The Greatest Love Of All.

Believe Me I'm Lying.

"Awww he’s just trying to get to you, how cute!”

“Are you kidding right? This is a catastrophe”

She loved to make fun of me. Since when I told her about John texting me –receiving no reply-, Elliott was even more obnoxious about her theory. Now I wasn’t the one into him, but he was the one into me.
I would have changed room mate if I didn’t care about her that much.

“You should text him back, it’s rude you don’t. You don’t want people to see you’re not polite, right?”

“This is not about being nice; I just don’t want to talk with him”

“And why’s that?”

“He makes me nervous” I looked at her facial expression; I knew what she was going to say but I told her to stop even before trying to start “don’t even think to go there, we already talked a thousand times about it”

“I just want you to realize the truth”

“The truth in this is that I don’t like John and you all should stop telling me what I feel”

“If I was the only one thinking you like him you could say I may be wrong, but as also Kennedy and Halvo suspect it…I just think you should stop living in denial”

“I don’t live in denial, ok? And anyway, even if there was a remote chance I liked him, I would reject him like I did with his friend. I like Kennedy but I rejected him, remember?”

“If you like someone, you should give a fuck about distance. There are airplanes, cell phones and a lot of other ways to stay in touch even when you’re far”

“I don’t want to be afraid of what could happen”

“There’s something useful called trust in these kind of situations”

“Would you trust someone like John? Come on, Elliott”

“You don’t know him. Maybe he’s not what he looks like”

“Or maybe I’m right and he’s just the douche bag I’ve been thinking”

“I think you should give him a chance”

“And I think you should stop telling me what to do. I’m tired of this. I’m not interested in him and I don’t want to get to know him better”

“Well you will have to see him again sooner or later”

“And when the time comes I will try to avoid him as much as I can”

“I don’t get you”

“You don’t need to”

“Ok, I’m done, do what you want. I’m going out, are you coming?”

“No, I have to revise some stuff I wrote”

“As you prefer. See you later!”

She got out the room and I finally got some space and peace. She was becoming insistent about that topic day by day and I was just being nervous and nervous, and sometimes we even fought.
I turned on my laptop and started to listen to the songs I had on my Itunes, while reading a couple of news about new albums and tours in the Los Angeles area I could have took on consideration for some work of revision. I would have loved to work for those kind of magazines on the web, called webzines, or for a blog.
I should have asked around or opened a blog all on my own.
After thinking about it for a couple of times, I thought to open an account and start writing my stuff for real on an internet page. I wasn’t that good with technology but that could have been a good way to make people read my stuff. For the whole evening and night I worked with HTML codes and until I finally created my blog page, entitled ‘Subjective Thoughts Are Lies’, where I posted my works on A Rocket To The Moon, The Maine, the whole Warped Tour Experience. At the end of the whole big work I felt really tired but proud, and I felt asleep while listening to ‘Goodbye Philadelphia’ by Peter Cincotti, one of my favorite songs of the last years. I assume Elliott came back and switched off the laptop, because in the morning I found myself under the blankets, with the computer on the desk.
When I checked the blog, I saw I had at least one hundred visits and a couple of comments, and I was happy to read flattering comments. I also received a text from Halvo telling me that the blog was cool.

“What is that?”

“My blog”

“You have a blog?”

“Is new, I did it yesterday”


I laughed and Elliott looked at me smiling weakly.

“Listen, are we ok?”

“Yes of course”

“I don’t want you to be mad of me”

“I’m not. But you’re such a bitch sometimes”

“I become rude when someone assumes things that aren’t real”

“I got it. I was just trying to help you opening your eyes. I think you’re lying to yourself. I mean, I know distance relationship sucks but you wouldn’t be nervous around John if he didn’t mean anything to you. A lot of good love relationship start with an awful beginning but then they become the greatest stories ever”

“I’m glad you want me to be happy, but again, I don’t like him. I’m sure about it”

“Perfect then. That’s what matters, right?”


She changed topic.

“Are we going to class or not?”

“Totally, but let’s have breakfast at the cafeteria first”

We got out of our room and reached for our beloved cafeteria, where I had my usual cappuccino and a croissant. Breakfast always was my favorite part of the day. I attended my classes for the whole day, waiting for 5pm, time when I could have finally got back to my room and have a shower.
While I was walking back to the dorms I received a call from Kennedy.

“Hello there!!”

I was so happy to hear from him. And I was happy to know he wasn’t mad at me. He knew I also ditched Halvo so he understood I wasn’t just trying to get rid of him.

“Kennedy hi! Where are you calling me from?”

“My beautiful Arizona! We are close aren’t we?”

“So close! You should come visit me”

“Or you should! We are playing at a show in Gilbert next weekend, you can bring your friend Elliott and you can stay over, you’ll be my guest!”

“Well I actually live in Wintersburg, maybe I can visit my parents too!”

“Yes, totally! Cool! So, are you in?”

“That sounds awesome Kennedy”

“YAY! You made my day”

“Elliott will be thrilled”

“I am as well”

I was smiling wide and I was sure Kennedy was too. I told him about my blog and he told me he would have had a look on it as soon as he was on his computer. We decided to keep in touch before the weekend of the show so we could have managed where and when to meet. The only problem in this plan was that Elliott and I didn’t have a car. When she came back I told her about the news and she was happy, because she was an adventurous girl, but she immediately asked how to go without a car.

“We can rent one”

“Or we can take the bus”

“Or you can tell your beloved Kennedy that he could come and pick us at least halfway”

“I don’t want to use him for this. He will come and pick us up in Phoenix. I’m sure there’s a cheap bus that will bring us from Los Angeles to Phoenix and back”

“Ok, let’s use the bus then”

I texted Kennedy to tell him about our decision and he told me he would have come to pick us up at the bus station. I was really happy to see Kennedy, and maybe I would have had a chance to write about the show and put everything on my blog. It was an opportunity after all.

“You know that you will have to face John once we are there right?”

“I told you to stop talking about him, and anyway I will avoid him so there is no problem really”

“You won’t be able to avoid him forever”

“The only reason why I could talk to him would be for asking him some question for my article”

“You look confident and sure”

“Because it’s what I am”

She nodded and got into the bathroom. I called my parents to tell them I would have probably visit them in less then a week and I also asked Madison to show up in Gilbert the night of the show. I missed her a lot even Elliott was a good substitute. I received a text and I thought Madison was really fast, but I felt slightly disappointed to see it wasn’t her.

“Looks like I’m seeing you soon. It’ll be fun. Bye, John”

I felt the need to throw the phone out of the window, or change my number, but it wasn’t worth it.
He wasn’t worth it.
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John is acting like my ex boyfriend now, but believe me if John was texting me every day I wouldn't be as pissed off as I am!
Anyway, they're going to see each other soon and believe me it's gonna be the beginning of the end!:D Any prediction? What would you like to read in the next chapters?

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