My Blue Eyed Prince

The Set-Up

“Ha you really funny Sami Jo.” You say kind of scared
“This is not Sami JO…this is…Hannah”
“You’re an asshole, you know that?”
“SO I talked to Sam and I heard about you.”
“Yeah tell me about it…here we don’t start school still September…it’s pretty cool.”
“So what’s the town like?” Hannah asks
“I dunno I’ve only been in my street.”
“Kewl..Sounds fun did u meet like anybody yet?”
“No, like I said I didn’t get far. You know you scared the shit outta me earlier.”
“sorry I wanted to that was the point….but anyways….you want me to tell everyone Monday at school?”
“I don’t care. Look I wanna go to bed I’m really tired…even though I didn’t do much today…. but I’ll call you tomorrow….wait how did u get this number?”
“Oh when Sam told me the town you lived in I looked you up and your number is already on the Internet.”
“Yeah Adwen go here like 2 weeks before us…but I’m still gunna go, ok?”
“Alright bye.” You hung up, pulled a pair of green pj’s from a box, lay on your bed and totally pass out.
The next day is a Saturday. You get up knowing that no one’s gonna be home and go downstairs. You go to the kitchen pour some Captain Crunch and then see a note on the island. This house basically functions on notes. When you go downstairs your always expect to find a note. Anyways back to the story. The note said:

Erik and I went to look for collages around here. Don’t expect us to be home till after 12 cuz were gonna go to the bar afterwards. There’s $20 on the island and you can get sumtin to eat if you want. There’s a diner 2 blocks down the road.
So you eat your cereal, and watch what ever is on FUSE. Then all of a sudden you hear a knock. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! You get up and open the door
“Hi I’m your next door neighbor, Frank Wright the second, and this is fr..”
“Tre, I’m Tre” Said the teen standing next to him.
“OK, hi I’m Isa.”
“Do you live here all alone?” Said Frank
“No I live here my dad, my bother and my dad’s 2nd wife. Adwens just gone and dad and Erik are looking for collages.” You say
“Ok well we live next door and if you need anything just call us or come on over. Do you know when they’ll be back I’d like to meet them.” Frank said
“Well if I was you I’d come back tomorrow at like 5 pm.” You say
“Ok well I guess well be back then, have a nice day Isa.,” said Frank
“Yeah um bye Isa.” Said Tre. You go back and watch t.v until about 1. So you get dressed into a pair of jeans and a green shirt. You remember your dad telling you about that diner so you get the house key and lock the house. You walk a little bit and finally see the rest of the town… well some of it. Then you see the diner dad was talking about. You go in a take a booth by a window. Then a guy with platinum blonde, spiky hair comes up to you, hands you a menu and asks if there was anything he could get you to drink.
“Yes…um…Mike,” You read his name tag, “I’d like a coke.” You sit there reading the menu and Mike comes back.
“Are you ready to order?”
“Yeah, I’ll take cheesy fries.”
“That’s it? Your not one of those anorexic chicks are you?”
“Hell no I could live and hour with out eating.” ‘Not like I’m a hog’ you think.
“Ok good anyways it’ll be right up.” You sit there waiting and waiting. And you think...that ‘Hey that would be a cool song’ you plan on wrighting about it tonight…..when you have nothing to do. Then all of a sudden you here the black parade and realize ‘hey that’s my phone!’(lol)……..anyways
“Hey it’s Sami.”
“Hey look my foods coming out and I’ll call you later ok.”
“Oh yes hang up on your best friend for food, I see how you are. Bye.”
“ok here you go, do you think you’ll order anything else?” said mike bringing your food.
“No I think I’m fine thank you.” He sets your check down and walks to over to the bar island thingy. You sit there and eat. Finally when your done you see two teenage boys walk in….they’re about the same age as you.
“Hey Mike.” Said the boy with brown short hair with beautiful, breathtaking green eyes.
“Billie you know your not supposed to come in here all loud and stuff like that or mom will kick you out…….again.” Mike said just enough for me to here it……and that’s when you see him…..Tre……your neighbor.
“Shit!” you say. You really don’t like to be seen in public by people you know….well people you just meet. You grab the 20 outta your back pocket, head to the cash register, while Tre, Billie, And Mike head to some tables. You pay and get your ass out of there. You walk home and crash. You really didn’t do much today and it was only like 6:30 but still you where exhausted. Sunday you didn’t do much except talk on MSN…. So I’ll skip that day. Anyways….It’s Monday…..which means school. You get up at 6:30, take a 30 minuet shower, then go in out on your eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara, and your Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge tee shirt, green cargo pants and green high tops….your favorite. You grab your backpack and head downstairs.
“Hey Isa you want some pancakes?” asked Adwen.
“No just my usual pop tarts.” You say and Adwen gets them for you.
“Hey do you know where my school is and whose taking me?” You ask.
Then Adwen gives you this look like ‘what you don’t already know where it is’ look.
“Ha I knew you ask that question some time I was just waiting for you to ask it. Actually I was waiting for you to walk out the door thinking you knew where it was.” Said Erik. He’s never up this early….. What the hell is he doing up?”
“What are you doing up so early? Are you ok? Do we need to call a doctor? And you don’t have to be a smartass.” You say to him
“Isa!” Adwen says
“What?! He doesn’t” You say
“Anyways I’ve already arranged that. You remember Tre right?” Adwen says. You think ‘oh yeah Frank and Tre must have come over yesterday and talked to her while dad was still having his hangover’
“Yeah what about him?” You say
“Well I talked to his dad and his dad said that Tre walks to school everyday and Tre said he’s be willing to walk you to school.”
“What you don’t like Tre?”
“It’s not that, never mind.” Then the doorbell rings.
“I’ll get it it’s probably Bell’s boyfriend!” said Erik
“He’s not my boyfriend.” You say under your breath
“Hi! Is Isa there? I’m here to walk her to school.” Said Tre
“Yeah, yeah I’m coming.” You say
What will happen at school on Isa’s first day? Find out in the next chapter!!!!!!!!(lol)