My Blue Eyed Prince

chapter one the big move

Ok here’s my story I got the idea from some chick from some website but I changed it a lot so it’s not plagiarism(SP). Well anyways instead of putting myself in the story I’m putting you in the story. Here’s the information you need:

Name: Isabella (Isa or Bell Or Bella, You like Bell the most)Conner(And you hate Isa the most)
Hometown: Bourbon, mo…yes it’s a real place that’s where I live…but don’t stalk me!
Apperance: Black hair with red tips about shoulder length, green eyes, as white a sour cream(lol), 5’7” about 34 b cup.. if u wanted to know…you have glasses but like contacts instead.
Age: 16
Now Days: Everythings the same all the bands are out all of the technology, everything… except one thing Green Day isn’t! gasp! Well they’re still in high school it’s their sophomore year. You are also a sophomore.

Fav Bands: MCR, Mudvayne AFI, Avenge Sevenfold, Blink 182,The Used, Panic! At the Disco, Simple Plan, Insane Clown Posse, Blaze, Twized, Hinder(well sort of)and a couple more but I think of them all.

He’s you basic info for the beginning of the story:
You, your dad, your step mom, and your brother Erik live in a small house near the high school of Bourbon or Bourbon High School home of the warhawks! WOOT WOOT! Well here it goes.

“Isa, Isa wake up now… don’t make me come in there!” Erik was yelling while pounding on the door. You was just barely waking up.
“Oh crap it’s Wednesday, school!” you think
“Come on get up….. I’m coming in.” Erik shouted. And guess what, he comes in.
“I’m up, I’m up.” You say while sitting in bed rubbing your eyes.
“Ok be ready to go in 15 mins.”
“Go where? We don’t have school for another hour!”
“We’re not going to school.” Erik said leaving shutting the door behind him. Eriks a senior, he dosen’t like to go to school, so he could’ve ment he wasn’t taking you. Erik’s been a senior now for 2 years. So you get up, put on a Panic! At the Disco tee shirt, a pair of green cargo pants, and Green All Stars. They’re your favorite. Your Favorite color is green. You brush your hair and start to put on black eyeliner and then all of a sudden your brother Erik comes barging in and grabbing your arm.
“We don’t have time for you to be pretty. Grab your bag and lets go!”
“Erik we have 30 minuets until 8:00 and then we have 15 minuets till the bell rings! Slow down. Plus I have to put my contacts in.” You start to go to your dresser across the room, but it isn’t there. Then you see your t.v and nightstand, and well everything is gone.
“Erik, where is everything? Everything is gone!” You yell
“Look you know how you haven’t been home in the past week cuz you’ve been over at Sami Jo’s? well dad decided to pack up and leave this shit joint. He didn’t want you to know, so we’ve been packing up over the week. Last night Sami told me to come pick you up after you fell asleep she knew this the whole time. So I did. Then I left some stuff I thought you’d want out for this morning, now grab your bag we’re leaving.” What the Fuck? You think. How the hell would Sami Jo know and not tell me? That betraying bitch. You grab your messenger back pack and your purse. You run downstairs wanting to get something to eat, but then you think no, it’s packed up. You run to the car hoping to get the front seat, but no Erik has to get it. Only because he’s able to drive. So am I, you think. Your sixteen, but dad doesn’t trust you. That bastard!!! You jump in the backseat with a pillow and a cover. You like it to be hot. Your always cold and dad likes to have the air on. You get your CD player out and flip through your CD’s trying to decide what to listen to. Your dad turn’s on a country station. He doesn’t like country, neither does Erik but you hate country more than rap and you hate rap. So you finally decide to listen to Panic! At the Disco, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. Track 1: Intro, that lasts about 1 minuet then track 2: The Only Difference between Martyrdom and Suicide Is the Press Coverage. You really like that song. It means so much because years before when you were 12 and when your mother died. You didn’t get any attention. So you started cutting you self. But that lasted about a week and no major damage had happened. You start thinking where we where moving to and was there going to be any cute guys or ones that wanted to at least talk to you? In Bourbon, You only had a handful of friends. That’s the way you like it. You have a handful of friends that you know you can trust and help you. You didn’t want a lot of friends that would stab you in the back or turn on you. You had Sami Jo, Hannah, Melissa, Cierra, Amanda, Dessa ,Kim, and Daniel. You loved them dearly and would never grow part from them. And Then you have Paul, Sami Jo’s Older brother you were friends and he had a huge crush on you he was 18, but you kinda liked him. But them you have a rule! YOU CAN NEVER DATE YOUR BEST FRIENDS BROTHER!!!!!! Well anyways you eventually fall asleep.
“Isa what do you want to eat?!” Erik said shaking you violently.
“Where are we at?” You ask
“Taco Bell.”
“A Number 6 please!, You know 2 chalupas with a Baja blast and a soft taco.” You tell him snuggling back up. Dad orders it and you get it. You sit up, and start to eat.
“What state are we in?” You ask with a mouth full of food.
“Colorado, Why?” Dad asked
“Just wondering, where are we moving to?”
“Far far away from that shit hole!” dad exclaimed
“Ok so where is Adwen?” Adwen’s your step-mom. Dad was seeing her shortly after mom died. You really think her name is pretty, you looked it up it means very fair (an early saint) in welsh. She’s very pretty, too pretty for your dad. But that’s just your opinion.
“She’s already there, she’s getting the house and the movers ready for when we come.” He answered. You get done eating then you put in AFI DecemberUnderground. And you fall back asleep.
“Bella, Bella wake up you slutty bitch!!” Your dad’s yelling at you. He never liked you he always liked Erick better.
“Where are we at?” You ask
“Are new home.” Erik reply’s getting outta the car. Then he pulls your door open and you fall and hit you head on the gravel.
“Ow you, Donkey!” You yell. You get up grab all of your stuff and head inside to see Adwen. She always liked you better than Erik since Erik was gold and silver to your dad.
“Hey Bell, What’s the matter.” She could see that you were pissed at Erik and dad.
“Nothing, I just wanted to know where my bedroom is so that I can start unpacking.”
“You the stairs and down the hall and your room is at the end.” She said making a map in the air. This was a really nice house. It was 2 stories with a basement and a half attic, with 7 bedrooms and 5 full baths. You had one in my room, one in Erick’s. I could tell it was his because he had a box marked porn mags. Those are his. Then one in dad and Adwen’s room. I could tell it was his because they had the king bed and Adwen’s clothes were on the bed. Then one in the “Study” Dad’s alone room where he could work and play computer games and be away from me. And one in the guest room. Or what was gunna be the guest room. Then we had two extra rooms. I’m sure they were also gunna be guest rooms. Luckily, dad and Adwen’s room was down one hall (to the right) and my room was down the left hall at the very end. And Eriks room was on the main floor way in the back. So we were all away from each other. You go up to your room and have a look around. There was already a new bed there for you. A nice Queen bed. Your room is probably 2 times bigger than your old one. Your dresser, nightstand, t.v, t.v stand, well was already in your room!!! You turn and see that you have a brand new computer sitting at your computer desk. It has a bow and a note on it. You walk over and read the note. It says:
To Isabella my darling. A early 16 birthday present. You have another one coming soon but it got delayed. I love you always.
Adwen got you a new computer!!!! “I wonder what the other present is?!” you think. You go over to your door and open it. You run downstairs, run over to her and give her a great big hug!
“Wow what is this for?” She asks eating a pizza roll.
“for my present than You so Much!!!!!!”
“well if I got this reaction for a computer I wonder what reaction I will get when your other present come?!” she says laughing
“You got her a computer? Didn’t I say not to get it for her?” Dad yells at her.
“yes but this is all my money that I make. It’s ok, It’s her sixteenth birthday I think she deserves something.” Adwen yells back. You don’t like the bickering so you go upstairs and start to unpack. Your room (which you just noticed) is you favorite shade and color of green. Then your cellphone rings.
“Yep” You say
“Hey it’s Sami Jo.”
“waz up?”
“Nuttin much. So where were you today? You weren’t at school and I stopped by your house and no one was there!”
“Don’t try that on me. You know.”
“I do?”
“Yeah I moved remember?”
“Oh my god! Are you serio?” She asked We both took Spanish so we talk a little Spanish and use it in our conversation.
“You mean you didn’t know?”
“No, you got drunk at my house and I call Erick to come pick you up and he did. So where did you move to. Around here I hope?!”
“nope some town called Rodeo Californa. Where ever that is!”
“wow are you serious?”
“No I’m shitting you, I’m really under your bed just playing a joke on you.”
“Really, your not under there I just looked.”
“Look I’ve gotta finish unpacking, I’ll call you later, k?”
“K. Oh your birthday is August 25th, right in like a week?”
“Yeah why?”
“cuz I have to get a plane ticket to come to your birthday. I just asked mom she said it was ok.” She said
“Sweet see you then. Lots of Love.”
“More love, Adios!”
“Hasta la vista!” you say. You hang up and you hear Adwen yelling for you. You run downstairs to see what the fuss is.
“you want something to eat? I have pizza rolls, your favorite.”
“Ok I can’t turn down food, now can I?” You eat, finish then you go outside to explore the grounds. It’s really nice, big yard, in ground pool, no fence but that’s ok. There’s a nice Victorian house to the right of you and another two story that looks a little different to yours, on the left. Across the street there’s a yellow one story that’s up for sale. It’s actually Muy Feo, or in English very ugly. You go out on the street and you cell starts to ring again. It’s Daniel.
“Hello sexy!” You say that’s how you guys always greeted each other. You guys would never go out but it was just fun.
“He hot stuff, are you feeling fine?”
“Yeah why?”
“You weren’t at school and your lights are off in your house and no one answered the door.”
“that’s because we’re in californa. Some town called rodeo.”
“what?!” He said. You look around and in the Victorian house you see a guy in one of the upstairs windows looking down at you. Then when you look at him, he backs away from the window.
“look ask Sami Jo about it and then spread it to all of my friends.” You say
“Oh I’m coming with Sami to your house. We hope your picking us up because we can’t get there till the 26th, are you mad?”
“No, but I really have to go I’ll talk later, bye.”
“Bye.” You run inside because it’s starting to get dark, and you wanna unpack. Tomarrow is a Saturday, I’ll sleep in you think to your self. Then someone calls your house phone. “Wow, it’s set up already?”
“Bella it’s for you!” Adwen yells. “I haven’t given anyone my number I didn’t even know we had a number. You run down the stairs.
“Hi Isabella?”
“Yeah who is this?”
“You don’t know me but I know you!”