My Blue Eyed Prince

Things Get A Little Frisky

“Nothing I don’t think anything probably go home and finish unpacking my shit.” You say
“You need help?” we are poor pathetic losers that don’t have anything to do. We don’t have and practice till tomorrow and Mike doesn't have to work.” Billie says
“I don’t care, nobody will be home and dad wouldn’t care anyways. Sure you guys can come over and hang out.” You say. You and Billie walk side by side while Tre and Mike where behind you.
“So…um…when will your parents be home?” asked Billie trying to make conversation
“I dunno and I don’t care. Dad’s a donkey. He’s probably out getting drunk, Adwen is at work and Erik is probably with dad.” You say
“Who are Adwen and Erik?”
“Adwen’s my step-mother and Erik’s my donkey of a brother.” You get to your house and you show then around. You guys go into the kitchen.
“You guys want something to eat? I can make pizza rolls.” You offer.
“Sure.” They all say eagerly. So you all eat and then go into the living room.
“You know you have a nice house.” Billie said looking at the stuff you had unpacked already.
“Thanks but I had nothing to do with picking this house. Hell I didn’t even know we were moving.” You explain
“Well you have seen Mike and my house. Well not yet at lease.” Billie said touching a vase and almost knocking it over. You all go up in your room and get to know each other better.
“Bell, are you home?” You hear someone yelling for you. You run down the stairs and see Adwen carrying in bags full of food.
“Ohhhh food, you say. Oh is it ok that some friends came over?” you ask hoping she’ll say yes
“Of course. Let me guess there up in you room already?” she said with a smile on here face. You nod and she starts up the stairs.
“What the hell are you doing up in my daughters’ room?” She said. You come up behind her and look at there faces. It was hilarious they had fear and panic at the same time. Then Adwen can’t hold it anymore. She just busts out laughing.
“I’m just kidding I don’t care that your up here. I’m Adwen, Bell’s step-mom. And you are?” she asks
“Hi I’m Tre.” He gets up and gives her a big hug.
“That’s Billie and Mike.” They both get up and shake her hand while Tre was still giving her a hug.
“Down Tre, bad, get down Tre.” Billie says like he’s a dog.
“Ok I’m going to go get Chinese for supper, would you guys like to stay and would your parents mind?” Adwen asks
“Well I live next door so I van just go over and my mom.” Tre says
“And Mike and I live together and we don’t mind, cuz we ain’t got no food.” Billie said
“Ok so I’ll be back in about 30 to 50 minuets. Don’t get into trouble and be good.”
“We know mom we’re 16 we can take care of our selves.” You say shooing her out.
“Wow your mom is really nice.” Billie said
“Yeah she makes up for my dad not being nice. Your glad you won’t meet him.” So you hang out some more, then when Adwen came home you guys ate, then everyone went home. The next day you go to school do the usual shit. Then comes lunch your favorite part of the day. Tre’s acting all hyper and weird and stuff.
“Billie I wanna have your baby.” Said Tre out of nowhere. And of course he had to say it really loud!
“What the hell is the matter with you! I know your weird and everything, but come on!” Billie says. Then what does Tre do? He throws his arms around Billie and kissed him on the cheek!
“Man I asked you what the hell is the matter?” He said angrily, “You know we can’t do that in public. You have to wait 3 more hours, do you think you can do that?” He then said jokingly.
“Isa, what kind of guys do you like. You need a boyfriend.” Mike said eating his pizza with a fork!?
“Damn Mike it’s only my second day here at school!” You say laughing.
“No, I’m down right serious! You need someone other than us to hang out with. We’re a bad influence!”
“Maybe you’re a bad influence, but I’m not.” Said Tre with his hand against his chest.
“Riiiiiiiight, anyways, is it because you like me Mike?”
“All Hell No!” He said. You look at him and raise your eyebrow like ‘what the hell dose that mean?’ kind of look.
“What I meant was you need someone else. So what kinds guys do you like? We could get you hooked up in no time.”
“Am I in a dating service now?” Mike looks at you like tell me now!. “ fine cuz I know you won’t stop buging me! Lets see, I like guys who are funny, very funny, I like guys who are willing to spend time w/ me and I’m not just another piece of ass, um I would like them to like the same music as me and I like guys who wear eyeliner and things like that. The last one doesn’t have to be one but guys look so hot in it!” you say.
“Well believe it or not you just described Tre.” Mike said
”Well don’t worry I wouldn’t go out with him. California guys are so different than Missouri guys, there so stuck up on themselves.” You say
“well thanks I feel loved.” Tre says, then turns around like he’s about to cry.
“Look I’m board with school when the bell rings you wanna ditch school. Mike and I “cleaned up” our house so you guys could come over if you wanted.” Billie offered. We all nod our heads so we dump our trays and jump the back fence. Its about 4 blocks to Billie’s house. You get there and there’s some older guy with red hair in dreadlocks and a beer in his hand. You walk in and Billie asks if you want a beer or something harder.
“I like the harder stuff, do you have any vodka?” you ask. Billie nods his head and walks into the kitchen. He returns with a glass full of vodka.
“That’s a bit much don’t you think?” You say taking the glass.
“My mom’s coming over this week to see how we’re doing and we have to get rid of all the alcohol before she comes.” You grab the glass and chug it down.
“Holy shit you can chug a glass like Tre but hell you’re a lot better!” Mike said surprised
“I have to get some food dose anyone wanna go with me?” Billie said about an hour later
“Are you able to drive Billie?” you say, you realize that you are very tipsy
“Yeah I didn’t drink that much only a bottle of beer!”
“Yeah right asshole, I’ll drive since I have had anything to drink except soda.” Said Mike
“and leave me here? ALONE? WITH TRE? I don’t think so Billie your staying here!” You exclaim.
“Come on you and Tre don’t really know each other that well here’s a chance to!” Mike said and before you could even say anything they left. You sit on the chair across the room from the couch where Tre is sitting. You can feel drunk and almost to the point where you could throw-up. But you were going to keep your head straight and not go anywhere close to Tre. ‘But he is so hot sitting there watching t.v with that beer in his hand.” You think to your self “No, no he’s not you can’t give in to his hotness.”
“So, what bands do you like?” He said turning off the t.v, but he was only turning you on!
“I’m not talking to you, I don’t even like you. And what makes it worse is you’re my neighbor and that makes it kinda creepy.” You say, you hate saying it but you say it.
“Oh come on you know you can’t resist me.” He says giving you a sexy look. ‘your right I can’t resist you but we only meat a couple of days ago. And he’s Tre, but he’s so sexy.’
He comes and stands behind you. At first you kinda tense up not knowing what he’s gunna do. Then he puts his hands on your shoulders and starts rubbing them. You fall for it. Then about 5 seconds later you say:
“No you can’t do that. I won’t allow you.” You say while getting up and walking away.
“Why Isa we both know what was going through your mind a couple minuets ago.” He said like he’s a mind reader
“Yeah and how do you know that?” You say
“Because you said it out loud. It wasn’t very loud but loud enough were I could hear it.”
“Damnit!!!!! Damn you to hell!!!”
“Come on it won’t hurt you.” HE said with his arms stretched out to you. You turn around and face the other direction. He comes up on you, turns you around and kisses you. Hell you couldn’t resist so of course like any other chick, you kiss him back.
“Wow hold on you guys let me get the video camera.” Billie says coming in and setting the bags of snacks on the floor.
“Wow I never thought it would get this far this soon” Mike said closing and locking the door.