My Blue Eyed Prince

First day at school :|

You walk with him all the way to school and he’s really annoying. Anyways you get there and you go to the office.
“Hi may I help you?” asks a lady with white hair and glasses.
“yeah I’m new here and my mom registered me a couple days a go and I don’t have a schedule or anything.”
“Yeah I’m guessing your Isa Conner huh?” Ask the lady
“Yeah.” She hands you your schedule and then asks you
“Do you know where your going?”
“No, I’ve just stepped in here.”
“ I’ll show her!” Says Tre, outside the window.
“Well you’ve been here long enough, you should know where everything is…… I guess I’ll give you a pardon for first and second hour only to show her where everything is. Do you promise to actually take her around and go off and make-out with her?”
“Mrs. Smith now why would I do that?” Said Tre like he knew he would. She lifts her eyebrow and hands us a hall pass. I walk out and Tre says “Good know that we’re alone…… I will show you the school. HA I bet you thought I was gunna say sumtin else huh?”
“Look lets just hurry up and get this done I wanna be with you in the shortest time possible.”
“You really don’t like me do you?”
“Well I don’t really know you, but so far your annoying.” You say to him
“Yep that’s me. OK well now that the halls are clear I will show you around…there’s somebody’s pencil and those are lockers… oh this is Mrs. Ray’s room she’s your first hour teacher. She’s cool. Anyways…um that’s my locker and Billie’s and Mike’s is right next to it.” He grabs your schedule and looks at your locker number
“Hey look, what a kawinky dink, you locker is next to Mike’s” Then you think ‘ Hey that guy at the diner’s name was Mike and a guy named Billie came in with Tre… could that be them?’ anyways….and Tre keeps going “That’s the ceiling tile that every hour me, Mike and Billie throw pencil’s into.”
“Moron’s” You say under your breath. He show’s the rest of the school and all your teachers’ classroom’s. This school was a lot bigger and better then Bourbon. At Bourbon you had about 500 people in the school and here there was about that much in class! You go to your 3rd hour, which is English with Mrs. Hays. And guess who has it with you…Tre. And the only seat left is by Billie who sits behind Mike and Tre sits by Mike. So you sit behind Tre.
“So students, we have a new student. She’s from Missouri a small town you guys have probably haven’t heard of. Her name is Isabella. What do you go by Isabella?”
“Isa or Bella.” You were starting to get used to the name Isa, It was kinda growing on you.
“Ok Isa here’s your book, go sit behind Mr. Tre there.” said Mrs. Hays. You hate teachers that call you Ms. Or Mr. It’s very annoying, so you knew you’re not gunna like her. You go through English and thank god it’s lunch. You have 1st lunch and Billie calls you over to stand in line with him.
“So your Tre’s friend?”
“Not if I can help it.”
“I’m taking it you don’t like him.”
“Like I told him this morning I don’t know him that well but he is annoying.”
“Yeah that’s Tre annoying.” Billie said. Mike comes up behind him.
“Hey whose this beautiful lady here?” Mike asks Billie while looking at you.
“Isa is it?” Billie asks you
“Yes my name is Isa. Nice to meet you Mike.
“Whoa how the hell do you know my name?”
“Let’s see one I saw you at the diner, two I sit like beside you and one back in English.”
“Oh I knew I’ve seen you before.” Mike said “So where’s Tre dose anybody know.”
“Yeah I do.” Said Tre coming up behind you and puts his arm around you.
“You’re a pig.” You say while taking his arm off of you. You go through the line, get your food and go sit outside with Billie, Mike and Tre.
“So when did you move here?” Asked Billie picking at his peas.
“Ummm Thursday.” You say taking a bit of your chicken patty. You think back at your old school, you had Chicken Patty day every Wednesday. That was and is your favorite school dish. You guys keep on talking and Tre keeps on being annoying, but hey you’ve gotta get used to it some time. You go through 4th hour co-ed health, 5th hour Spanish, 6th hour civics(history on our government and rules.) and finally 7th hour band. You loved band at your old school and wondered how it would be here. You could see they had a way bigger band than what you used to have of 20 band members.
“Hi, may I help you.” Said the band teacher.
“Yeah I’m the new student.”
“Oh good I’m Mr. Kehr, you say it like care. Anyways what is your name?”
“Isa or Bella. I like to go by Isa the most.” You say to him.
“Ok Isa what do you play?” asked Mr. Kehr
“Almost anything, well my major one’s where trumpet, French horn and clarinet. But like I said I can play almost anything.” You explain
“Ok I’m in need of French horns, so I’m taking it you don’t own one?”
“Yeah I do but I didn’t bring it today I didn’t think I needed it.” You tell him
“Ok, you don’t have to play today, you can help me file papers and you can bring it tomorrow and drop it off at the band closet door and then I’ll put it up.” He says. HE gives you papers to file. You see Billie playing the piano, Tre playing the drums and Mike playing the bass guitar. After school you realize you have every class you have is with Billie, Mike, and Tre.
“Hey Isa what are you doing after school?” asked Billie while you guys were at your locker.