I going to meet him?" Portia asked.

"In about an hour. He had some kind of business to take care of that he wouldn't tell me about and then he'll meet us at my apartment."

"Ooh!! I'm so excited!!" Portia exclaimed while clapping.

I shook my head.

"I just wish that you could join us, May."

"Me too. Tell Alex I said hi and that I miss him."

"I will." I said trying not to laugh.

An Hour Later

We finally arrived at my apartment and we're about to enter my apartment.

"Benvenuto alla mia umile dimora." I said speaking in our native tongue while walking into my apartment.

"I love it! E 'così spazioso! Il vostro papà trovare questo per te?" she stated, obviously knowing how my dad was.

"Naturalmente. Solo il meglio per sua figlia." I said laughing.

As we made our way down the hall, we heard the door open again. It was Alex.

"Sto assumendo che Alex."

"Hai assunto destra. Mettiamo questi nella stanza degli ospiti veloce, e poi andremo incontro. Suono come un piano?"

She nodded.

We put her belongings away quickly and walked back down the hall. He was in the kitchen with his back turned.

"Sembra molto meglio di persona."

"Lo so, giusto?"

We laughed again. I had a feeling that with all this laughing we're doing, I'm going to lose a lot of weight today.

"Shh..." I whispered to Portia.

I snuck up on him and put my hand on a small area of bare skin on his back.

He cursed in Russian.

"Amelia! Don't do that to me." he said slightly irritated.

"Ok. I won't. Oh and take some Midol if you're on your period." I said jokingly.

He rolled his eyes.

"Anyway...Alex, this is my friend Portia; Portia, this is my boyfriend Alex." I said formally introducing the two.

"Piacere di finalmente incontrare." she said, cutting into Italian for some reason.


"Portia! What are you doing? Don't confuse the man! He already has to speak two languages. He doesn't need another! You weirdo."

"Sorry. I can't help it! I've been living in Italy my entire life."

"Alright. I understand."

"Let's try this again. Nice to finally meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."

"Thank you sweetie." I said to her.

"You're welcome."

"So, are we ready to go?" Alex asked.

"Yep. Let's go." I said chipper.

I didn't know how much fun I was going to have since my ankle was still broken, but I was determined to have an outstanding day.
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Hey, I decided to use Italian, instead of italicizing it in English and putting what it meant in Italian because I wanted to try something different. Let me know if you guys like it or not. Thanks! Enjoy!

Benevenuto alla mia umile dimora.: Welcome to my humble abode.

I love it! E 'cosi spazioso! ll vostro papà trovare questo per te?: I love it! It's so roomy! Did your Dad find this for you?

Naturalmente. Solo il meglio per sua figlia.: Of course. Only the best for his daughter.

Sto assumendo che Alex.: I'm assuming that's Alex.

Sembra molto meglio di persona.: He looks much better in person.

Lo so, giusto?: I know, right?

Piacere di finalmente incontrare.: Nice to finally meet you.