The World Is Still Sleeping, While I Keep on Dreaming

Life is supposed to throw you a curve ball every now and then right?


If it didn't, it wouldn't be life.

Not that I'm complaining about mine. I've got a great job at a record store, Empire Records in Chicago. I'm held in pretty high regard since the manager, Lucas, trusts me with running the store if he's not there. Yet still, I had to get a second and third job to pay for rent and college.

My second job is one I'm trying to get out of since I'm not too fond of it. I work at Coyote Ugly on the weekends which at first was ok but now, I'm just not liking the image or anything about it. Not to mention we got a new manager and she's a total bitch when it comes to image, even if you get a bruise, she's down your throat like you stole money from the counter.

Then my third job? I do make up for the news anchors at News Channel 5. It's not that bad but I prefer the night crew to the afternoon and morning, they're more understanding and cooler. I started as an intern there in 2008 but soon they hired me on, whenever they need me.

I went to school for cullinary arts so it works out. It was my minor while I majored in dance at the Art Institute. It was hard to follow a chef around town because the program demanded so much of my time that I could pull off the internship and still help out Lucas. And he needed the help since he only had Burko and Mark from Joe's Empire in New York. Since I've worked there for 5 years now, it made me one of the older more experienced people he depended on.

I still wanted to do more with my life. You know the typical, met a guy fall in love part but I still wanted my dreams to come true. Maybe owning a dance studio or becoming that head chef I've always wanted to be. Or maybe Lucas would turn over the shop to me eventually. But as you all know, life doesn't always take that smooth route.

Especially now since the town has been busier with the Blackhawks in the playoffs then now in the Stanley Cup Finals. It was intense. Sure, the economy was still bad and the record store sometimes didn't have the hours but bars and the news media were buzzing.

That curve ball, I was talking about? It happens to come in the form in Paula Farris suggesting to take me along with her to follow the Blackhawks on her reports from each game. Never in a million years did I expect for something like this to happen as I followed her.

Disclaimer: I don't any of the following events except the original characters. It's all fictional and a work of my mind.
  1. One Step at a Time
  2. Captain Bi-polar
  3. The First Blow
  4. Finding a Friend
  5. New Apartment
  6. Hurry Up and Save Me
  7. Sweet Dreams
  8. Here Is Gone
  9. Pieces Mending
  10. Game Three
  11. Intervention
  12. Mistake
  13. Hey Jealousy
  14. Honor
  15. I Recognize That I Am Damaged
  16. Pull Me Under
  17. Crawl
  18. Step Right Up
  19. What Happened Next?
  20. Pre-Rally Meeting
  21. Tattoos and Family
  22. Dance, Dance
  23. Food Fight
  24. Watch My Dreams Come True
  25. Miss You
  26. Thoughts
  27. Fall In Love Twice Today
  28. Ice Crew
  29. I Don't Wanna Fight
  30. Hope It's For Nothing at All
  31. People Are Crazy
  32. So Hot
  33. So Tired
  34. Let's Get Outta Here
  35. Mini Vacation
  36. Don't Panic
  37. The Test
  38. Early Surprise
  39. JInx
  40. Crash Crash
  41. Stab My Back
  42. Jealous Again
  43. Loyalty
  44. Missing Objects
  45. Time to Think
  46. It's The Truth
  47. One Too Many Drinks
  48. Break
  49. Out From Under
  50. Things Happen for a Reason
  51. Surprise
  52. Let Me Think
  53. Make Me Move
  54. News Media
  55. Devious Plans
  56. To Help A Friend
  57. Skate
  58. It Was a Bad Idea
  59. Punch Stuff
  60. The Truth of the Past
  61. The Start of November
  62. Trouble Again
  63. Let's Runaway
  64. Feel the Rush
  65. Cravings
  66. Road Trip
  67. You're Amazing
  68. Old Friends
  69. Lunch with the Old Friend
  70. 6 Days Before Christmas
  71. Not So Good Visit
  72. Family Elsewhere
  73. Parents Arrival
  74. Team Party
  75. Christmas Eve Part I
  76. Christmas Eve Part II
  77. Christmas Eve and Other Stories
  78. After Christmas
  79. Don't Be Jealous
  80. Deep Breath In
  81. To Keep a Secret?
  82. These Are My Confessions Because I Can't Lose You
  83. Another Breaking Point?
  84. Baby Sitting
  85. Lunch Date
  86. Moving Back In
  87. Something Deserved
  88. New Year's Eve Part One
  89. New Years Eve Part 2
  90. New Year's Day
  91. Day Off
  92. Normal Cravings
  93. You Almost Lost Me
  94. The Sound of a Fight
  95. Welcome to the World